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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Enemy is Us

In this article from the National Taxpayers Union, author Pete Sepp points out that the Federal Communication Commission's recently imposed and oxymoronically named "net neutrality" rules are illegal.  This action "flies in the face of a recent court ruling telling the FCC that it lacks in the requisite regulatory authority to engage in such schemes."

It is the province of Congress, not bureaucrats appointed by the executive branch, to create legislation concerning the Internet.

True to form, Corruptocrats are involved in illegal, if not unconstitutional, activities.  First, they create regulation without prior legislation to authorize it; the next step is oppressive taxation.  Finally, they confiscate by bureaucratic fiat, and the theft is complete.  This is a standard issue Theftocrat hustle.  We will join the Chinese and Iranian citizens seeking Web access from clandestine sources.

The O-buma crowd is nauseatingly and unjustifiably arrogant.  They have "thumbed their collective nose at the" other branches of government whose members have been telling them to keep their greedy hands off of the Web.  The incoming Congress should "restore control of the Internet to its rightful owners: consumers, who can vote with their dollars, and the businesses that compete to earn those dollars."

Anyone who doubts the existence of O-buma's totalitarian power grabbing ambitions should read this article and a companion piece concerning the fraudulent claims used to justify the theft of liberty.  The federal Environmental Protection Agency has usurped the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  Particularly disturbing is the O-buma administration's "continuing pattern of using regulations to circumvent the will of the people" and implement "what it can't get through Congress."

The costs to consumers of this sleight of hand enactment of the hugely unpopular cap-and-trade ripoff will be enormous.  Part and parcel to the plans to eviscerate the middle class is the Federal Reserve's monetizing the national debt by printing worthless money.  This US version of the Wiemar Republic's hyper-inflated Deutsch marks is causing the cost of a barrel of crude oil to soar as more and more fake dollars compete for limited amounts of oil.  Unaffordable energy is the ecofascists' dream.

What this country needs desperately right now, aside from a leader with the guts to make the hard economic choices needed to end the current mess, is for Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment that will force legislators to stop borrowing.  Last year, England and Canada loaned us all the money that they could manage.  Soon, China will refuse to buy our paper or demand usurious interest rates for lending to us because we are spendthrifts.  The passive aggressive O-bumites have chosen the Nikita Khrushchev method of dismantling our nation; they have buried us without firing a shot, buried us under a mountain of debt.

It is in this way that we will lose our sovereignty, crumbling from within due to imprudent fiscal policy.  Margaret Thatcher was right; we have run out of other people's money, and now we are going to pay for it.  Before long, the sort of riots happening in Greece will have reached our shores because we can't feed the drones that we have created, and we continue to import welfare recipients.  This describes the progressive mommy staters' achievements over the last fifty years; it is a step-by-step map of the downward slope of America's drift into mediocrity.

May your gods be with you.