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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nothing but the Truth, so Help me Allah

Not to worry, the border is safe, and so are Americans.  The situation is well in hand.

The O-bumites are giving General Electric tax dollars under the guise of creating green jobs.  However on closer examination, it turns out that GE is closing glass manufacturing plants at three US sites, eliminating 500 jobs, and outsourcing the replacement products to be made in--guess where--China.  The money that the mommy staters confiscate from you is being used to employ child labor in China.  Way to go O-buma.

Digging mines to produce coal that is used by power plants is bad; however, when it is politically expedient and an election hangs in the balance it is good.  Deepwater oil drilling is bad when it is done domestically but when major contributors to the Corruptocrats do it, why it is just peachy.   

Here is another example of the overwhelming success of the O-bomunist's Most Transparent Administration in History program.  It seems that out of 140 skimmers that BP and the Coast Guard alleged to have operating, only 31 were actually on duty.  The ONE has his fingerprints all over this.  He is the commander in chief of the nation's military; he commands the Coast Guard.  It would seem that this misinformation was disseminated with his tacit approval.

The practice of exploiting the dead is a longstanding tradition among Theftocrats.  Whether it is reviving the death tax or using the identities of deceased people, the party of vote-early-vote-often is still raiding public coffers.  Little wonder that they confiscate so much of the products of other people's labors; the more they take, the more they can skim.  Taxing people who are having difficulty making ends meet to pay the power bills of the wealthy typifies the hypocrisy and sanctimony of the MTAH (pronounced muh-thah).

May your gods be with you.

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