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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

O-buma and Chavez: Slouching Toward State Corporations

Brick-a-Brack O-buma is no Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  His intentions are considerably more sinister, and he and his minions are much more inept.  The people who are best able to revive the nation's economic engine refuse to participate in his failed experiments.  No amount of public disparagement, legislative and regulatory arm twisting, or shady back room deals will get them to participate enthusiastically in their own undoing.

Although Mao-buma succeeded in getting Bank of America's CEO and Board of Directors fired, he cannot get the nation's business leaders willingly to invest in his progressivist schemes because their potential reward, if any, is not justified by the risk.  It reveals the ONE's arrogance and naivet√© that he feels betrayed because, after excoriating the heads of the financial sector, they have the audacity to refuse to be led to slaughter by the Theftocrats.

Expect further nationalization efforts from this merry band of thieves. 

Critics of Arizona's new immigration law have begun hypocritically to chant their mantra: this is racial profiling.  This article from the ultra right wing New York Times discusses charges of profiling that were lodged against the New York Police Department for their stop-and-frisk policies.
  • 55% of stops involved blacks; they represent 23% of the city's population.
  • 10% of stops involved whites; they represent 35% of the population.
  • 66% of all violent crime was committed by blacks.
  • 80% of shootings and 71% of robberies were committed by blacks.
  • 98% of reported gun assaults were attributed to blacks and Hispanics.
In contrast, 5% of violent crimes, 1.4% of shootings, and less than 5% of robberies were committed by non-Hispanic whites.

In 12% of all of the stops combined, arrests or summonses resulted; however, the ratio to population was identical for blacks, Hispanics, and whites.  

In Los Angeles, the data for stops and arrests are similarly proportionate.  As a result of a legal challenge, the federal courts recently found that the way in which those policies were carried out was "consistent with civil rights."

Claims of racial profiling usually fly in the face of reason.  Law enforcement officials have established empirically that the numbers of illegal immigrants crossing our border with Mexico overwhelmingly are Hispanic.  Funneling resources to known smuggling corridors and areas where illegals tend to congregate, recognizing that illegals entering from the Mexican border are most likely Hispanics, and acting appropriately on that information judiciously applies limited resources.

The motivations behind the spurious claims of racism are myriad.  Members of the civil rights industry want to help illegal aliens to avoid bearing commensurate consequences for their actions.  Civil rights lawyers, paid activists, hate mongering race hustlers, professional victims, left-wingers, and yellow-journalism style media types are benefiting economically and politically from the deceitful claims of racial profiling.  What they want most is to eliminate effective law enforcement strategies.

In the words of Reverend Ike, the best way that "you can help poor people is not to be one of them."  Members of the nation's education collective claim that the most reliable way to achieve that is through the product that they are selling, education.  They would also have you believe that they are driven by altruism; they only want what is best for the children.

Education may be the way to the promised land; however, their hustle is that you can only get there by worshiping their deity.  Their god is the gatekeeper of the path to prosperity.  Any other faiths, philosophies, or persuasions are all followers of false gods, pagan idols, or cultists whose motivations are crass, venal, and lack the purity of the collective's visions.  

Before uncritically adopting this line, perhaps examining some successful educational methods and programs could be useful.  In Washington, DC, the Opportunity Scholarship Program has been hugely successful for poor and minority students over the last five years.  Who is moving to end it and why?  It is the powerful elite, O-buma, the National Education Association, and the union fat cats and bureaucrats who want to continue conducting the same failed experiment that is education in America.

Read about the Education Debacle of the Decade.  Continuing to allow organized labor's communistic philosophies to monopolize public education cannot be justified economically, academically, or socially.  Far too many tax dollars are squandered outside the classroom on administrative featherbedding, union teachers' salaries and benefits are bloated compared to their private sector counterparts, and education continues to foster and maintain a permanent government-dependent underclass of people who are vocationally suited for little more than salting fries at hamburger outlets.

Still, they are whining that the Obomunist has not repaid them sufficiently for their campaign contribution largess.  Those campaign contributions, by the way, were dollars earned by private sector workers, confiscated by bureaucrats, and given to educrats to help O-buma get elected.

Who, oh who, could possibly benefit from maintaining, at taxpayer expense, a permanent welfare constituency?  Surely it could not be bureaucrats, Theftocrats, collectivists, academics, nihilists, socialists, statists, communists, community organizers--who else could they organize--mommy staters, radical feminists, and the rest of the Loony Left, could it?

Once again, a federal give away program has proved to be little more than a boondoggle.  The One Laptop per Child initiative proved to be unhelpful.  Test scores barely improved, decreased, or dropped significantly after the computers were given to students.  It seems that, unsupervised, the students used the computers recreationally rather than academically.  One valuable lesson to be drawn from this--something that parents have known for generations--is that the most effective way to enhance children's educational achievement is through the constant involvement and supervision of two caring parents.

Finally, it is interesting to recognize the relationship between those who are riding in the public wagon and those who are pulling it.  The people who are riding in it, bureaucrats, welfare recipients, and public officials are not taxpayers.  They receive the people's money and return some of it to taxing authorities.  This is not paying taxes.  The people who are actually paying taxes are the people who earned the money originally by working in the private sector.

This is not intended to belittle those employees of worthwhile government agencies and departments who provide vital services to the US.  The Department of Defense, NASA, and NOAA come to mind, among others.  However, the increasingly lopsided ratio of riders to wagon pullers is making it ever more difficult for the private sector to generate enough revenue to support the grand old lady of government in the style to which she has become accustomed.

May your gods be with you.

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