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Monday, September 27, 2010

Voter Fraud and Intimidation Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon

It has been observed, here and elsewhere, that the political debate in this nation is no longer about ethics; rather, it is about economics.  At one time, lying about stealing was considered doubly immoral.  Theftocrats have tried to sidestep this issue by fabricating the cubic zirconia of making moral choices, situational or relative ethics.  However, this is not only amoral, it is a contradiction in terms.

Morals are simply unrelated to this semantical scam.  Any moral behavior associated with it happens strictly by accident.  Ethics is the science of making moral choices.  Therefore, ethics without morals is akin to water without oxygen; there is no such phenomenon.  Relativism requires no self-restraint in the presence of immoral opportunities.  It only mimics morality when it is cheap and easy, when there is little or no cost or personal sacrifice.  This fair weather moral feigning by ersatz ethicists is lying at the most base level.

Perhaps in no other area is the Theftocrats' fondness for slimy dealing more evident than in their penchant for voting fraud.  Between 2007-08, ACORN's thoroughly exposed hucksters claim to have registered over 1.3 million legal voters in 18 states.  That ACORN is allowed to register voters at all is an affront to decency; that they have been funded with taxpayer dollars is appalling. 

In an article that exposes some of the most blatant of Corruptocrats' lying and stealing, author Ed Barnes interviewed poll watcher Catherine Englebrecht.  She is one of the founders of True the Vote, a Houston, Texas, "citizen based grassroots organization that began collecting publicly available voting data to prove that what they saw in their day at the polls was, indeed happening--and it was happening everywhere."

Englebrecht relates that the "first thing we started to do was look at houses with more than six voters in them."  Englebrecht found that most "voting districts had 1,800 of them if they were Republican and 2400 of these houses if they were Democratic."  During further examination, "we found one with 24,000, and that is where we started looking."  True the Vote found shocking evidence; this voting district had the highest amount of permanent welfare recipients of any Houston district.

Most of the irregularities were focused on a group called Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Sean Caddle, who also works for the Service Employees International Union (suppliers of Town Hall Meeting thugs).  Among the findings were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid.  Caddle's excuse was that there "had been mistakes made."

The voter registrar there claimed that the voting rolls had been under an "organized and systematic attack by the group operating under the name Houston Votes."  The extent of this sleaziness became apparent when the day after the registrar turned over his report to authorities, an unexplained fire magically erupted and destroyed almost all of Harris County's voting machines.

This typifies Corruptocrats' underhanded tactics.  Unable to win in a one-on-one stand up political fight, they slink away with their collective tail between their legs and steal the election.

Golly gee, who could have committed this treachery?  With US Attorney General BumHolder responsible for prosecuting voting fraud, the feds are certain to sit on their hands until well after the November election.  After all, Team O-buma's law enforcement is only for protected minorities.  Voter fraud stabs democracy in the heart.  The will of the majority is thwarted.  Little wonder that the Obomunistas are subverting the Constitution in favor of Sharia law.

Like their moral equivalents the Islamofascists, supporters of the Bum are moving to exert censorship by intimidating dialog on the Internet.  They are using their standard issue scheme of incrementalism to effect gradual control of the Web's content.  They already only prosecute hate speech crimes unilaterally in favor of their constituents who qualify for affirmative welfare.  The next step for them is construe criticism of their brand of government as seditious and prosecutable hate speech.

The eunuch government in Britain is O-buma's model of how to grovel properly to the leaders of his first religion.  Fortunately for the US, there is a prosecuting attorney in Michigan who, unlike Brick-a-Brack O-buma, still has his cojones.  The Muslim Brotherhood claims that it has a "God-given right to step forward and control the political authority so that it may establish the divine system on earth."  How very convenient for them that their version of God, with whom we cannot consult to verify their claims, has given them the privilege of determining how we must live.

Censorship of information that is "disadvantageous to Islam," and kow towing to Islamafascists' demands is now "enshrined in US national intelligence and security policy."  "There can be no successful national intelligence analysis or--appropriate national security strategy--where the underlying facts are barred."  The stable of geldings that is dismantling the nation is busy fashioning the lapdog media, the federal government's communication apparatus, and our intelligence community into its own image.  It is one of a nation of serially apologizing, self-effacing, and neutered house servants.

May your gods be with you.         

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All are Equal, but Some More Equal than Others

Despite progressives' self-serving claims, poverty does not cause crime.  Poverty is a static, or passive, state of being; criminal activity results from proactively choosing to pursue prohibited behavior.  A phenomenon that is at rest cannot dynamically create an active phenomenon.  The law of non-contradiction states that no phenomenon can have an attribute that is its own antithesis, or exact opposite.  It cannot be dynamic and static at the same time.

The progressive mantra that poverty causes crime comes from misunderstanding--it could be actual or feigned--the difference
between causation and correlation.  With causation, the initiating force is directly linked to creating an effect, or result.  Correlation, on the other hand, exists when two events occur simultaneously, especially in the presence of one another.  We know that the children of parents who drink alcohol are more likely to be abused than children whose parents abstain.  However, drinking does not cause child abuse; the two events simply occur together temporally and locationally to some measurable extent.

As regards causation and correlation, the US government has given away trillions of tax dollars in feckless attempts and through the misinformed belief that doing so can eliminate poverty and, by extension, crime among the recipients of this largesse.  Empirical evidence since implementation of Lyndon Johnson's 1960's Great Society shows that both crime and poverty have increased during the 40 years' existence of programs of this sort.  Rather than achieving their goals, there is a clear correlation between increased social spending and increased poverty and crime.

However, other correlations reveal that there is reason to believe that decreasing crime and increasing legitimate income possibilities might be enhanced through education.  "Empirically, there is a strong negative correlation between educational attainment and various measures of crime."  This paper cites evidence showing "across the broad categories of violent (murder, rape, robbery, and assault) and property (burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson) crime...a one year increase in average years of schooling reduces both property and violent crime by about 11-12%."

Whether or to what extent these results can be attributed simply to keeping adolescents off the streets and in structured environments may be worthy of discussion; however, quantifying such claims could prove problematic.  Nonetheless, the economic savings of reducing property and violent crime by nearly 12% is a powerful economic and social incentive.

High school drop out rates are exponentially greater among blacks and Hispanics.  Less education corresponds to higher crime rates, especially violent crime.  Most homicides committed against blacks and Hispanics are committed by blacks and Hispanics.  According to the US Statistical Abstract, in 2006, numbers of black homicide victims were 17% higher than for white victims, despite the fact that blacks represented only 12% of the total US population. 

Still when we analyze crime, it is necessary to recognize what authorities identify as crime and the ways in which they deal with it.  Recognizing which activities law enforcement officials allege are criminal, under what circumstances they are willing or able to make those allegations, and the manner in which crimes are enforced are the most significant aspects of crime in America.

Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode's article "More Hate Crime Hypocrisy" addresses both how statutory crime is identified and how it is enforced.  Enforcement begins at the White House.  The president is the nation's chief law enforcement official.  He sets the tone for and directs all of the police activities in the US.  Credibility should be of paramount importance for one whose job requires leadership by example.

His example is somewhat lacking.  Obama claimed in 2008 that there is "a reason that hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year."  The article exposes his deception by revealing that "Obama's numbers, by the way, are fabricated.  In fact, the rate of hate crimes against Hispanics went down between 2007 and 2008."

The author wonders what "about Hispanic on white and Hispanic on black hate crimes?  The federal government does not report them!  While the FBI's hate crime reporting sheet includes Hispanics a victim group, they do not include Hispanics as offenders, and categorize virtually all of them as white.  In Los Angeles, where local police count Latinos as perpetrators, they make up 69% of all anti black hate crimes.  These are counted as white on black hate crimes by the FBI."

"In Los Angeles County, 78% of Hispanic on black and 69% of black on Hispanic crimes are considered hate crimes."  "In August at the Iowa State Fair groups of blacks were beating white fairgoers.  According to the police report... there was a group of 30-40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it 'beat whitey night.'"  "Black on white mob attacks like this are becoming more common.  Flash mobs where groups of teenagers text each other's cell phones to coordinate attacks are occurring across the country."

These attacks are not being prosecuted as hate crimes.  Apparently, it would be a racist violation of the doctrine of Pandering Cowardice to postulate that these mob attacks perpetrated while the black attackers were shouting "beat whitey" might have racial overtones.  This philosophy comes directly from the BumHolder camp.  The Attorney General told the Senate Judiciary Committee that hate crimes were only meant for "protected groups."  There will be no such protection for whites from mobs of howling predators who rob and beat helpless passers-by.

The principle of equal protection under the law has been abandoned for the purpose of "silencing and demonizing white conservatives in the name of tolerance and diversity."  Yes, change is coming, and it will be swift and sure.  In November, go to the ballot box with a clear idea of who is the enemy.         

Remember in November.  May your gods be with you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Economic Three Card Monte, or Lies We Can't Believe In

Theftocrats have controlled the US Congress since 2007.  Quite a lot has transpired since then.  The O-bomunists racked up trillions in national debt to
  1. Nationalize health care to the tune of 16% of the economy
  2. Steal GM and Chrysler and give them to the UAW
  3. Finish nationalizing banking with Tony Soprano loans
  4. Legislate the theft of Wall Street's assets
  5. Subsidize communist inspired dinosaur unions with tax money
  6. Redistribute taxes as teacher dues for campaign contributions
  7. Accomplish 5&6 while private unemployment nears 10%
  8. Increase federal spending a record 16% in 2009
  9. Refuse to pass a budget to hide federal squandering of taxes
  10. Create a federal dossier on each US health care patient
  11. Dismantle border control to import millions of illegal aliens
  12. Become the most non-transparent government since Nixon
  13. Use the DOJ to steal elections and intimidate voters
  14. Offer bribes to keep unwanted candidates from campaigning
Now, to to place the cherry atop the banana split that the O-bumunistas are offering the private sector in lieu of jobs--think of Marie Antoinette's derisive retort, let them eat cake--this article reports that the US poverty rate has jumped nearly 2% up to 15%.  The authors reveal that the "number of people in the US who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Barack Obama's watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960's levels that led to the national war on poverty."

This is the "highest single-year increase since government began calculating poverty figures in 1959."  Worse yet, beginning "next year the government plans to publish new, supplemental poverty figures that are expected to show even higher numbers of people in poverty than previously known.  The figures will take into account the rising costs of medical care [Obamacare], transportation [cap and trade], and child care [regulation, tax on small businesses], a change analysts believe will add to both the ranks of seniors and working-age people in poverty."

They have done a marvelous job, these geniuses.  Small and mid-sized businesses are failing left and right and unemployment hovers around 10%.  Now, they want to raise taxes on the very people who are best able to create badly needed private sector jobs.

When November finally arrives, remember how they arrogantly shoved WelfareHealthCare down our throats and then gloated about it.

May your gods be with you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wrestling the Snake

There he was on national television, losing his epic battle against the giant BP oil snake as it writhed and thrashed beyond the control of his weak and ineffective grasp.  It spewed and gushed its filth all over him as he cried pitifully for help from his one-time admirers and supporters.  He whined and yipped.  He swore that he would put a foot across its throat as he searched desperately for an ass that he could actually kick; however, it mocked him and spat its vile fluids in his humiliated face until he tucked his tail and slunk meekly away to lick his wounds in the swamps of D.C.

It was not until those burly oil field roughnecks who routinely tame such leviathans came with their big wrenches, powerful clamps, and massive restraining devices that the monster was throttled into submission by their unrelenting determination, strong backs, and muscular biceps.  Prim and Proper Obama was unmasked, stripped of his makeup and mirrors, and exposed as  impotent: limp, feckless, and inept, mindful of Joe Buck in the movie Midnight Cowboy, "a policeman without his stick, a bugler without his horn."

How revealing it was for his wife to abandon him on his birthday in favor of an exciting vacation in Spain, leaving him to flounder in his own mess.  This symbolic gesture was reminiscent of that of the French partisans who jeered as the Vichy collaborators were hauled out of Paris.  Her actions mirrored their sentiments.  In her mind, she covered the inside of her right arm with her left palm and jerked her right arm upward abruptly in a one armed salute to her effete spouse for embarrassing her and the nation.

The fellow who once was considered the sexiest man on the planet has been shown to have the aggressive masculinity of Johnny Weir, the resolute leadership of Barney Fife, and the aplomb and savior faire of Inspector Clouseau.

May your gods be with you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feckless Leadership, Pointless Pontificating

The latest from the Jokester is that we should go $50 billion further into debt for some shovel ready jobs.  The problem is that what we will be shoveling is mostly more of his bull.  Prospects for his party in November have them desperate. 

O-buma's Recovery Summer has been an unmitigated disaster.  The US lost 310,000 jobs this summer, 125,000 in June, 131,000 in July, and 54,000 in August.  The head Job Killer was asked whether he regretted labeling his failure a recovery; here is what he said.  With any good fortune, we will begin to recover from the O-boob in November.  I've got yer recovery!

The golden parachute has been disparaged as a business perquisite that corporate shareholders are unfairly burdened with when executives leave their employers.  Now we have the lapdog compliant and complicit media offering their own version to O-bomunista lackeys who have been disgorged from the present administration, at least 18 of them.  Once mouthpieces for the failed policies of O-buma, they are now talking heads (or keyboards) for the Theftocrats' state run media.

For anyone who is still naive and gullible enough to believe that the Theftocrats' motivation for giving amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens who are in this country is altruistic, listen to this statement by the executive vice president of the government union SEIU--recall their dark blue tee shirted hoods silencing inconvenient dissent at the Town Hall meetings--as he reveals what sentient beings already knew.  They plan to welfare into this country some 8 million illegals to add to their permanent entitlement constituency.  When the Corruptocrats say "comprehensive immigration reform," they mean amnesty to facilitate wholesale importation of foreign welfare recipients.

Once again, O-buma's buffoons reveal their true intentions.  Robert Reich is the former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton and current economic advisor to the White House.  He recommends a 90% tax on top wage earners; that's right he wants 90%--is it now clear why they are known as Theftocrats?  He also wants to expand the Unearned "income tax credit all the way through the middle class, and pay for it with a tax on carbon."  He seems to have missed one or two salient points.

Reich fails to explain how putting everyone "up through the middle class" on welfare will create jobs and stimulate the economy.  Worse yet, he does not even address how quadrupling the costs of gasoline, diesel, natural gas, electricity, propane, and coal will help unemployed Americans.  Skyrocketing energy costs will produce the same results for the costs of food, medicine, clothing, transportation to and from work, and all other essential goods and services.

Anyone who cannot recognize this thinly veiled proposal is intended to double or triple the size of the theft welfare state, please take a class in Economics 101.  It takes numerous workers in the private sector to support each welfare recipient, and we are rapidly running out of those workers.  Reich is just another socialist/labor/demagogue spouting agitprop for the hate America crowd that is working to bankrupt the nation.  There is nothing so low that they will not stoop to it.

In an event that typifies politics in O-buma's home turf, members of Chicago's criminal gangs organized a press conference--it is truly sad that local media actually attended--to complain "that police and city officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide jobs and improve their community."  The thugs "blamed drugs, poverty, and a lack of jobs for the problems in the streets," not, of course, their own unscrupulous and violent actions.

Perhaps the O-bomunists could "provide something in the recession-proof community organizing field for these" hoodlums.  "These guys are perfect community organizing material."  After all, they were created in the very image of The One himself.  Perhaps nothing other than a Robert Reich type mentality could be sufficiently simple minded to believe that these street trash would give up lucrative drug, prostitution, gambling, and extortion rackets in favor of entry level jobs at McDonald's, WalMart, or Pizza Hut.

Finally, SecDef Robert Gates reveals that fearless leader is willing to meet directly with Iranian dictator-for-life Ahama Nutjob for some more kow towing, groveling, and apologies on behalf of the US for championing democracy, prosperity, and liberty.

May your gods be with you.   

Friday, September 3, 2010

Averse to Sunlight

What a difference a month's sabbatical can make; unfortunately, the US political and economic scene--they are increasingly the same item--have changed little.  There is a timeline that deserves discussion; it is O-buma's MUTHA, or Most Transparent Administration in History, now that the prevaricator-in-chief has finally gone belly up on the issue of honesty.

This 2007 article from Reason magazine reveals that then presidential candidate Barack O-bufoona signed The Oath of Presidential Transparency.  In this oath he pledges to conduct the "Most Transparent Administration in history...[signaling] that whether it's earmarks, directives, or ongoing management of taxpayer expenditures, the goal of transparency will be evident through all policy making aspects of" his administration.

In another part of this oath, The Bum agreed to "full and robust implementation of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act," promising to create a "free and fully searchable website that will list every recipient of every federal award."  This was due to be completed by January 1, 2008, but--gosh, what a shock--it has yet to be completed, even though the bill authorizing the FFATA was co-sponsored by O-buma.

The Empty Suit claimed that every "American has the right to know how the government spends their tax dollars" and "ensure that our government is transparent and accountable to the American people."  Odd, is it not, that there has been so little national mainstream media coverage of the O-bomunist being hoist by his own petard?

Now, let's fast forward past O-buma and his lackeys' weaseling WelfareHealthCare past Congress with legislative sleight of hand, stonewalling press coverage of his feckless and tardy response to the Gulf oil disaster, refusal to create a budget for 2011 outlining the Theftocrats' plans for more theft-and-spend attacks on the economy, resolute refusal to enforce immigration laws in order to import millions of welfare recipients, back room dealings with Joe Sestak, the New Black Panther Party, public and private sector unions, clandestine coffee shop meetings with lobbyists, blocking access to White House logs, and devious schemes to nationalize the US economy through bailouts, stimulus programs, and health care.  How very transparent of you Brick-a-Brack O-buma.

This article reveals that the shadow president shuffled his ethics czar Norm Eisen off to the Czech Republic far away from US media access.  He was replaced with one of Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel's ideological twins, another of the administration's "cutthroat Chicago political fixers," Bob Bauer.  Bauer has been outed by the Sunlight Foundation as someone who shows "disdain for openness and far greater belief in the good intentions of those in power than those trying to check the powerful."

In it, the article chronicles 15 examples starting February, 2009, to May, 2010, of O-buma's lies concerning transparency.  Now, the O-bumunistas have finally, through Bauer, closed the "curtain on transparency." He has shown that he "is openly antagonistic to the notion of disclosure by government and politicians."  Bauer is described as a partisan advocate who defended Rham "Emmanuel's offer of a job to Joe Sestak" to get him to drop out of a Senate race in favor of turncoat and party hack Arlen Specter.

It is revealing that O-buma's point man on transparency and ethics asserts derisively that "disclosure is a mostly unquestioned virtue deserving to be questioned."  The ethics czar questions the ethics of disclosure, presumably in favor of shady back door deals with corrupt lobby group representatives.  Yuck!  Bauer crows that government regulations concerning political contributions and lobbying can be circumvented, that "it will be done in other ways [by those] who are professionally creative, the money will find an outlet."  Yes, it will as long as the fox continues to guard the hen house.

May your gods be with you.