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Monday, July 19, 2010

Vote with our Feet and Money?

True to form, MTAH is desperately trying to sweep evidence of its ineptitude out of the 24 hour national news window.  Needless to say, this cannot be done without the help of the Three Big Weenies at ABC, CBS, and NBC.

O-buma's political capital is spent, at least for the current term.  As if the damage done by him and his party-of-theft comrades were not enough, see what he plans to do if he is re-elected in 2012.

Here is another glimpse of the future, Portugal, Ireland, and then the US?  Our national debt is over 87% of our GDP.  The federal deficit for the current fiscal year is $1.42 trillion.  The Congressional Theftocrats plan to increase mandatory spending by 15.6% and discretionary spending by 13.2% for the next fiscal year, or a whopping increase of 28.8%.  The people in Washington, DC simply don't get it; hopefully, what they will get is the ax in November.    

The full weight of the federal government will come to bear on anyone who fails to seig heil to the fuhrer of WelfareHealthCare.  The problems with having adopted a Massachusetts type health system are many; the health benefits, if any, are few.  Federal laws such as this one are totems, or must-do-requirements, rather than taboos, or thou-shalt-nots that form the basis of out legal system.  This totalitarianism began in earnest in the 1960s when the feds used the Commerce Clause to prevent individuals from owning land outright.  Is the picture becoming more recognizable?

The pattern is clear by now.  First comes the federal giveaway.  After that comes the confiscation of land, liberty, and property.  First it was a penalty, then it was a fine, now it's a tax.  If we refuse to give away our money willingly, they will send people with guns and lawyers to confiscate it against our wishes.  Welcome to the world of Barack O-stalin.

This article reports that 20 of the 50 states are suing the O-bumunistas for expanding the theft welfare state by nationalizing the health care industry.  Without recommending it and merely as an observation, perhaps this could become a wave of succession from the increasingly totalitarian reach of the federal mommy state.  If individuals and businesses in those states refused to pay federal taxes in protest of this unwarranted intrusion, the Theftocrats and their ever more burdensome permanent welfare constituencies could lose 40% of their income.

The states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington have joined the suit.  Virginia has filed a separate suit.  How can the federal government enforce a law that so many people oppose?  If the O-bomunist has too few troops to defend our border with Mexico, how can he make us buy what we do not want?  Think about the marvelous success of the Eighteenth Amendment's prohibition of alcohol.

If federal duplicity under the guise of applying the Commerce Clause were not despicable enough, the Federal Communication Commission's Orwellian lies to excuse its plans to take control of the Internet is even more appalling.  Now that they have declared that a horse is actually a donkey, this ruse will be followed by micromanaging regulation, taxation, rationing, and censorship.

However, this act is the first Obumination that deserves to be repealed by Congress in January, 2011.  Why is there so little outrage over this totalitarian takeover via taxation and regulation?  Have we really become such docile sheep that we are willing to be led to slaughter? 

Many years ago, it was suggested that we should sprinkle fluorescent powder that glows brightly under black light along the most heavily traveled smuggling routes on the US/Mexico border.  We could then use portable black lights to check for the powder.  This would give law enforcement agents probable cause to stop, search, and check the immigration status of everyone who was tainted with the substance.  This could help curtail smuggling of drugs, people, and weapons.

This plan could drastically improve enforcement efforts against smugglers.  The problems that we have along the border exist because those in charge of government want things this way.  They are benefiting from it; otherwise, they would commit the necessary resources to end it.

For anyone who is weary of the O-bum's New Black Panther Party type of government, take a look at this can't-be-fired government employee scoundrel bragging about its racist actions.  Are you fed up yet?  Remember in November.

May your gods be with you.

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