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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Remember in November

The photo at the left was scraped from a blog named just a conservative girl. The picture's title is the Official Van of the 111th Congress. 

Consistent with the spectacular successes of the Most Transparent Administration in History (muh-thuh), more creepy secrecy.  This time the Transportation Security Administration is blocking its computers from accessing websites that are deemed to have controversial (inconveniently valid dissent) opinions.  This seems to be a trial balloon.  The next step will be to expand this edict to include all agencies that receive federal funding.  Remember, first the money; then, the takeover follows.  Under the O-buffoon, the federal government has become increasingly socialist, totalitarian, and fascist.

MTHA's government in secrecy is widespread.  Representative Bob Filner (D-CA) Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee has publicly lambasted the Obumunista administration for yet another act of hiding the inconvenient truth.  Some 1800 VA patients were put at risk of HIV and other deadly viruses due to unsanitary conditions.  Filner asserted that it is "outrageous...that this happens, but even worse is the secretive...cover-up mode that they [Obama administration] go into when something like this happens."  

Does it come as a shock that it is a felony to videotape police activities in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland.  How interesting it is that the government in Illinois persecutes citizens for openly objecting to the actions of agents of the state.  Imagine that; it's happening right there in O-buma's home state.  To have the power to arrest people for exposing the wrongdoing of government agents is to have the power to remand the Constitution.  State agencies charge them with federal wiretapping violations for recording a public event.  All this is taking place with the tacit approval of the O-boob and Holder the Hooligan.

The Silencer-in-Chief has sent his goons after Arizona for doing what he and his cronies are too pusillanimous to do, but there has been not a peep about his home boys trampling the Constitution.  This administration is rife with hypocrisy.  It seems as though we no longer have Constitutionally guaranteed rights in this nation; instead, we have legal privileges that the Head Hypocrite magnanimously allows us to exercise from time to time.

Conservative vanguard CNBC is reporting that there are ominous signs that we are entering a 1932 type depression.  Warnings are coming from more than one source, but the geniuses in DC tend to ignore inconvenient information.

It has become difficult to determine whether the MTAH is best characterized as incompetent, myopic, or treacherous.  Not only has the Great Mediocratizer dismantled the world's premier space exploration agency and unilaterally surrendered our space defenses, this charlatan has turned NASA into a simperingly apologetic propaganda center and outreach program for radical Islam.  The serial groveling, apologizing, withdrawing, and surrendering will not end until this laughingstock regime is out of business.

Despite the O-buma gang's general disregard of the US military and particular loathing of American exceptionalism, these folks are undoubtedly some of our very finest.  They put themselves in mortal danger in order to save our fallen.  This is a tip-o-the-hat to the Pedros.

May your gods be with you.

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