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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Augustus, Where Art Thou?

Morals are to shame what whole beans are to coffee.  The former is the essence from which the latter is derived.  Without morals, shame cannot exist; too often, what constrains behavior is embarrassment driven by self-conscious vanity.  People who are moral are moral when no one is watching, not merely reluctant to expose their depravity to public view.  Given the visible portion of America’s child sexualization and exploitation industry, it seems sensible to wonder what sort of sociopathy lurks behind its tawdry exterior.
In “Little Girls Gone Wild,” author Katherine Mieszkowski reveals that sex worker outfits are available for preschoolers, sexually suggestive pint-size products from pole-dancing kits sold in the toy section to ‘Hooters Girl (in training)’ T-shirts for toddlers to padded bras for 6-year-olds.  One might wonder what a 6-year old has that requires padding.
The practice is widespread.  Recently, Vogue published an article featuring a 10-year old, scantily clad model that would have earned a PG-13 rating on American television.  Hardly any of media’s champions of women’s rights expressed interest, much less condemnation.  This is but one more example of Political Rule #1.  If deviance thrives, the rich and powerful are facilitating it, supporting it, and benefitting from it.
This tacit approval of child abuse is a conspiracy of silence, a link between Hollywood pedophiles, the complicit mainstream media, and their progressive amorality.  Sadly, the mothers and fathers of these pre-pubescent sex workers are responsible for their children’s exploitation.  Under the guise of talent or dance contests, girls between four and ten years old are being dressed like Bratz Dolls and sent onstage to perform hoochie-coochie dances in what must be a pedophile’s paradise.
The Daily Mail’s article “Far too Much, Far too Young” describes a collection of photos that some consider pornographic.  Wearing heavy make-up and gold stilettos, Thylane Blondeau sprawls seductively on leopard print bed covers.  The provocative pose might seem like nothing unusual for a Vogue fashion shoot – except that Miss Blondeau is just ten years old.  At this age, she is unable to understand the consequences of what is happening to her.
Thylane cannot be blamed; however, her parents deserve condemnation for furthering the cause of public acceptance of child sexual exploitation.  Unfortunately, mothers who harm their children usually do so with legal impunity.  Psychologists and other people who are making money from medicalizing deviance claim that mothers who brutalize their children to bask in the attention of martyring themselves for the children whom they torture need treatment rather than incarceration.  What a surprise that the people who treat them for payment consider injuring and killing infants to be a medical condition, not a criminal act.
Our schools reflect Hollywood and media amorality.  Mothers pimp their daughters to live out unrealized fantasies.  They send them out to perform pelvis pumping, hip wiggling, simulated-sex dance routines that are better suited for strip clubs than audiences of elementary school children.  We are unable to pay our bills and must import food to feed the domestic population.  We are perpetually embroiled in unwinnable wars that squander our youth, deplete our treasury, and erode our political resolve.  We allow our enemies to cross our borders with impunity.  This is how the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire.
May your gods be with you.

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  1. Mental or psychological abuse of children is much harder to identify than physical or sexual abuse. But what these parents are doing to their daughters is blatant psychological abuse and they should be treated as the criminals that they are.


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