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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rise of the American Lemming

This is how the Hate America crowd is taking down our nation.

O-buma and company bought into the Afghan war and sent 30k new troops into the battle for surreptitious reasons.  They want the US military to be bloodied, battered, defeated, and humiliated.  The Head Hypocrite and his lapdog SecDef Gates have instituted rules of engagement that insure failure by unilaterally favoring the enemy.  General Stanley McChrystal was appointed precisely because he accepted the "fair fight" philosophies of his bosses.

He devised a strategy around that untenable position.  Then, when he found that he simply could not achieve the administration's goals without needlessly slaughtering his troops, he fell on his sword.  The Rolling Stone interview was no accident; he decided to expose O-bumagates' treachery and be fired.  He judged correctly that if he had resigned and made the same charges, he would not have been taken seriously.

Here is another example of the Most Transparent Administration in History's skulduggery.  Is is not revealing that a left wing watchdog organization would be taking the ONE and his thugs to task?  Perhaps even more revealing is the dearth of electronic national media coverage of this story.  Maybe it is because the article was published on--what a surprise--a Saturday.  Is this an indication that the big T is playing ball with the big O?

Maybe the gray lady is interested in some federal subsidies in exchange for presenting the White House's follies in a more favorable light.

Of course understand that major news media sources, neither print or electronic, would ever spike a story for political expediency, and certainly not an expose of a nationwide abortion services provider.  How long will it be before we have our own TASS?

Another Saturday Special was the report of O-buma signing a re-authorization of the wildly-popular-with-liberals Patriot Act.  MTAH there a pattern here?  Considering the hue and cry raised by the Loopy Left over this law, one might view this act as inconsistent with the values that the Prince of Perfidy has alleged to hold.  
Here is further evidence of the O-bumites' smashing success with their porkulous spending spree.  Let's all enjoy a Recovery Summer and hope that we recover from this administration.

Perhaps some White House staffers were involved in the creation of this.

May your gods be with you.

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