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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama's Albatross

Elizabeth Warren is genuinely shocked and offended that so many people whose livelihoods do not depend on tax dollars are themselves shocked and offended at her obstinate claims upon their resources.  At a time when Barack Obama is desperately feigning that he is not himself, Elizabeth Warren is stridently repeating his previously articulated message of progressive, collectivist, and totalitarian beliefs and values. 
As the President is disavowing his long-held connections to liberal progressivism like Anthony Weiner denying his online exhibitionism, Warren is evangelizing for ObamaCare and Frank-Dodd type government confiscation of private enterprise.  Those highways you drive on?  The state has deigned to provide them—and don't you dare—ever—to forget this. 
Perhaps Elizabeth would like convert all of the major streets and highways in the country into limited access toll roads so that everyone who uses them has to contribute directly to their maintenance and upkeep.  Like one of Hitler’s brownshirts stabbing his hand into the air, Warren's video-taped performance is a tour de force of arrogance, elitism, and the socialist mindset.  A snarling demand for control combined with contempt bursting forth from an eerily [Obama-like] assumption of moral superiority.
Warren castigates an industrialist straw man for hiring workers the rest of us paid to educate.  Ye Gods!  Consider the audacity of this latter day Robber Baron, giving a job to someone mis-educated by Elizabeth’s education union supporters who contribute money-laundered tax dollars to her campaign.  This current version of Hillary Clinton’s it takes a village catch phrase is making many of today’s Democratic office-seekers wince.
She continued excoriating her imaginary enemy in the manner of some guileless, fevered Marxist.  The peasants, she lectured (peasants defined today as working Americans), actually work for the state…not the other way around.  All those public employees out there?  You, peasant Americans, work for them.  It is revealing that someone who relies upon government enforcers to fleece private sector workers of their hard-earned cash could have the audacity to hold, much less express, such beliefs.
Green Lantern points out that to Warren’s way of thinking, things such as roads, law enforcement, and education can only be provided by the government.  Without the state, every private business in America would be besieged by mobs trying to rip off their inventory and sell their machinery for scrap.  Most likely, they would be flash mobs comprised of I’m-Entitled Obama supporters.  
Elizabeth parrots Obama supporter Michael Moore’s claims that the government owns the nation’s wealth, not to the people who earned it through private enterprise.  Her anti-freedom, anti-entrepreneurial message [exposes] the mind of somebody who embraces totalitarianism.  Her AAA credentials as an Obama aide, Harvard professor, and Democratic candidate for the Senate show that she is a soul mate of ACORN community organizer Barack Obama.
Warren is a living reminder of the economic and social mess that Democrats have created.  For Republicans, she is an asset; for Democrats, she is an albatross about their collective neck.  Undoubtedly, many of them feel that she should have heeded the advice of former Republican president Abraham Lincoln who observed that it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.
May your gods be with you.

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