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Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Unserious Presidency

President Gadfly golfs and vacations while hundreds of thousands are out of work due to his massive failures in the Gulf of Mexico.  Now, he's hitting the talk show circuit.  It is certainly beneficial for him that he has his plethora of media apologists to flutter about him making excuses for being a vacant suit.  All he really needs is an Obama ShamHow.

The Federal Reserve has evaluated the effectiveness of the Keynesian economic program that O-buma, Reid, Frank, Pelosi, Dodd, and company have put into effect to save the nation.  We are hip deep in grits.  The fed's analysis indicates that we are not coming out of the current recession until 2015-16.  Why oh why, one wonders, is Bobblehead Barney Frank singlehandedly blocking the House from voting on a bill, HR 1207, to authorize auditing the Fed.  Yes, we can; that is, we can vote O-buma's thugs out of office in November.

Another thing that we can and should do to stop the Theftocrats' schemes of wholesale importation of illegal alien welfare recipients is to change the 14th Amendment to require legal citizenship of parents before their offspring are granted citizenship.  Encouraging illegal alien women to stagger across the border and give birth in a taxpayer funded emergency room is just one aspect of the Obomunists' scheme to expand the theft welfare state.

In Utah, state officials estimate that some 20 thousand children's social security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal aliens.  They use the information to get driver's licenses and to obtain government services for which they are not entitled. They use children's identities because they are easier to acquire and are available to be misused for longer periods before anyone notices.  Requiring job applicants and anyone interacting with government agencies to prove citizenship could minimize these abuses.

The Service Employees International Union, a government union, wants illegal aliens to be granted legal status so that they can recruit them to become members of their already unjustifiably bloated and taxpayer subsidized guild of bureaucrats.  Remember in November the videos of SEIU hooligans harassing elderly people at the town hall meetings over WelfareHealthCare.

In other government union sleaziness, the National Education Association has chosen to celebrate Mao Zedong's murder of millions of Chinese as he created his version a workers' utopia.  This is being done in the name of diversity despite the fact that Mao's Murderers killed more people than Nazi Germany.  This article describes NEA's sanctimony as the arrogant hubris of "holier-than-thou" pseudo-intellectuals who are "not dedicated to the principle of diversity."  Instead, they are dedicated to "cultural Marxism."

However, when a member of the national education guild breaks ranks to expose wrong doing, cover ups, and theft, well, there is heck to be paid.  As a matter of fact, doing so is one of a very few acts for which a union teacher can be fired.  In Washington, DC, that bastion of responsible and effective education, Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee has fired 241 teachers for incompetence, and in a surprise event, government teachers' union lawyers plan to game the system to get them reinstated.  What a shock. 

When student achievement tests require demonstrated cognitive learning, test takers fail in wholesale fashion. Still, there are no penalties for education union members who give unearned high school diplomas to students who simply do not attend classes.  EducRats' welfare scams harm those whom they claim to serve. 

In an event that is certain to secure Americans more liberty, Google and the CIA are combining resources to create a means of surveilling "tens of thousands of websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents--both present and still to come."  Named Recorded Future, this Web scouring program gives its users the ability to "assemble real time dossiers on people."  Left wing totalitarianism is in full bloom.

May your gods be with you.

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