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Sunday, July 11, 2010

RIP Terry Anderson

Silent raids, or federal agents' auditing businesses' records for evidence of employing illegal aliens, is another Obomunist opacity scam angling toward amnesty.  At first blush, it may seem as though this plan might stanch the flow of illegals across the border with Mexico.  Actually, it provides Corruptocrats two benefits.  The fines levied satisfy leftist desires to harm business people for their egregious crimes of earning profits.  Additionally, the fired aliens move onto the welfare rolls, which adds to the Theftocrats permanent entitlement constituency.

This ersatz enforcement hustle is but a ploy.  If the Obum were sincere--volumes could be written about those five words--about immigration reform, he might propose refusing immigration to people with work skills that we have already in adequate supply.  This of course runs counter to claims from the Loony Left that we need more people with strong backs and uneducated minds.  Illegal immigration hurts poor and minority people through the loss of vitally important entry level jobs and affordable inner-city housing.  The result of which is that--what a shock--formerly productive citizens are turned into government dependent O-buma supporters on the welfare rolls.

On the topic of welfare, the Tenth Amendment might be a means of having the recently enacted WelfareHealthCare hustle declared unconstitutional.  The Totalitarian Left could be hoist by its own petard.

Another form of welfare is federal employment.  Bureaucrats in the federal government union are greatly over compensated compared to private sector workers whose money is confiscated to pay the bureaucrats.  According to this article, they are compensated "approximately 30 to 40 percent more...than comparable private sector workers."  We could decrease the federal deficit by nearly $50 billion a year just by compensating them as they would be as private sector workers.  Fifty billion here, and fifty billion there, and the next thing you know, you're into some real money.

Still, fifty billion is a pittance compared to the energy tax that the party-of-theft is hoping to enact.  Their kneecap and rape scam is so far reaching in its totalitarian micro-managing that it will prevent people from selling their homes in order to retire.  This is how low they will stoop to further the scope of the federal theft-welfare state.  They genuinely want to bring America to her knees, and no act to further that cause is too despicably fraudulent not to be utilized.  In Chicago under Saul Alinsky, Maobuma learned well the ropes of organized voter fraud.

The party of deception has used its compliant bobble head media resources to smear Israel since taking over the White House.  The recently converted Christian (thanks to God damn America! rev. Wright) and was-never-a-Muslim Hussein O-buma is openly supporting the Islamofascists' jihad against the US, but he and his minions lack the spine to admit it.  Others seem to notice the con perpetrated by them.

The Obamination seems intent on alienating our friends and coddling our enemies.  Compare the spineless ONE's kow towing and groveling to this example set by an earlier president.

We now have our own Joseph Stalin in the White House.  His academics are deceitfully rewriting history.  He has used theft-by-regulation to take over the financial, housing, manufacturing, and health care industries.  All of those former private sector operations are being forced to engage in redistribution of wealth and capital in ways that are making them non-viable business entities that cannot expand or create enough jobs to end the recession; all the while, huge tax increases are coming in January, 2011, that will further cripple our once robust economy.  The communist is even using the injustice department to facilitate voter fraud and voter intimidation.

It seems that the only thing that history has taught us is that it has not taught us very much.

May your gods be with you.

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