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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Change We Simply Cannot Believe

If you who voted for Change We Can Believe In, did you know that one change that the O-boob wanted to make was to increase by 125,000 annually the number of Americans who will die of cancer?  Donald Berwick is soon to be a recess appointee who will run Medicare and Medicaid.  His plan is to provide too little health care (Cap) with the certain knowledge that the benefit will be to allow untreated people to die (trade).  This is planned and forced euthanasia, or execution without due process.

From Berwick: "You plan the supply; you aim a bit low; you prefer too little of a technology or a service to too much."  Under-supplying culls people at the margins.  They have begun with the elderly by cutting out hundreds of millions of dollars from Medicare.  They begin with the elderly; then, it is the severely disabled.  From there, they nibble away at anyone who is not part of the High Command.  Seig heil! 

Government steals the health care industry.  Congress, federal bureaucrats, government and private sector union members are exempted.  Too little health care is provided to the taxpayers.  Hundreds of thousands die for lack of care.  Federal bureaucrats will be in charge of rationing.  Anyone who cannot recognize that the rationers will see to it that those who opposed the nationalization of the health care industry will be on the short end of the rationing stick, please contact me.  I have a bridge to sell.

Another aspect of the mommy staters' WelfareHealthCare is the fines that will be levied against employers.  Businesses will be fined $3000 for each employee whose portion of a health premium exceeds 9.5% of his household incomeThis company would lose over half of its annual income to the theft welfare state.  Little, if any, expansion would be possible, and many fewer jobs would be available where they "are needed most--in lower income areas."  The upshot of this hustle is that--surprise--more people will be dependent upon the mommy state.

This is standard procedure Theftocrat politics: steal other people's resources, exploit the contrived loss of employment to expand the welfare state, keep the newly created drones trapped on the federal welfare plantation, buy their votes with the resources that were stolen in the first place.  Oh, and one other thing, magically deem into being a non-existent budget to hide the money trail. 

One of the activities at which the Duplicitous Dunces truly excel is job killing.  Despite outward appearances, not all of them are stupid.  They recognize their handiwork.  They also understand that the "nation's working-age population grows by about 150,000 a month."  It would immediately require over 10 million new jobs to put America back to work at the level that we were at three years ago.  If it takes three years to recover, " more than 3.5 million additional jobs will be needed because of continued population growth."

It is the continuing outrage.  First the subsidy, then the takeover.

That should be enough bad news for one day.  Here is a 30 minute fireworks display sped up to three minutes.  It's a bit like a turn of the century herky jerky, hand cranked film only in color.

This is an amazing safety advance.

Boeing's new stealth transport plane looks promising.  Also, this solar plane could fly around the clock.  It could be most useful to surveil the US-Mexico border.

May your gods be with you.  

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