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Monday, May 31, 2010

Barack Balgojevich O-buma

The most transparent administration in history has been exposed; it is known as a quid pro quo arrangement.  This is also commonly known as bribery.  The bobble heads at the federal department of injustice are as likely to conclude that this event warrants prosecution as they are to come to the same finding against their moral, intellectual, and ideological twins in Philadelphia.

Here is another example of the Ninth Circus Court of Appalling Duplicity's support of the Theftocrat's permanent welfare constituency.

Despite the costs of lost jobs, federal and state permits to operate farms, and increased food prices, the Obumessiah and his ecofascist supporters are proceeding apace to eliminate family farms.  There is a bright side.  This tax will cost the Theftocrats too.  They are going to tax flatulence.   If only we could find a way to tax bulls**t, we could retire the national debt on contributions from the Loopy Left.

O-buma personifies the worst characteristics of some former presidents.  His foreign policy rivals that of Jimmy Carter for fecklessness; he shares Lyndon Johnson's love of the mommy state; he engages in the same sort of sleazy back room politics as Richard Nixon.  Come to think of it, O-buma could well be the most deserving thing to happen to the Theftocrats since Jimmy Carter.

However, it seems as though Bill Clinton created the paradigm that Hussein O-buma is following.

May your gods be with you.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Debacle Continues

For anyone who doubts that there is an organized, left-wing effort by the nation's education collective to indoctrinate, or brainwash, schoolchildren, this should dispel any doubts.  This cowardly scheme to subvert parents' teaching values to their children typifies the delusionally unrealistic self-importance of the we-know-best-how-you-should-live Loopy Left.  If you have children or grandchildren in school or attending universities, this blog could prove interesting and useful.

For anyone who wonders how the O-bumites managed to get backing for their WelfareHealthCare hustle from the American Medical Association, this may prove enlightening.  The tactics employed by the AMA to censor doctors from discussing their views with patients is revealing.  That they feel the need to silence their members at all is even more revealing.

This should be filed under the heading "There is Nothing so Crass that They will not Stoop to it."

If you believe that the Arizona Legislature overreacted, this may change your mind if you think that the US/Mexico border is peaceful.  Texans have had border problems for years, but their efforts to combat federal bungling and mismanagement have been thwarted by the same people who are perpetuating the problem.

May your gods be with you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Party of Hypocrisy

Voters in Kinston, NC, abolished political parties from participation in local elections.  The electorate could then choose from among candidates on the basis of their individual track records and stated intentions; there would be no knee-jerk support for one party or another.  Political contributions would be to individuals rather than perceived group ideologies or anticipated paybacks.

Then lo and behold, in swoops O-bumaHolder and the party of live-as-we-dictate.  The crowd of Obumites that sniveled, whined, and whimpered when the Supreme Court ruled that political speech cannot legally be rationed has now subverted that ruling by forcing political speech to be divided by party line.  Experience shows that independent candidates rarely win elections.  

Forcing the political debate into two channels rations, or limits, political speech by confining the contest just to official party lines.  Rather than having an open marketplace of political ideas discussed and debated, rather than allowing voters to select from candidates whose philosophies might embrace parts of the platforms of both major parties and other sources, these totalitarians have imposed quotas on political ideas by limiting the number of voices in the conversation.

An attempt to move away from the antiquated and ineffective two-party system has been quashed by political appointees who oppose the principle of one-man-one-vote representation.  Preventing open discourse among all available ideas is merely a means of ensuring that some voices are not heard. That it is done under the claim of universal representation typifies Theftocrat hypocrisy.  It also reeks of segregation and elitism.

May your gods be with you. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hurry 2012

The photo at the left is of some SEIU communists exercising their Constitutional rights to violence, aggression, and extortion. 

For all of you who have been annoyed, frustrated, and endangered by those among us who are addicted to their phones, pods, pads, and other battery operated devices, there is a glimmer of hope.  The First Amendment does not confer the right to drive recklessly while using one or more of these devices.

Maryland is joining a small number of states that have banned cell phone use while driving.  It only takes a few people who have too little ram to converse and drive safely and who wander across traffic lanes to ruin things for everyone.  If only we could do something about those drivers who threaten our lives and property by searching through briefcases and purses, changing diapers, leering at other drivers, combing hair, and applying makeup.  No, don't go there.  The guys are as bad or worse than the gals.

There is a growing movement to ban driving while device-impaired.  Perhaps revenue from fines for these offenses could help to pull some state budgets out of the red.  It is believed that for the Florida cities of Lawtey and Waldo, the loss of money from speed trap fines would cause their governments to collapse.

Here is an example of what the party of government plans to do.  The people who have been watching their retirement nest eggs dwindle should be thrilled to learn that $165b in tax dollars will be given away to private pension funds for the already overpaid.

Have you heard about the thugs in government unions?  Try this on for size.

There should be no surprise that we have become a nation of obese people.  The trend may well have begun when people who played golf for exercise took to using golf carts that carried them and their clubs about as they consumed large amounts of calories in the form of alcohol.  Today's young people, rather than benefiting from exercise and fresh air by playing soccer, have this.

Just look what has happened under O-buma and the mommy staters, that is besides the teeny little oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

When is bribery not bribery?  It is apparently not if it is attempted by O-buma and the Theftocrats. 

In the movie Gladiator, Joaquin Phoenix (emperor Commodus) told Russell Crowe (Maximus) that "you simply won't die."  For O-bumaHolder, this is a story that simply won't die.  It is most revealing that the organization Judicial Watch (Because no one is above the law) is leading the charge to uncover the coverup.  True to form, the Presstitute hypocrites are busily spiking the story.  These are the same folks who crowed loudly about their part in drumming Richard Nixon out of office for covering up wrongdoing.

While on the topic of deception, the lapdog media are enemies of this nation.  The proof is in this publication.  The people who claim that O-buma was unaware of this order have all of the credibility of the Kennedy era liars who alleged that some G-13 was responsible for the Bay of Pigs disaster.

After such stressful and depressing news, maybe this will help.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yeah But, Never did Anything Worthwhile

The photo to the left is for those of us who were trained in public school in the arts of critical thinking and keen observation.

In Texas, the State Board of Education voted to end nonfactual historical revisionism in the state's textbooks.  The Board also decided to eliminate much of the federally approved bias toward collectivism and social pandering and against free enterprise and American exceptionalism.

On the topic of education, the head of the illegally created federal Department of Education is calling for a $23b taxpayer funded bailout for the government union members of the nation's education collective.  This is in addition to the $46.7b in federal funding that is already allocated for fiscal year 2010.

The question begs to be asked as to why this group of Theftocrat supporters should avoid bearing the same degree of joblessness that affects the general public.  The loss of jobs among the nation's poorest performing educators could substantially improve education in the US.

The first improvement that could be made is to end tenure at all levels, from grade K through postsecondary education.  Perhaps local school boards should eliminate extracurricular activities altogether to lower expenses.  Greatly reducing after school programs could help also, as well as de-funding daycare facilities guised as summer schools.  Maybe we should also consider ending the Head Start program that provides cost free daycare for those entitlement hustlers whose primary function is producing TANF recipients.

The second scheme needing to get the ax is the jigsaw classroom with its mandated involuntary servitude and dumbed to the lowest level curriculum. Establishing competition between and among educators, creating strict accountability, and requiring that the bottom one-half of teachers, staff, and administrators re-apply for employment each school year could help to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially if the applicants pay the costs of their evaluations.

There is much that could be done to improve our educational products, drive down their costs, and make quality education more readily available and affordable for all citizens; however, that would necessitate applying capitalist principles to a group of subsidized collectivists, a politically unlikely prospect. Additionally, many of us would have to develop the discipline and character needed to keep one's greedy hands off of the public coffers, another unlikely prospect.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mutually Assured Mediocrity

A week by the seashore is amazingly rejuvenating; however, now we return to the work of encouraging rational deliberation of and dissent against the foolish, feckless, dangerous, and destructive policies and legislation created by the Obumites and their bureaucratic minions.

The bureaucrats who are harming this nation most are the government union members of the national education collective.  It might be interesting to see their reactions to the STEM programs that are being promoted.  They are resolutely opposed to the sort of competition that produces the best results in virtually every field of endeavor.

The education collective's strategies have been counterproductive for the US as a nation in competition with other countries. First among them is the deliberate dumbing down of American schools.  This is intended to provide students with ersatz self-esteem in a nobody-fails environment.  Who could benefit from preventing citizens from becoming insightful critical thinkers who recognize and criticize the inept, greedy, and destructive acts of agents of the state?

Another tactic is to divide classrooms into cells that have at least one bright and well motivated student who is responsible to teach the others and perform the work of non-producers; all cell members receive the same pay, or grade.  This scheme begins in grade K with unsuspecting children who are too young to realize that they are being subliminally indoctrinated to accept the socialist precepts of the nation's education collective.   

The author of the Bartaverse correctly notes the difficulty of getting "kids to study STEM subjects when we have teachers and students elsewhere struggling for basic literacy."  Perhaps a different point might be pondered.  Why are teachers and students struggling for basic literacy in the first place?  Children should be required to master grade K before promotion to the first grade.  When primary school students are advanced to middle school, and they are inadequately able to read, write, and perform basic math functions, they are doomed to academic, social, and economic failure.

Part of dumbing down America is to hamstring communication skills.  At the heart of this subterfuge is the virtual elimination of English grammar and usage.  Parsing sentences, proper punctuation, spelling, syntax, and consistent and concise organization are not taught.  A person who cannot identify the subject and predicate in a sentence also cannot recognize a complete sentence.  Thanks to journalism colleges and print and electronic media, pronoun and antecedent agreement are part of a bygone era.

Ineffective communication skills usually mean the difference between success and failure.  The primary goal of education's secular-socialists is mutually assured mediocrity.  What they abhor most is an open marketplace of ideas competing equally and effectively for viability and acceptance.

Punctuation often determines meaning.  Imprecise and nebulous communication such as euphemisms help collectivists avoid accurate comparisons of their constituents and others; still, the practice of devaluing grammar can hold devastating consequences.

Consider the effect of a single comma.  If a lawyer draws up a will in which an estate is divided among Linda, Imelda, and Ralph, each person receives a third.  If it is divided among Linda, Imelda and Ralph, Linda gets one-half, and Imelda and Ralph each receive a quarter of it.  Lawyers have been disbarred for less.  Dumbing down curricula by government agents is treachery.

Perhaps the one practice which most effectively ensures that significant numbers of the nation's academic underachievers will remain dependent on government is subsidizing professional sports through education funding.

All middle school, high school, and college sports programs should be intramural rather than interscholastic.  Additionally, the NFL and NBA should be required to create their own player development facilities similar to the farm clubs supported by Major League Baseball.  We need to stop funding football and basketball factories that masquerade as universities.

Far too often, former athletes leave college semi-literate and without marketable job skills.  They are physically large and muscular and have been taught how to use violence and intimidation to acquire their goals.  Faced with the humiliating prospect of lifetime underemployment or welfare dependence, they turn to violent crime.  Who could possibly benefit from creating and using these circumstances to justify ever increasing demands for more tax money to be poured down the bottomless money pit that is the mommy state?

That this situation has continued to exist and worsen since the days of Lyndon Johnson's Great Welfare Society indicates clearly that the government agents who fund it and make money from it want things this way; they are benefiting at the expense of the very nation that they are pledged to support.

May your gods be with you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't go away Angry, just go away

No longer can we afford to embrace the "tired...poor...huddled masses."  We have grown tired of illegal aliens, especially those among their number who are terrorists, drug dealers, and weapons smugglers.  We have had enough of Congressional Theftocrats' importing welfare recipients making us poor as they enhance the size of their bureaucratic fiefdoms.

We also have enough huddled masses in our ghettos, barrios, housing projects, trailer parks, taxpayer subsidized housing units, and crack holes to last us through this millennium.  As if the situation with jackpot babies were not sufficiently burdensome to citizens, we also have a legal loophole fostered by Hilarious Clinton and the rest of the Loopy Left that allows miscreant citizens and other would-be dismantlers of the republic to import terrorists through sham marriages.

Never fear, Brick-a-Brack O-buma is here.  He and his ideological and intellectual twin who heads the Department of Homeland Security are truly on top of the situation.  They stand ready to condemn insurance companies, Wall Street executives, and Tea Party activists as dire threats to the nation; however, when it comes to Islamic Fundamentalism's jihad against America, not so much.

At least the would-be Times Square bomber was merely a lone assassin.  Yes, and the Warren Commission found that Oswald was a lone gunman.
 May your gods be with you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mayo tu Madre

The photo to the left is of a pedestrian viewing some of the damage that was caused by pro-illegal alien supporters who decided to riot while attending an Uno de Mayo celebration in Santa Cruz, CA.

Cinco de Mayo and Uno de Mayo are holidays that have much in common.  Both are popular among those who believe expediently that the proper role of government is to save people from themselves by confiscating and redistributing their resources.  It is perhaps arguable that large numbers of both events' followers actually do need some self-proclaimed government genius or another to do their thinking for them.  However, 60% disagree with their views.

Both celebrations involve the French.  On Uno de Mayo, both France and Italy pay tribute to their government unions for leading the charge to bankrupt their respective countries.  On Cinco de Mayo, Mexicans celebrate their defeat of French military forces occupying Mexico.  Bragging about beating up the French military is the equivalent of bragging about beating up Woody Allen.  Sentient beings should find it prudent to obfuscate rather than to advertise such an occurrence.

A member of a US government union and member of the national education collective has banned the American Flag at a California school.  This is California, the state in which the City of Santa Cruz is located.  The only thing missing from these videos is white robes with hoods.  Yes, racism is racism even when it is practiced by affirmative welfare recipients.  No, the term racism does not mean insufficient pandering.

People from Albania, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Columbia, Korea, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Panama, Portugal, Russia, Estonia, Egypt, Chad, Vietnam, Yemen, Somalia, Ukraine, Venezuela, and even France have come here legally and obtained citizenship.  What is up with Mexican illegal aliens?  The world is not out of step with the illegals and their sympathizers, they are out of step with the world.

We should feel secure under the post-racial administration of Brick-a-Brack O-buma.

May your gods be with you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm from the Government, and I'm here to Help

O-buma and the Congressional Theftocrats have sold Americans a bill of goods, and far too few of us recognize the shafting that we are getting from their WelfareHealthCare.  This is living proof of their intentions to keep low income single mothers permanently relegated to the federal welfare plantation.

Notice that these nefarious social engineers have created another marriage tax that acts as an economic disincentive for marriage.  The mommy staters argue in favor of punishing married people by claiming that two can live together on less that it takes for them to live separately.  Understand the reasoning here.  First, government should supply each of us according to need.  From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs...didn't someone named Marx say this?

Second and most important, they have acted to ensure that those of us who have behaved responsibly and prudently have our earnings confiscated to subsidize those who behave irresponsibly and imprudently.  There is something seriously amiss with this system of federally subsidized fecklessness.  We offer economic incentives for breeding TANF recipients, and we punish those who plan intelligently and live within their means.

Slackers pay nothing and get a lot; worker bees pay a lot and get the green weenie.  The bees have it right.  When their food supply dwindles to such low levels that the colony is threatened, they stop feeding the drones.  One can gain sobering insights from observing the natural world.

That we are a socialist nation hardly bears repeating, but that we are also totalitarian is most often revealed anecdotally so that the nationwide pattern is obscured.  Political liberty is unavailable in nations wherein citizens are prosecuted and persecuted for thoughtcrime.

The Head Hypocrite and his minions Feckless Barney Frank, Red Harry Reid, and Pelosi the Pinko are heaping criticism on the Wall Street crowd.  It is that same crowd that has been lining the pockets of Theftocrats for years.  People who bite the hand that feeds them are genuinely shameless.  Just take a look at what the government unions have done to New Jersey.

The same dim bulbs who invented Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Community Reinvestment Act that collapsed our economy have profited handsomely from those agencies.  The heavy hand of government is expensive when it regulates and taxes  free trade.

At first glance, giving government the privilege of stripping Americans of their citizenship for committing acts of terrorism may sound good; however, who defines an act as terroristic?  How long will it be before the likes of someone such as Eric Holder, the head of the department of injustice, defines it such that it means those who support the Second Amendment?

Do you like to use the Web?  Enjoy it while you are still able to do it.  Does anyone remember hearing the old lie that "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help," just before it hit the fan?  If you believe that the government's motivation is "ensuring fair competition and preserving a free and open Internet," let me sell you some hurricane proof real estate in Key West.  The way that they ensure competition is exemplified by SEIU and the Postal Service.

May your gods be with you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Supply and Demand

Guess who was British Petroleum Company's largest recipient of campaign money in the 2008 election.  It was the squeaky clean, environmentally green Barack O-buma.  It's not too shocking.  However, neither he nor his Congressional associates are returning the money.  Betting on the favorite in a race is smart money.  As Damon Runyon put it, the "race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet."

Now, Bo is calling for an investigation by the Department of the Interior, and offshore drilling proponents are disappearing like illegal aliens in Arizona.  It may be bad timing to make this contention, but abandoning oil exploration and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico merely strengthens our enemies.  We did not de-fund and dismantle NASA after the Challenger crash.

We continue to help our adversaries by allowing Mexico and other countries to export their unemployment to the US and onto the taxpayers' backs.  We have enough unemployment already.  Just as is the case with illegal drugs, there would be few illegal immigrants here if there were no demand.  William F. Buckley pointed out many years ago that the drug trade is demand driven.

If Americans want to smoke pot, the government could grow, distribute, advertise, and sell it at so low a cost as to drive smugglers out of business much in the way that we dealt with bootlegging.

As we do with domestic drug lords, we can also do to those who import illegal labor.  If we seize the assets that they acquire with the profits made from using illegally imported labor, fine them, and jail them if they are repeat offenders, we can significantly decrease the demand for illegal labor.  Still, there are other steps that we can take to stem the tide of unlawful border crossings.

We can change the federal Constitution such that we do not automatically confer citizenship to children who are born to women who are in this country illegally.  No more anchor babies means no more wholesale importation of taxpayer burdens from abroad.  Requiring proof of citizenship as a requirement for staying in a homeless shelter or receiving medical care could help also.  Nonetheless, we can do even more.

By identifying the industries and businesses that are most heavily invested in the use of illegals, we could apply a progressive tax based upon the number of violations that a company commits.  Levying a progressive tax would reward businesses that abide by the law to avoid the tax altogether, to punish lawbreakers commensurately, and to offset some of the costs of immigration control.

On the good news front, Raul Castro is widening his embrace of capitalism.  His decision to include foreign investment in the tourism industry will bring much needed cash into the country, but more important, greater numbers of Cubans will see firsthand how free trade and a free society go hand and hand.  It would be a welcome change if the privilege of holding title to land were restored to the Cuban people.  During his regime, Fidel recognized that one of the most effective ways to keep a people in servitude is to keep them landless.

May your gods be with you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This is how we reach out and touch someone.  Imagine what it would take to continue fighting against an enemy who can kill you with one shot from a mile and one-half away.  Envision the sort of fanaticism that would be necessary to continue opposing our combined forces when we can tag you from long range with a sniper, a UAV, a cruise missile, or up close and personal with a Navy SEAL team.

The best things in life are free, or so goes the saying.  What about free solar panels for homeowners?  Are you weary of paying the local utility to burn fossil fuels to produce your power?  The start up cost for solar power is beyond the means of many, if not most, homeowners; however, here is a way to acquire a zero down solar system and start running your computer, dishwasher, water heater, and refrigerator with clean, efficient sunlight.

Another thing that is free is trouble.  This jerk personifies the reason that God gave us concealed weapon permits.  There are nine effective methods of eliminating this sort of threat to the public.

Americans are prohibited by government from owning land outright.  This is one of the ways that they do it.  Even with a paid off mortgage and a deed in hand we still do not own the land on which we live.  Government agents determine how we can use our land, how we can dispose of it, and they keep a permanent tax lien against it that cannot be satisfied.  If we stop surrendering tribute to the tax collectors, people with guns come and remove us from our land and sell our assets at a public auction.

Liberty is freedom from interference by government agents in the lives of individuals.

Some of the people who most interfere with the lives of individuals are members of the nation's education collective.  This government union has a nearly uniform agenda across all 50 states.  It is an agenda that vilifies and balkanizes children along race and gender lines.  This agenda panders to non-achievers, social miscreants, and classroom disruptors.  It also forces children into slave labor as bright, motivated students are required to do the work of the slackers in their work groups.

War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.

It has been said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  O-buma hammed it up for a fawning crowd of pseudo-journalists as crude oil covered the Gulf of Mexico.  This clown-in-chief is building quite a legacy.  The question begs to be asked as to why there is so little national media coverage.  National and global media fairly shrieked over the smaller Exxon Valdez spill, and the Gulf is just as environmentally sensitive and valuable as its Alaskan counterpart.

Do you feel good about taking your children or grandchildren to the beach?  Have you contacted your elected officials?

May your gods be with you.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Do Obumoids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Except when corrupt politicians skew data by limiting research only to convenient information, overemphasizing or deempathizing it, and under or overstating projections and intentions, the Congressional Budget Office historically has been the nation's most reliable predictor of how federal policies will affect the economy.

In his State of the Union address, O-buma claimed that in 2010 jobs would be his main focus.  What he did not tell us was that his plans will mean fewer rather than more jobs.  The O-bumites are pushing what they call "green jobs."  This term is oxymoronic on at least two points.  First, the so-called jobs are mostly bureaucratic positions that are little more than overhead borne by taxpayers.  Second and most important, the CBO advises that these policies will result in a "decline in employment."

Once again, the sheeple claim that less is more.

The green jobs hustle has already failed in Spain, Germany, and Denmark, so why would the Kenyan Genius Messiah pursue a failed experiment?  Because he can and because we allow government to herd us around like pigeons looking for peanuts.

Due to our apathetic lack of resolve and commitment, we have allowed the Party-of-Government Congressional Theftocrats to give themselves a license to steal.  When they enact policies that, oh darn the luck, increase unemployment, they benefit from it by adding to the numbers of people who are dependent on their brand of government.

CBO also projects that because O-buma and his merry band of thieves are squandering America's future we will, in less than ten years, have accumulated debt totaling 90% of our GDP.  Margaret Thatcher was right, we are running out of other people's money.

Hopefully, people are also running out of patience with Communist Charlie Crist.  Now, he is comparing himself with Abraham Lincoln.  Charlie, Charlie, have ye no shame? 

Another group that suffers from his sort of messianic neuroses is the National Education Association.  They have devalued religion and religious ethical precepts--they make a special exception for Islam and its Sharia law--in favor of paganism.  This is part of their No-Standard-is-too-Low strategy of indoctrinating rather than educating children.  Unholywood is leading the charge.

For everyone who has been threatened by rogue or feral animals while exercise walking, hiking, or jogging, it is possible to do so in relative safety.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

May your gods be with you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Nation, Under O-buma

Members of the Loopy Left like to imply guilt by association to George W. Bush by identifying events that took place "under Bush."  Well, now we have a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico "under O-buma" that seems to have been aided and abetted by federal officials' tardy response.

Could this have been an intentional act of sabotage committed by some of O-buma's econuts who are passionately opposed to energy production in the Gulf?  Is this merely a pretext for a comprehensive greening of America enforced by the EPA and federal Department of Energy?  The tree huggers have prevented all attempts to build new oil refineries since the 1970's; the lapdog press has made nuclear energy into a pariah, and now it's this.  Conspiracy theorists such as the Truthers should be licking their chops.  

Why did it go relatively unnoticed in this country that in 2006 China supplanted the US as the world's premier producer of greenhouse gases?  Say, doesn't that mean that we lowered our emissions "under Bush?"  

Now, under O-buma we have narrowly and through sheer good fortune avoided a massive car bombing in Times Square.  If it were not for the car bombers' ineptitude, a significant part of that location would look like 9-11's ground zero.  Under the genius messiah we can all feel safe.

Apparently, all of the whining and simpering that the Congressional pinkos created over the Patriot Act was just their typical hypocrisy.  They have controlled both houses of Congress and the White house for well over a year and have not repealed it.  If the Patriot Act is still the law of the land, it is because they want it that way. 

The Clown-in-Chief claims to support private enterprise; here is an O-bumite type entrepreneur.  Notice the keen intelligence exuding from his mug shot.  Perhaps the prevaricator-in-chief should be faulted for allowing this to happen or fostering a climate in which it could occur.  Does the shoe bind when it is on the other foot?
May your gods be with you.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's the Voters, Stupid

The Washington Times has some sage advice for the turncoat Communist Charlie Crist.  The Florida electorate's response to the governor's Republican Lite philosophies has been tepid at best.  In an article titled Crist's Concession, Ralph Reed observed that "Crist still does not grasp that the country wants a check on Obama, not an enabler in Republican or independent skin."  Former governor Claude Kirk must be spinning in his grave.  Shame on you Charlie.

Crist's buddy and apparent ideological soul mate O-buma the Buffoon has continued to vacillate between actively trying to dismantle America and pursuing a simplistic, naive, and pitifully feckless brand of foreign policy that is eerily reminiscent of Jimmy-lust in his heart for the Polish people-Carter.

While the O-bumites' myopia may be readily apparent, that it is born of inexperience is possibly less clear.  Merely pontificating "let there be universal coverage" and leaving others to the unenviable task of creating and paying for a workable and publicly acceptable program is merely the braying of an ass.

This braying is consistent with the O-bumessiah's melodrama.  Here is just one more example of his Orwellian prating.  You see, decreasing is actually increasing.  Is is not amazing that there is so little mainstream media coverage of this buffoonery from the lapdog presstitutes?

Speaking of the hypocrisy of the servile media, finally someone has begun to treat O-buma they way that Bush was treated over Katrina.  Yes, hypocrisy is a particularly low form of lying, and sanctimony is a particularly reprehensible form of hypocrisy.

May your gods be with you.