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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welfare by any Other Name

Once again, the O-bumites prove that they are too pusillanimous to bear being treated as they have treated others and that they offer a segregated and inferior collection of expectations and requirements as to the conduct and performance of people who qualify for affirmative welfare.

Maobuma's plan to save government union teachers' jobs will only cost taxpayers a mere $70,000 per job.  It seems as though the most effective way to combat this hustle is at the state level.  The theftocrats' generosity with other people's money is galling.  They are propping up these unions  with another $10 billion.

However, Democratic House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, to his credit, did cut out $800 million of a $4.3 semi-slush fund given to the educrats to "spend virtually any way" they want.  Obey was at odds with Department of Education Secretary Duncan that he was "offended that he only has $3.2 billion to pass around."  Life is tough for the SecEd.

One way to curtail out-of-control federal spending is to shift entitlements to the states so that the voters there can decide whether and to what extent they want to fund those programs.  This would offer an additional bonus. There would be fewer federal bureaucrats needed to track, account for, and spend the states' money.

The consequences of progressive/socialist/mommy state influences on federal policies and legislation are coming due.  Everyone in this country will bear the burden and some of us more than others.  

The Obomunists are planning to stick it to the middle class taxpayers once again.  They are going to allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire.  The article points out that "one lesson from Hoyer's tax assault on the middle class is that 'temporary' tax cuts face the chopping block, but 'temporary' tax increases live to be paid another day."

What a shock it is that Team O-buma is still at it lying, sneaking, and weaseling to increase the size of their welfare fiefdom.

The UN's Program of Action on Small Arms is embraced by the Obaaama sheeples.  It seems likely to conflict with both the First Amendment and Second Amendment.  In the first case, the program calls for a "reduction of violence in media and in video games" and sustained "efforts at re-education and reorientation of {member states'} citizens."  Chairman Mao's re-education camps are to be run by the UN.

Second, PoA parallels an Organization of American States agreement on illicit manufacturing of firearms that neologizes that term such that virtually every US gun owner would be required to acquire a manufacturing permit from the feds.  Good luck with that; ownership requires a manufacturing permit.  This typifies Backdoor O-buma's devious schemes.  He is planning to disarm Americans through compliance with a UN mandate and then blame it all on that pesky UN.

Evidence continues to accumulate that lowering tax rates increases revenue to government.  When rates are increased, revenues decrease.  The state of Oregon recently learned what history has already taught about Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

O-buma and company seem to have tossed a bone to NASA.  Perhaps it is a meaty bone at that; we'll see whether this is genuine or just PR.

Look who's having labor problems.

May your gods be with you.

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