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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Treachery, Subversion, and Destabilization: the Obama Legacy

We are at a precipice.  In order to understand what the O-bumites have done and plan to do to this nation, two articles deserve to be read because they expose those schemes.  The first explains why the O-bomunist is preventing an economic recovery.  The second describes how Chris Dodd is acting as a henchman for O-buma and his campaign contributor billionaire socialist George Soros and the other hedge fund short sellers who profit from causing US businesses to fail and to make Americans unemployed.

This crowd of traitors, parasites, scoundrels, and hustlers have set up policies, regulations, and laws such that they will gain financially and personally from destroying America economically, politically, and socially.  Power hungry and money grubbing, the socialist-progressive O-bumites have insatiable appetites for both.  George Will identifies their belief systems in this article.  Their promise is a "program for every problem and every unfulfilled desire is a problem."

When moderates such as Thomas Sowell and George Will are setting off warning klaxons that the federal government under the current regime has run amok and that we face a bleak future because of it, there is something seriously amiss.  Recall Rahm Emanuel's belief in the utility of crises.  The current group in DC profits from crisis induced instability.   

This ruling class elite manufactures it by prolonging the recession and its attendant unemployment that hovers around 10%.  They have used economic conditions to excuse creation of massively unneeded, ineffective, and harmful spending programs that have further burdened taxpayers and the economy.  They have tried to exploit the Gulf oil spill to justify banning Gulf oil exploration and to pass ecofascist cap-and-trade laws that will further cripple US businesses and add to unemployment.  In both cases, O-buma and his cohorts have revealed that they are reprehensibly mercenary.

They hope to destabilize the country by adding 10-20 million illegal aliens to the welfare rolls.  Another such scheme is to confer statehood to Puerto Rico.  If it were a state, its contribution to federal coffers would be lower than any of the other 50 states; the economy there is in shambles due to generous benefits conferred by its welfare programs.  What a shock it is to to learn that the thrice rejected drive for statehood began in 2008 concurrent with the rise of the One and his minions. 

The most transparent administration in history is revealing itself to be one of the most secretive, furtive, and devious in history.  When agents of the state hide things, there is usually something wrong.

May your gods be with you.   

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Riding it into the Ground

If you accept the Loony Left's assertion that the main reason for the mortgage meltdown and resulting economic collapse was greedy capitalist bankers and financial executives, the Community Reinvestment Act created by Jimmy Carter and his Congressional cohorts to pander to their permanent welfare constituencies must have slipped past unnoticed.  The Clintonistas greatly expanded the welfare housing hustle, and now, according to CNN and the Congressional Budget Office, we are on the hook for $400 billion with a potential public liability of one trillion dollars.

If we actually have to cough up a trillion for this failed entitlement policy and we add the one trillion for the failed porkulous giveaway, we will have squandered two trillion dollars.  Our national GDP is $14 trillion.  The costs of these boondoggles is one-seventh of our national economic output for a full year.  Add to that the $700 billion US Treasury TARP plan and the trillion dollar cost of providing health care for an additional 15% of people in  the US, and one should question both the wisdom of and motivation for such expenditures.

The US economy has been likened to a jumbo jet passenger air liner.  It takes a lot of force and time to change its course, but after it starts down it is difficult and time consuming to regain the original course.  The Corruptocrats, socialist-progressives, and mommy staters have used the current political situation to grasp the nation's economy by the throat.  Whatever their reason, whether it is greed, treachery, myopia, or all three, their policies and legislation are driving the country into the ground.  We are likely too far along the slippery slope of disintegration to recover.

Perhaps it is not just intentional sabotage.  Napoleon once observed that one should "never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence."

May your gods be with you. 

The Party of Benedict Arnold

If you believe that the O-bomunist and his ideological and ethical twins in the academic, media, and bureaucratic spheres of influence are not working, along with their co-conspirators in the various labor collectives, to bring America to her knees, there is much information available for enlightenment.  Remember the longstanding affair that Big Labor has had with socialism and communism.

Wayne Allyn Root exposes the schemes, scams, and hustles that the Corruptocrats are perpetrating to change us into a third world and second rate nation. 

Along with the treachery cited by Root, there are other items that, when taken in the aggregate, could lead a casual observer to suspect that O-buma is a sort of Manchurian Candidate, the product of influences by Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Abner Mikva, Frank Marshall Davis, and Jeremiah Wright.  He and his socialist-progressive associates reflect those influences as they tear away at the fabric of the nation.

Not only has the Bum destroyed the premier space exploration organization on the planet, he has unilaterally ceded the high ground in space under the guise of global equality and to atone for America's arrogance.  This makes us unable to defend effectively our communication and observation links in space; without them our military is blind, along with NOAA and NASA.  Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together yet?

From the same weasels who used the resolution process to slither the budget breaking WelfareHealthCare con into being, we have three attacks on free political speech.  They are the Interned Kill Switch, the Net Neutrality Act and the Disclosure Act.  Under Disclosure, the Federal Election Commission, the agency charged with enforcing it, would not be able to "promulgate (the) regulations related to the legislation before it goes into effect."  This is simply more of the underhanded manipulation from the "we have to pass this bill so we can know what's in it" crowd.

They cannot get what they want, so they are plotting to change the rules of the senate so that they can continue expanding their party-of-theft constituencies.  The idea is to make it impossible for responsible legislators to block destructive or fiscally imprudent legislation.  They are determined to do as much damage as possible between now and January, 2012.

Could it be considered treason if the Theftocrats in Congress refuse to pass a budget resolution?  They are required by law to do so, and the due date is past.  Now the House majority leader has stated that he and his fellow nation wreckers are so desperate to hide their scheme to bankrupt the country that they have lowered themselves further by obfuscating the particulars of their current spending spree.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Local, National, and International News

The picture to the left is for geography whiz and public school teacher Peggy West.

This is one heck of a field sobriety test, rats! so close and yet so far.

Something else that is sobering is the loss of Turkey as an ally.  Still, if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, friction between that nation and Iran could prove useful.  If the two nations came to blows, Turkey is a NATO member, and we would be duty bound to help.  Darn the luck, we might have to help put a Saddam Hussein type keister-kicking on Ahamanutjob.

The Chinese reaction to such a scenario could prove interesting; however, China is having to deal with domestic unrest over maintaining its slave labor force.  Think about labor conditions there during the next Walmart shopping excursion.

It seems odd that we need to reaffirm that the Fourteenth Amendment applied the Fifth Amendment to the various states.  The Loony Left's Elena Kagan believes that it does so only if it is convenient to the cause of totalitarian mommy staters.  The Second Amendment is alive and well.

What happens if a worse case scenario becomes reality and we learn that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the result of a down hole failure deep underground?  Take time to read this article.  It is not just frightening; it is horrifying.

The fallout over the Rolling Stone article on General McChrystal is widening.  Defense Secretary Gates is said to have preferred keeping him, but now it is too late.  The chief of the Pakistani army believes that McChrystal's replacement Petraeus is more of a politician than a military strategist.  After all, McChrystal was the boots on the ground guy for Petraeus in Iraq.  Now, Pakistan seems to be moving unilaterally to solve problems in the region.

In this article, the author draws some comparisons between Abraham Lincoln and Brick-a-Brack O-buma.  While it is true that both sacked a general in time of war, there are other similarities.  Lincoln stole property from the people of the Confederacy; O-buma has stolen the auto, banking, and health care industries.  Lincoln created a totalitarian state by suspending habeas corpus; the One seeks to subvert the rule of law by appointing people to the Supreme Court who believe that the Constitution is only the nation's Supreme Law when it is politically expedient.

However, Lincoln was a terrorist-by-proxy who used General William T. Sherman to wage war on a civilian population comprised mainly of women, children, and elderly people.  Perhaps the O-bomunist's form of terror will be to finalize his totalitarian regime with the thirty plus unelected and non-vetted czars.  Maybe historians will be as kind to the O-bumessiah as they have been to Lincoln.

May your gods be with you.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

From Democracy to Serfdom

Today's post begins with kudos to Kathy Shaidle whose blog Five Feet of Fury is worthy of note for all free speech and liberty loving beings.  She offers this riposte to the Loony Left: "You are not smart enough to tell me how to live."

The Greeks invented democracy.  We followed their example with our republic.  How long before we adopt their practices and start selling off the Florida Keys to pay for the theft welfare state?

Following the forced unionization debacle in Michigan, it gets worse as the US Department of Labor begins to unionize illegal aliens.  The scope of left wing theft is staggering.  They plan a mass amnesty scheme to purchase some 10 million votes from illegals with the resources and money of law abiding American citizens.

How long will it be until the party-of-amorality becomes so publicly vilified that they censor the Internet watch dogs who expose and criticize their smoke and mirrors chicanery?  Will they shut down the Web altogether?  When the people are denied the right to assemble peaceably and criticize the actions of agents of the state, we are no longer a free nation.

Which one of the czars established by the self-appointed and self-anointed ruling class elites will pull the plug on this bastion of free political speech?   

The O-bumites claim that there will be no WelfareHealthCare for illegals; this is but a ruse.  First, they will give them amnesty, or entitlement citizenship, then they will be able to hop onto the welfare wagon.  The costs to taxpayers will be enormous.  Perhaps this is part of the reason that the Theftocrats have shirked their legal responsibility to pass a budget bill.  They are desperate to hide the extent to which they are ripping off the public.

The mommy staters invented the CRI to provide welfare housing for their permanent entitlement constituencies.  After a while, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Reserve, and other government hooligans managed to crash our economy and threaten the security of our major financial institutions.  Then the O-bumites invented TARP.  Remember the Tony Soprano Rule.  O-buma forced bankers to accept money that they did not want to borrow.  Now, it is this.

Despite the fact that a number of banks have completely or partially repaid the unwanted loans, the Corruptocrats plan to continue bleeding them with new taxes that they will pass along to consumers.  The Soprano Rule?  The reason for the loan is to take over the operation.  This is how progressive-socialist-thieves work.  Steal the business through oppressive taxation and micromanaging regulation and leave the work of operating the business successfully to the real people outside of government.  Theft-welfare advocates are parasites.

May your gods be with you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The O-buma Plan: Slouching Toward Mediocrity

O-buma and his ethical, intellectual, and ideological soul mates enjoy the benefits of affirmative welfare.  Specifically, they operate under a segregated and inferior collection of expectations and requirements as to their conduct and performance.  Because of the resultant entitlement mentality, they come to expect that they should have a permanent seat in the public wagon that is pulled by other members of society.

This article was written by an insider who is one of several attorneys who brought charges of voter intimidation against some New Black Panther thugs who were harassing voters in Philadelphia.  Just when it seemed that the Bum and his minions could not stoop any lower, Half-bright Holder, the titular head of the federal league of injustice, illegally (according to the article) ordered his own attorneys to dismiss the case against the Panther Punks.

This story should be held up to scrutiny and kept in the public view until Holder is forced from office.  His actions are not those of omission; they are intentional acts of commission.  Legal action should be taken against O-buma for his tacit approval of these outrages.  For far too long, the O-bumites have been able to act outside of the law with impunity.  The federal Constitution still contains the Supremacy Clause that establishes that document as the supreme law of the land.

What it does not say is that we were all created equal under the law, but some of us are more equal than others.  This is especially significant since laws and policies are applied unequally for arbitrary, capricious, and insignificant reasons such as melanin-positive skin or double x chromosomes.  This sordid affair is but another instance of the Corruptocrats purchasing votes from their permanent welfare constituency with the legal, social, economic, and political resources of others.

Once again, is there no act so low that they would be too embarrassed to be seen stooping to it?

Apparently, there is not.  The sham financial reform bill that the Theftocrats passed ignores the root cause of the recent economic meltdown, the welfare housing hustle perpetrated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The article points out that the bill allows the "government to seize and dismantle the assets of almost any company--and force others to pay for it."  This bill is standard procedure for the party-of-theft.

While on the topic of appalling duplicity, it is particularly distressing that members of the Supreme Court hold forth opinions rife with Orwellian deception.  Is this what is meant by the importance of being earnest?  The principle of stare decisis is only valid when it is politically expedient.

It is trying to suffer fools gladly.  It is particularly stressful when children suffer at the hands of selfish, greedy, and irresponsible adults.  Then, perhaps not all members of the national education collective's government unions can rightly be considered adults.  In New York, this is what a group of largely overpaid, under worked, and unaccountable guild members are actively trying to suppress. 

They are desperate to hide how poorly their union efforts compare to the private enterprise education offered by their competitors in charter schools.  It is not that the children of minority parents cannot achieve.  The case is simply that in public schools, those students are pandered to and used as pawns to facilitate bloating the collective's bureaucracy while their academic lives are mostly ignored.

Speaking about unions and prevarication, this is an interesting exchange in which a self-proclaimed economist is arguing the official O-buma party line that less is more, that fewer jobs is really more jobs, and the porkulous taxpayer rape actually bettered the lives of taxpayers.      

What the porkulous has actually done is to put more people onto the public payroll.  This article describes the preferred arrangements of Barack the Bureaucrat and his party-of-government cronies.

May your gods be with you.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Land of the Free No Longer

If you believe that the hand wringing Theftocrats are not pandering to smugglers on our borders, this article is mandatory reading.  What a shock that O-buma would appoint this party hack to ICE just after inventing the position that he will hold.

Consistent with his sleight-of-hand rhetorical deception, the prevaricator-in-chief alleges that stationing one guardsman every seven miles along the border will stop the smugglers and terrorists.  This is while Mexico is in a US court trying to prevent us from protecting our border with them.

The demagogue in the White House is heading for a fall, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving person; this clown has been reading his own press clippings for too long.

Despite holding sizable majorities in both houses of Congress, the Corruptocrats have not passed a federal budget.  They may not pass one until after the November elections.  This is even slimier than the way that they weaseled through their WelfareHealthCare scam with the resolution process.  They hope to obscure the extent to which they are squandering your great grand children's money until after the mid-terms.  This is why so many progressives deny that to take from others without their consent is theft.

The resolution scheme was invented to allow federal budgets to be passed.  An interesting point to consider is why did no Senator raise a point of order pursuant to the Byrd Rule and require a separate vote requiring a 60% majority to pass the legislation? 

For anyone who is concerned, even threatened, that the O-bumessiah is frittering away our national prestige and sovereignty, the document referenced in this article reveals the future.  

Be prepared, the value added tax is coming soon to pay for the party-of-theft's mommy state.  Contrary to their belief, raising the top two marginal tax rates will not increase federal revenues and likely will decrease them.  Tax rates are already at confiscatory levels, and this will only hurt the national economy.  Does anyone remember Brick-a-Brack O-buma's promise not to raise taxes?  Read my lips; he lied.  What is it about the term veto that the presstitutes cannot comprehend?  

Oh, and by the way, the sky is falling.

May your gods be with you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Constitution? What Constitution?

This is the most outrageous assault on the First Amendment in memory.  It makes the Patriot Act seem benign by comparison.  The scumbags in Dearborn did not invent totalitarian fascism, but they are undoubtedly the most prolific perpetrators in the nation.

That we are blind to the fact that we are shooting ourselves in our collective foot is worrisome; however, that the Europeans recognize that we are allowing the Theftocrats and O-buffoonery to eviscerate us is appalling.

It appears that general McChrystal has thrown himself onto his own sword in order to avoid continuing to conduct a failed experiment.  He is a victim of his can-do attitude.  Trying to fight a war without collateral damage, lacking diplomatic and political support, and with too little manpower typifies the O-buma regime.  We have handcuffed our troops with self-destructive rules of engagement.  They are getting picked off in small numbers that have steadily mounted.  Our federal government is helping the enemy win.

Billionaire investor George Soros has invested heavily in electing Corruptocrats.  His investment seems to be paying off handily these days.  Here is how.  This almost seems as though it is a quid pro quo arrangement.

Sometimes they get it right.  Whether you trust, appreciate, or despise Google, this ruling was proper.

Heck, even Hilarious Clinton gets it right occasionally.

Can rational beings doubt that one of the primary aims of the university education collective is to disseminate propaganda?

Sentient beings should have recognized by now that the theft-by-proxy crowd has engaged in a wholesale importation of welfare recipients by hamstringing ICE.

Behavior that cost Richard Nixon the White House warrants little national coverage among the reprehensibly hypocritical presstitutes.  Where, oh where are the indignant howls for Congressional investigation?

If this drone were armed and authorized to fire on terrorists as they crossed our border, this action might not seem like pointless grandstanding by the self-appointed ruling class elite.

Watching endangered animals at zoos can be fun and enlightening.  It China, the process can be tasty as well.  There is something perverse about this.

May your gods be with you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Contrast: Boots on the Ground vs. Feet in the Air

Rolling Stone is hardly a bastion of objectivity.  This article on Stanley McChrystal reeks of a setup.  Some news reports claim that the article's author Michael Hastings was cloistered with the general and his staff during the no-fly period in Europe after the Icelandic volcanic eruption.  It is an interesting coincidence.  Most often a coincidence is not merely coincidental.

According to the Washington Post, the rats whose absent leadership and turf war tactics caused the problems that are hindering the general are now blaming McChrystal for the results of their own ineptitude and overweening ambition.

It is not coincidence that The Aloof One's busy schedule kept him from meeting with BP's executives to find out for himself what was being done to stop the gulf oil leak.  Perhaps the squeaky clean and environmentally green leader of the Loony Left is actually relieved that he now has an excuse to stop offshore drilling.  His speech concerning the matter seemed singularly to lack passion.  "Yes we can" has become "yes, we can't."

For all of his glib rejoinders to critics and crass attempts to rally support to his various causes, O-buma has revealed himself as one who lacks any real emotional attachment to the nation that he should be leading.  The One is the very antithesis of a Harry Truman type leader who rolled up his sleeves and got to work governing during difficult times.  The O-bumessiah has proved that he is reluctant to soil himself with the messy job of representing the people.  He is simply too prissy to connect with the raucous mobs that populate this nation.

Perhaps the most glaring flaw in the O-bumite camp is that despite the preponderance of Ivy League, Nobel Prize winning, self-anointed geniuses, they are merely theoreticians who lack the hands-on skills to solve real world problems.  It is a Crisis of Competence.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sleazyness Continues

This is how to steal an election.  Stealing elections is a Theftocrat invention.

On the topic of stealing, this is how to steal from unborn children.

If theft is taking from others against their wishes, here is an article on why the theft-welfare state is unsustainable.

This was the story.  This is the rest of the story.

If you believe that health care in the US is a mess, then you should read about O-buma's moral and ideological twin whom he has appointed to preside over Medicare and Medicaid.  We are soon to mirror the British model of unavailable health care.  The time has come to start researching home remedies.

If you support liberty and oppose dictatorship, be certain to vote against everyone who voted nay on this issue.

The O-bumites are continuing to expand their largess with other people's resources to the unilateral benefit of their permanent entitlement constituencies.  Yes, federal bureaucrats comprise some of those constituents, and they will remain that way as long as their wages and benefits are higher than that of the worker bees who pay for them.

The Cato Institute reports that the costs of pre K-12 public education are understated 23 to 90 percent.  The bureaucrats are trying to hide the extent to which they are shafting us.  Go here for the full report.  Compare the alleged amount of $11,748 a year per pupil with the $7,848 for private school or $7,171 median cost for annual tuition at public colleges.  Yes, government education unions are sticking it to us, and it gets worse every year.

Thanks to O-buma's feckless foreign policy, we have lost Turkey as an ally.  That country may now be counted among the worlds radical Islamic republics.  They are openly trying to ship weapons to Hamas; however, Israel has been blocking those shipments, and international shipping experts agree that the blockade is legal.

When Israeli military personnel boarded the lead ship in the flotilla, they were shot and clubbed.  Some of the presstitutes howled, but even the Huffington Post agreed that Israel exercised the nation's right to self-protection.  Israel is our only reliable ally in the region.  Instead of supporting that ally, we have chosen, as former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan stated, to "join the jackals."  Way to go O-buma.

The O-bumites and the party-of-government-when-it-is-convenient scoundrels in Congress and the federal bureaucracy are intentionally allowing smugglers and terrorists to cross our borders.  The prevaricator-in-chief's Charlie McCarthy like bobble head defenders claim that he said it, but he didn't say it.  Hmmm...

May your gods be with you. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Assault on Free Speech and Thought

True to form, the O-bumites are skulking about behind closed doors and operating clandestinely to further their edu-mess and pander to the national education collective.  Under the guise of voluntary compliance, they are forcing the individual states to continue dumbing down their curricula and adopt federally imposed standards under the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Little of value can be created in a vacuum.  That is why educrats are vehemently opposed to competition and free enterprise.  Competition exposes incompetence.  Revealingly, their arguments against competition are based upon the belief that accurately differentiating between competent and incompetent teachers is impossible.

Imposing these so-called standards will allow the illegally invented and funded federal Department of Education and its ideological twin the National Education Association government union to impose a national curriculum.  Then, this group of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats will inject nationwide their agenda of progressivism and paganism to force unsuspecting children and parents to accept their selfish and greedy goals.

They are particularly keen to expand their control of the teaching of English.  Through this, they can eliminate words, phrases, ideas, and methods of thinking that accurately and inconveniently expose them as traitors to the nation that they are pledged to serve.  Another part of this strategy is their use of neologisms to twist existing word meanings to perpetuate their propaganda and disinformation programs.

At the forefront of the use of censorship to further the official party line is a group with the Orwellian name of Free Press

This totalitarian restriction of communication and free speech has been taken to the Internet.  Despite court rulings against the FCC, lawless bureaucrats continue pressing their agenda to stifle dissent. 

First, Net Neutrality is a misnomer; it is more accurately described as Not Neutral Net Policy.  It is not neutral in that it is biased toward the party-of-government Theftocrats whose aim it is to silence those online watchdogs who expose the nefarious and manipulative schemes of the Loony Left.  The arguments against the NN plan are difficult to refute logically. 

May your gods be with you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Long Arm of Government

The tax man's presence will be much more intrusive beginning January of next year.  Not only are there increases scheduled, but the death tax has been resurrected by O-buma and his fellow advocates of the theft-welfare state; additionally, the VAT is coming soon.  The genius bobble heads in the Congressional Circus prove that the only thing that history has taught them is that it has taught them little.

Ronald Regan followed the example that was set by John Kennedy and convinced Congress to lower federal taxes significantly.  The result for Regan was the same as that enjoyed by Kennedy.  The lowered taxes produced higher federal revenues.  There is a direct and proportionate correlation between lowered taxes and higher revenues.  Higher revenues mean less federal borrowing and less national debt. 

It seems as through the people in charge of the Congressional Clown College want the US to follow the example set by Greece.  Our national debt will soon be greater than our GDP.  China will stop purchasing our securities because we are paying interest with worthless dollars that have been printed to monetize that debt.  This economic shell game is coming to an end.

O-buma and his theft-by-proxy cohorts are moving the US not just toward their standard socialist-totalitarian-fascism model but toward state capitalism of the sort that was pioneered by Nazi Germany and practiced currently by Hugo Chavez.  David Brooks discusses this and explains why it is important to retain free enterprise and to end American oil dependence.

This is but one more example of the party-of-government's scheme to keep its minority constituents trapped on the federal entitlement plantation.  The primary way that they do this is through the ineffective education farce that is perpetrated by the education collective's government union hustle.  Poorly educated people tend to remain as underemployed as they are undereducated.  This situation exists because government agents want it this way and benefit from it.

Voters appear to have wearied of the party-of-theft's shenanigans.  In South Carolina, they rejected the candidate who offered the same-old-new-day official party line in favor of an unknown who is said to lack the intellectual acuity needed for the Senate job.  Perhaps the electorate gambled that he is not clever enough to steal from them with impunity.  Revealingly and most typically, the losers are blaming Republicans for their plight.

The porkulous failed, the costs of health care are starting to skyrocket under Welfarehealthcare, our sovereignty is slipping away due to loose fiscal policy, and the dollar is the world's currency of choice only through default.  All the while, the Obumites are delightedly rubbing together their forelegs, fluttering their wings, and scurrying gleefully into the cover of bureaucratic darkness as they facilitate the nation's metamorphosis into a third world country.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

It would be difficult to overstate the costs of importing welfare recipients into this country.  However, there are other attendant consequences that result from the far too porous border that we share with Mexico.  Tom Tancredo offers insight into the damage that is being wrought by the Mexican cartels' smuggling of terrorists into the US.

Perhaps one reason for the Corruptocrats' intentionally and grossly underfunding ICE is to facilitate another 9-11 type scenario to justify passing a Loopy Left version of the Patriot Act.  Such an law would undoubtedly include draconian criminal punishment for facecrime, thoughtcrime, and most of all for speechcrime for pandering insufficiently to the Theftocrats' permanent entitlement constituencies.

To pay for those constituencies, it is necessary to confiscate the resources of those who are not part of that group.  Wired Magazine reports that Brick-a-Brack Obuma's ecofascist supporters are pushing for significant hikes in taxes on gasoline and other forms of energy.  Worse yet and consistent with the totalitarian aspect of the leftist live-as-we-dictate crowd's desperation to control others, they are proposing federal control of local building codes.

Collectively, these various constituencies comprise the Borg.  There are several Borg characteristics that should be recognized for the purpose of identifying Borg.  First, to gain Borg status one must unquestioningly adopt the prepackaged collection of Borg values and beliefs.  The other precepts follow. 

The prime directive of the party-of-government is to increase the size of their bureaucracy.  Their delusions of grandeur make them think that they know best how everyone should live.  Conforming to the official party line is mandatory.  The loony left's causes are so holy that there are no acts so low that they will not stoop to them in order to achieve their lofty goals.  Ethics are superfluous hindrances.  Tocqueville should be written out of history for recognizing about the US that the republic will not long endure now that the Theftocrats have learned that the people can be bribed with their own money.

Anyone who has had it up to here with the Borg's power and money grabbing might want to try this on for size.  You know, a trillion bucks here, a trillion there, and the next thing you know you're into some real money.

Significant numbers of dollars are also being spent trying to clean up BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  With any luck, tax dollars spent there should be recovered from the as yet unidentified responsible parties.  So now, O-buma plans a fourth trip to wade through the mess.  What is he doing, and what in the h e double hockey sticks does he hope to accomplish?

He will arrive replete with a fawning entourage of lapdog presstitutes and other hangers on who will scuttle about in unison with him like a bunch of fiddler crabs foraging for dinner.  They will record every word, nuance, and gesture as he frets and struts about barking the tale of an idiot who is full of sound, fury, and baloney.  Thank you, William. 

One of its handlers should inform the Obumessiah that he should stop embarrassing the nation, stay in DC, and pretend to be a leader for a change.

This post ends on a sad note.  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.  A bright beacon of rational deliberation, spirited debate, and ethical consistency has been extinguished from the Bolgosphere.  The Bartaverse is no more.  It will be missed. 

May your gods be with you.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Follies

File this under the heading No Crisis Should go Unexploited.  The O-bumites continue to berate BP for its bumbling, but the Prince of Prevarication has turned down help from 13 countries that have people and equipment ready to assist.  There seems to be no depth to which O-bumessiah's hypocrisy will not stoop.  He now vilifies BP's management, but he has been most willing to accept their money.

Perhaps this report from the Bartaverse can offer some insight into the O-buma's character.  It is revealing that a member of the Loopy Left complains that he is not black enough.

Do you remember the KFC Hillary bucket?  It was two small breasts, one left wing, and two large thighs.  The O-buma Cabinet Bucket is all left wings and...well, for want of a better term...sphincters. 

Some truths are self-evident.  One of them is that when government agents conceal facts, there is usually something amiss.  O-bumessiah's administration has succeeded in being the most transparent in history to the extent that the Clinton administration was the most ethical.

Granted that the governed cannot know all the secrets of those who govern.  It is likely imprudent to allow media to report the route of an upcoming presidential motorcade, even for the present administration.  Nonetheless, the extent to which the public is kept in the dark is the approximate extent to which agents of the state can engage in monkey business.

Speaking of monkey business, some dutiful Obaaama Sheeples appear to have engaged in yet another act of blatant fraud.  I am shocked, shocked to realize that the very act of intentionally deceiving the people of the United States receives so little exposure by the lapdog presstitutes.  It is especially interesting in light of the fact that doing so was considered by a Theftocrat Congress to be an impeachable offense when committed by Richard Nixon.

It is sad that there is so much hypocrisy and so little time to expose it.

Finally, this blog has offered numerous views on the sorry state of education in this nation.  This article exposes some of the worst schemes and scams that the O-bumites have perpetuated, and so much of it has been done deviously and with the tacit approval of the corrupt media.  Please follow the links, and as they say, read 'em and weep.

May your gods be with you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rip'emoff Reid and Company

O-buma's Porkulous has failed to stimulate jobs growth.  That is unless the 411,000 temporary government employees who were hired by the US Census Bureau are taken into account.  Government simply cannot create private sector jobs.  What government agents can do is to increase the numbers of bureaucrats.  

To do this, it is necessary to increase spending; to increase spending, it is necessary to increase taxation.  This takes money from the private sector, which in turn decreases the very resources required to create private sector jobs.  

If you fail to recognize that the party-of-government Theftocrats want to increase the number of people who are dependent on the government welfare plantation, let me sell you some hurricane proof real estate in the Florida Keys.  Sadly, it seems as though there is no stunt, scheme, or scam so low that O-buma and the corruptocrats will not stoop to it.

The time has come to disenfranchise government unions.

May your gods be with you.

Friday, June 4, 2010

First the Subsidy, then the Take Over

Whether you approve of the news media exposing Richard Nixon for participating in the attempted cover up of the Watergate break in, Bill Clinton's preference for low rent floozies, or disapprove of both, be grateful--forget the biases for a moment--that media exists.  The alternative is TASS.  Remember the Tony Soprano Rule; they only offer the money to take over the operation.

Bear in mind that this is the theft-by-regulation crowd.  What a shock that they want to reinvent print media among some of the Loopy Left's most reliable supporters, US universities' journalism colleges.  Not only are universities factories of left wing propaganda and disinformation, they exist as secret societies.  The records of how and why they do things is protected by federal law that shields them from scrutiny. 

Under federally imposed secrecy, in back door meetings of legislators, and through the oversight of unelected regulators, this is the O-bumites' latest attack on the First Amendment in the guise of strengthening the Fourth Estate. Together with the FCC's proposed takeover of the Web, sentient beings who value liberty should be concerned.

Another act of chicanery and sleight of hand political maneuvering is the Congressional Theftocrats' nationalizing (confiscating) 17% of the US economy through WelfareHealthCare.  This article should be read and its links followed by all who want the freedom to spend their own money and to choose for themselves how to prepare for the future.

This is an example of a federal program.  It provides welfare daycare; its clientèle are mostly unemployed welfare recipients.  It is a holdover from Lyndon Johnson's Great Welfare Society that has proved to be ineffective, fraudulent, and wasteful; however, it continues to receive tax dollars because it helps to maintain the size of the federal bureaucracy.  Understand that if a federal program continues to get funding, it is because government officials are benefiting from it.  Are you happy about the way that they spend your money?

May your gods be with you.