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Friday, July 30, 2010

Charlie's Not Smiling Now

Long time Corruptocrat Congressman Charles Rangel has been hit with 13 charges of ethics violations, including that he failed to file taxes when he was "Congress chief tax writer."  When the party of government controls Congress, justice is neither swift nor certain for the in crowd.

It is reprehensibly hypocritical that the entire Mexican media apparatus is being censored by criminal cartels, and there is no national outcry by the US mainstream media.  With this much violence just over our border and the Mexican government fecklessly unable to control it, the fears of it crossing into the US are realistic.  O-buffona's contrived ignorance of smugglers bringing terrorists into the country flies in the face of this Government Accounting Office report.

How much incompetence, misfeasance, and malfeasance must we endure before Congressional leaders call for impeachment hearings?  Still, it could be unwise if he were to be removed from office; then, Biden would be president.

News flash--Syrian government: ban the burqa, support from American pseudo-feminists: not so much.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, from unreasonable search"...except when HolderBuma and the FBI want to access private email or Google searches.

Apparently, it is not bad enough that the Corruptocrat Cowards in Congress are too spineless to pass a budget that allows taxpayers to see exactly how we are being robbed.  Now, they are using federal bureaucracies to avoid prosecuting illegal aliens and to legalize their illegal activities.  Senator Charles Grassley complains that the O-bumites are "trying an end run around Congress," and that they "will go to great lengths to circumvent Congress and unilaterally execute a back door amnesty plan."  Their actions give the term underhanded new meaning.

All Senator O-buma's hooting, gibbering, and chest thumping about George W. Bush's policies was merely high volume sanctimony.  Now, the ACLU is kicking his keister with their collective jackboot because he has kept those policies in effect.  He's going to get us out of Iraq, well after a bit. He's going to close Gitmo, pretty soon.  We're abandoning Afghanistan; no, wait, we'll send in an additional 30 thousand troops.  We won't raise taxes on the middle class.  WelfareHealthCare is not a tax, unless we have to defend it in court.  Right Brick-a-Brack, your veracity is awe inspiring.  It is revealing that a Loopy Left president cannot keep even the ACLU in his corner.

Speaking of loopy, there may be hope for Peabrain Pelosi after all. 

The compliant and complicit mainstream media colluded to mislead the public about the now failed DISCLOSE Act.  This was a blatant attempt to overthrow the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of free speech and against censorship in the Citizens United case.  The plan was to have the law in effect before the November elections.  The Most Transparent Administration in History, my foot.

May your gods be with you.

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