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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Enemy is Us

In this article from the National Taxpayers Union, author Pete Sepp points out that the Federal Communication Commission's recently imposed and oxymoronically named "net neutrality" rules are illegal.  This action "flies in the face of a recent court ruling telling the FCC that it lacks in the requisite regulatory authority to engage in such schemes."

It is the province of Congress, not bureaucrats appointed by the executive branch, to create legislation concerning the Internet.

True to form, Corruptocrats are involved in illegal, if not unconstitutional, activities.  First, they create regulation without prior legislation to authorize it; the next step is oppressive taxation.  Finally, they confiscate by bureaucratic fiat, and the theft is complete.  This is a standard issue Theftocrat hustle.  We will join the Chinese and Iranian citizens seeking Web access from clandestine sources.

The O-buma crowd is nauseatingly and unjustifiably arrogant.  They have "thumbed their collective nose at the" other branches of government whose members have been telling them to keep their greedy hands off of the Web.  The incoming Congress should "restore control of the Internet to its rightful owners: consumers, who can vote with their dollars, and the businesses that compete to earn those dollars."

Anyone who doubts the existence of O-buma's totalitarian power grabbing ambitions should read this article and a companion piece concerning the fraudulent claims used to justify the theft of liberty.  The federal Environmental Protection Agency has usurped the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  Particularly disturbing is the O-buma administration's "continuing pattern of using regulations to circumvent the will of the people" and implement "what it can't get through Congress."

The costs to consumers of this sleight of hand enactment of the hugely unpopular cap-and-trade ripoff will be enormous.  Part and parcel to the plans to eviscerate the middle class is the Federal Reserve's monetizing the national debt by printing worthless money.  This US version of the Wiemar Republic's hyper-inflated Deutsch marks is causing the cost of a barrel of crude oil to soar as more and more fake dollars compete for limited amounts of oil.  Unaffordable energy is the ecofascists' dream.

What this country needs desperately right now, aside from a leader with the guts to make the hard economic choices needed to end the current mess, is for Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment that will force legislators to stop borrowing.  Last year, England and Canada loaned us all the money that they could manage.  Soon, China will refuse to buy our paper or demand usurious interest rates for lending to us because we are spendthrifts.  The passive aggressive O-bumites have chosen the Nikita Khrushchev method of dismantling our nation; they have buried us without firing a shot, buried us under a mountain of debt.

It is in this way that we will lose our sovereignty, crumbling from within due to imprudent fiscal policy.  Margaret Thatcher was right; we have run out of other people's money, and now we are going to pay for it.  Before long, the sort of riots happening in Greece will have reached our shores because we can't feed the drones that we have created, and we continue to import welfare recipients.  This describes the progressive mommy staters' achievements over the last fifty years; it is a step-by-step map of the downward slope of America's drift into mediocrity.

May your gods be with you.   

Monday, September 27, 2010

Voter Fraud and Intimidation Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon

It has been observed, here and elsewhere, that the political debate in this nation is no longer about ethics; rather, it is about economics.  At one time, lying about stealing was considered doubly immoral.  Theftocrats have tried to sidestep this issue by fabricating the cubic zirconia of making moral choices, situational or relative ethics.  However, this is not only amoral, it is a contradiction in terms.

Morals are simply unrelated to this semantical scam.  Any moral behavior associated with it happens strictly by accident.  Ethics is the science of making moral choices.  Therefore, ethics without morals is akin to water without oxygen; there is no such phenomenon.  Relativism requires no self-restraint in the presence of immoral opportunities.  It only mimics morality when it is cheap and easy, when there is little or no cost or personal sacrifice.  This fair weather moral feigning by ersatz ethicists is lying at the most base level.

Perhaps in no other area is the Theftocrats' fondness for slimy dealing more evident than in their penchant for voting fraud.  Between 2007-08, ACORN's thoroughly exposed hucksters claim to have registered over 1.3 million legal voters in 18 states.  That ACORN is allowed to register voters at all is an affront to decency; that they have been funded with taxpayer dollars is appalling. 

In an article that exposes some of the most blatant of Corruptocrats' lying and stealing, author Ed Barnes interviewed poll watcher Catherine Englebrecht.  She is one of the founders of True the Vote, a Houston, Texas, "citizen based grassroots organization that began collecting publicly available voting data to prove that what they saw in their day at the polls was, indeed happening--and it was happening everywhere."

Englebrecht relates that the "first thing we started to do was look at houses with more than six voters in them."  Englebrecht found that most "voting districts had 1,800 of them if they were Republican and 2400 of these houses if they were Democratic."  During further examination, "we found one with 24,000, and that is where we started looking."  True the Vote found shocking evidence; this voting district had the highest amount of permanent welfare recipients of any Houston district.

Most of the irregularities were focused on a group called Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Sean Caddle, who also works for the Service Employees International Union (suppliers of Town Hall Meeting thugs).  Among the findings were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid.  Caddle's excuse was that there "had been mistakes made."

The voter registrar there claimed that the voting rolls had been under an "organized and systematic attack by the group operating under the name Houston Votes."  The extent of this sleaziness became apparent when the day after the registrar turned over his report to authorities, an unexplained fire magically erupted and destroyed almost all of Harris County's voting machines.

This typifies Corruptocrats' underhanded tactics.  Unable to win in a one-on-one stand up political fight, they slink away with their collective tail between their legs and steal the election.

Golly gee, who could have committed this treachery?  With US Attorney General BumHolder responsible for prosecuting voting fraud, the feds are certain to sit on their hands until well after the November election.  After all, Team O-buma's law enforcement is only for protected minorities.  Voter fraud stabs democracy in the heart.  The will of the majority is thwarted.  Little wonder that the Obomunistas are subverting the Constitution in favor of Sharia law.

Like their moral equivalents the Islamofascists, supporters of the Bum are moving to exert censorship by intimidating dialog on the Internet.  They are using their standard issue scheme of incrementalism to effect gradual control of the Web's content.  They already only prosecute hate speech crimes unilaterally in favor of their constituents who qualify for affirmative welfare.  The next step for them is construe criticism of their brand of government as seditious and prosecutable hate speech.

The eunuch government in Britain is O-buma's model of how to grovel properly to the leaders of his first religion.  Fortunately for the US, there is a prosecuting attorney in Michigan who, unlike Brick-a-Brack O-buma, still has his cojones.  The Muslim Brotherhood claims that it has a "God-given right to step forward and control the political authority so that it may establish the divine system on earth."  How very convenient for them that their version of God, with whom we cannot consult to verify their claims, has given them the privilege of determining how we must live.

Censorship of information that is "disadvantageous to Islam," and kow towing to Islamafascists' demands is now "enshrined in US national intelligence and security policy."  "There can be no successful national intelligence analysis or--appropriate national security strategy--where the underlying facts are barred."  The stable of geldings that is dismantling the nation is busy fashioning the lapdog media, the federal government's communication apparatus, and our intelligence community into its own image.  It is one of a nation of serially apologizing, self-effacing, and neutered house servants.

May your gods be with you.         

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All are Equal, but Some More Equal than Others

Despite progressives' self-serving claims, poverty does not cause crime.  Poverty is a static, or passive, state of being; criminal activity results from proactively choosing to pursue prohibited behavior.  A phenomenon that is at rest cannot dynamically create an active phenomenon.  The law of non-contradiction states that no phenomenon can have an attribute that is its own antithesis, or exact opposite.  It cannot be dynamic and static at the same time.

The progressive mantra that poverty causes crime comes from misunderstanding--it could be actual or feigned--the difference
between causation and correlation.  With causation, the initiating force is directly linked to creating an effect, or result.  Correlation, on the other hand, exists when two events occur simultaneously, especially in the presence of one another.  We know that the children of parents who drink alcohol are more likely to be abused than children whose parents abstain.  However, drinking does not cause child abuse; the two events simply occur together temporally and locationally to some measurable extent.

As regards causation and correlation, the US government has given away trillions of tax dollars in feckless attempts and through the misinformed belief that doing so can eliminate poverty and, by extension, crime among the recipients of this largesse.  Empirical evidence since implementation of Lyndon Johnson's 1960's Great Society shows that both crime and poverty have increased during the 40 years' existence of programs of this sort.  Rather than achieving their goals, there is a clear correlation between increased social spending and increased poverty and crime.

However, other correlations reveal that there is reason to believe that decreasing crime and increasing legitimate income possibilities might be enhanced through education.  "Empirically, there is a strong negative correlation between educational attainment and various measures of crime."  This paper cites evidence showing "across the broad categories of violent (murder, rape, robbery, and assault) and property (burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson) crime...a one year increase in average years of schooling reduces both property and violent crime by about 11-12%."

Whether or to what extent these results can be attributed simply to keeping adolescents off the streets and in structured environments may be worthy of discussion; however, quantifying such claims could prove problematic.  Nonetheless, the economic savings of reducing property and violent crime by nearly 12% is a powerful economic and social incentive.

High school drop out rates are exponentially greater among blacks and Hispanics.  Less education corresponds to higher crime rates, especially violent crime.  Most homicides committed against blacks and Hispanics are committed by blacks and Hispanics.  According to the US Statistical Abstract, in 2006, numbers of black homicide victims were 17% higher than for white victims, despite the fact that blacks represented only 12% of the total US population. 

Still when we analyze crime, it is necessary to recognize what authorities identify as crime and the ways in which they deal with it.  Recognizing which activities law enforcement officials allege are criminal, under what circumstances they are willing or able to make those allegations, and the manner in which crimes are enforced are the most significant aspects of crime in America.

Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode's article "More Hate Crime Hypocrisy" addresses both how statutory crime is identified and how it is enforced.  Enforcement begins at the White House.  The president is the nation's chief law enforcement official.  He sets the tone for and directs all of the police activities in the US.  Credibility should be of paramount importance for one whose job requires leadership by example.

His example is somewhat lacking.  Obama claimed in 2008 that there is "a reason that hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year."  The article exposes his deception by revealing that "Obama's numbers, by the way, are fabricated.  In fact, the rate of hate crimes against Hispanics went down between 2007 and 2008."

The author wonders what "about Hispanic on white and Hispanic on black hate crimes?  The federal government does not report them!  While the FBI's hate crime reporting sheet includes Hispanics a victim group, they do not include Hispanics as offenders, and categorize virtually all of them as white.  In Los Angeles, where local police count Latinos as perpetrators, they make up 69% of all anti black hate crimes.  These are counted as white on black hate crimes by the FBI."

"In Los Angeles County, 78% of Hispanic on black and 69% of black on Hispanic crimes are considered hate crimes."  "In August at the Iowa State Fair groups of blacks were beating white fairgoers.  According to the police report... there was a group of 30-40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it 'beat whitey night.'"  "Black on white mob attacks like this are becoming more common.  Flash mobs where groups of teenagers text each other's cell phones to coordinate attacks are occurring across the country."

These attacks are not being prosecuted as hate crimes.  Apparently, it would be a racist violation of the doctrine of Pandering Cowardice to postulate that these mob attacks perpetrated while the black attackers were shouting "beat whitey" might have racial overtones.  This philosophy comes directly from the BumHolder camp.  The Attorney General told the Senate Judiciary Committee that hate crimes were only meant for "protected groups."  There will be no such protection for whites from mobs of howling predators who rob and beat helpless passers-by.

The principle of equal protection under the law has been abandoned for the purpose of "silencing and demonizing white conservatives in the name of tolerance and diversity."  Yes, change is coming, and it will be swift and sure.  In November, go to the ballot box with a clear idea of who is the enemy.         

Remember in November.  May your gods be with you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Economic Three Card Monte, or Lies We Can't Believe In

Theftocrats have controlled the US Congress since 2007.  Quite a lot has transpired since then.  The O-bomunists racked up trillions in national debt to
  1. Nationalize health care to the tune of 16% of the economy
  2. Steal GM and Chrysler and give them to the UAW
  3. Finish nationalizing banking with Tony Soprano loans
  4. Legislate the theft of Wall Street's assets
  5. Subsidize communist inspired dinosaur unions with tax money
  6. Redistribute taxes as teacher dues for campaign contributions
  7. Accomplish 5&6 while private unemployment nears 10%
  8. Increase federal spending a record 16% in 2009
  9. Refuse to pass a budget to hide federal squandering of taxes
  10. Create a federal dossier on each US health care patient
  11. Dismantle border control to import millions of illegal aliens
  12. Become the most non-transparent government since Nixon
  13. Use the DOJ to steal elections and intimidate voters
  14. Offer bribes to keep unwanted candidates from campaigning
Now, to to place the cherry atop the banana split that the O-bumunistas are offering the private sector in lieu of jobs--think of Marie Antoinette's derisive retort, let them eat cake--this article reports that the US poverty rate has jumped nearly 2% up to 15%.  The authors reveal that the "number of people in the US who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Barack Obama's watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960's levels that led to the national war on poverty."

This is the "highest single-year increase since government began calculating poverty figures in 1959."  Worse yet, beginning "next year the government plans to publish new, supplemental poverty figures that are expected to show even higher numbers of people in poverty than previously known.  The figures will take into account the rising costs of medical care [Obamacare], transportation [cap and trade], and child care [regulation, tax on small businesses], a change analysts believe will add to both the ranks of seniors and working-age people in poverty."

They have done a marvelous job, these geniuses.  Small and mid-sized businesses are failing left and right and unemployment hovers around 10%.  Now, they want to raise taxes on the very people who are best able to create badly needed private sector jobs.

When November finally arrives, remember how they arrogantly shoved WelfareHealthCare down our throats and then gloated about it.

May your gods be with you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wrestling the Snake

There he was on national television, losing his epic battle against the giant BP oil snake as it writhed and thrashed beyond the control of his weak and ineffective grasp.  It spewed and gushed its filth all over him as he cried pitifully for help from his one-time admirers and supporters.  He whined and yipped.  He swore that he would put a foot across its throat as he searched desperately for an ass that he could actually kick; however, it mocked him and spat its vile fluids in his humiliated face until he tucked his tail and slunk meekly away to lick his wounds in the swamps of D.C.

It was not until those burly oil field roughnecks who routinely tame such leviathans came with their big wrenches, powerful clamps, and massive restraining devices that the monster was throttled into submission by their unrelenting determination, strong backs, and muscular biceps.  Prim and Proper Obama was unmasked, stripped of his makeup and mirrors, and exposed as  impotent: limp, feckless, and inept, mindful of Joe Buck in the movie Midnight Cowboy, "a policeman without his stick, a bugler without his horn."

How revealing it was for his wife to abandon him on his birthday in favor of an exciting vacation in Spain, leaving him to flounder in his own mess.  This symbolic gesture was reminiscent of that of the French partisans who jeered as the Vichy collaborators were hauled out of Paris.  Her actions mirrored their sentiments.  In her mind, she covered the inside of her right arm with her left palm and jerked her right arm upward abruptly in a one armed salute to her effete spouse for embarrassing her and the nation.

The fellow who once was considered the sexiest man on the planet has been shown to have the aggressive masculinity of Johnny Weir, the resolute leadership of Barney Fife, and the aplomb and savior faire of Inspector Clouseau.

May your gods be with you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feckless Leadership, Pointless Pontificating

The latest from the Jokester is that we should go $50 billion further into debt for some shovel ready jobs.  The problem is that what we will be shoveling is mostly more of his bull.  Prospects for his party in November have them desperate. 

O-buma's Recovery Summer has been an unmitigated disaster.  The US lost 310,000 jobs this summer, 125,000 in June, 131,000 in July, and 54,000 in August.  The head Job Killer was asked whether he regretted labeling his failure a recovery; here is what he said.  With any good fortune, we will begin to recover from the O-boob in November.  I've got yer recovery!

The golden parachute has been disparaged as a business perquisite that corporate shareholders are unfairly burdened with when executives leave their employers.  Now we have the lapdog compliant and complicit media offering their own version to O-bomunista lackeys who have been disgorged from the present administration, at least 18 of them.  Once mouthpieces for the failed policies of O-buma, they are now talking heads (or keyboards) for the Theftocrats' state run media.

For anyone who is still naive and gullible enough to believe that the Theftocrats' motivation for giving amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens who are in this country is altruistic, listen to this statement by the executive vice president of the government union SEIU--recall their dark blue tee shirted hoods silencing inconvenient dissent at the Town Hall meetings--as he reveals what sentient beings already knew.  They plan to welfare into this country some 8 million illegals to add to their permanent entitlement constituency.  When the Corruptocrats say "comprehensive immigration reform," they mean amnesty to facilitate wholesale importation of foreign welfare recipients.

Once again, O-buma's buffoons reveal their true intentions.  Robert Reich is the former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton and current economic advisor to the White House.  He recommends a 90% tax on top wage earners; that's right he wants 90%--is it now clear why they are known as Theftocrats?  He also wants to expand the Unearned "income tax credit all the way through the middle class, and pay for it with a tax on carbon."  He seems to have missed one or two salient points.

Reich fails to explain how putting everyone "up through the middle class" on welfare will create jobs and stimulate the economy.  Worse yet, he does not even address how quadrupling the costs of gasoline, diesel, natural gas, electricity, propane, and coal will help unemployed Americans.  Skyrocketing energy costs will produce the same results for the costs of food, medicine, clothing, transportation to and from work, and all other essential goods and services.

Anyone who cannot recognize this thinly veiled proposal is intended to double or triple the size of the theft welfare state, please take a class in Economics 101.  It takes numerous workers in the private sector to support each welfare recipient, and we are rapidly running out of those workers.  Reich is just another socialist/labor/demagogue spouting agitprop for the hate America crowd that is working to bankrupt the nation.  There is nothing so low that they will not stoop to it.

In an event that typifies politics in O-buma's home turf, members of Chicago's criminal gangs organized a press conference--it is truly sad that local media actually attended--to complain "that police and city officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide jobs and improve their community."  The thugs "blamed drugs, poverty, and a lack of jobs for the problems in the streets," not, of course, their own unscrupulous and violent actions.

Perhaps the O-bomunists could "provide something in the recession-proof community organizing field for these" hoodlums.  "These guys are perfect community organizing material."  After all, they were created in the very image of The One himself.  Perhaps nothing other than a Robert Reich type mentality could be sufficiently simple minded to believe that these street trash would give up lucrative drug, prostitution, gambling, and extortion rackets in favor of entry level jobs at McDonald's, WalMart, or Pizza Hut.

Finally, SecDef Robert Gates reveals that fearless leader is willing to meet directly with Iranian dictator-for-life Ahama Nutjob for some more kow towing, groveling, and apologies on behalf of the US for championing democracy, prosperity, and liberty.

May your gods be with you.   

Friday, September 3, 2010

Averse to Sunlight

What a difference a month's sabbatical can make; unfortunately, the US political and economic scene--they are increasingly the same item--have changed little.  There is a timeline that deserves discussion; it is O-buma's MUTHA, or Most Transparent Administration in History, now that the prevaricator-in-chief has finally gone belly up on the issue of honesty.

This 2007 article from Reason magazine reveals that then presidential candidate Barack O-bufoona signed The Oath of Presidential Transparency.  In this oath he pledges to conduct the "Most Transparent Administration in history...[signaling] that whether it's earmarks, directives, or ongoing management of taxpayer expenditures, the goal of transparency will be evident through all policy making aspects of" his administration.

In another part of this oath, The Bum agreed to "full and robust implementation of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act," promising to create a "free and fully searchable website that will list every recipient of every federal award."  This was due to be completed by January 1, 2008, but--gosh, what a shock--it has yet to be completed, even though the bill authorizing the FFATA was co-sponsored by O-buma.

The Empty Suit claimed that every "American has the right to know how the government spends their tax dollars" and "ensure that our government is transparent and accountable to the American people."  Odd, is it not, that there has been so little national mainstream media coverage of the O-bomunist being hoist by his own petard?

Now, let's fast forward past O-buma and his lackeys' weaseling WelfareHealthCare past Congress with legislative sleight of hand, stonewalling press coverage of his feckless and tardy response to the Gulf oil disaster, refusal to create a budget for 2011 outlining the Theftocrats' plans for more theft-and-spend attacks on the economy, resolute refusal to enforce immigration laws in order to import millions of welfare recipients, back room dealings with Joe Sestak, the New Black Panther Party, public and private sector unions, clandestine coffee shop meetings with lobbyists, blocking access to White House logs, and devious schemes to nationalize the US economy through bailouts, stimulus programs, and health care.  How very transparent of you Brick-a-Brack O-buma.

This article reveals that the shadow president shuffled his ethics czar Norm Eisen off to the Czech Republic far away from US media access.  He was replaced with one of Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel's ideological twins, another of the administration's "cutthroat Chicago political fixers," Bob Bauer.  Bauer has been outed by the Sunlight Foundation as someone who shows "disdain for openness and far greater belief in the good intentions of those in power than those trying to check the powerful."

In it, the article chronicles 15 examples starting February, 2009, to May, 2010, of O-buma's lies concerning transparency.  Now, the O-bumunistas have finally, through Bauer, closed the "curtain on transparency." He has shown that he "is openly antagonistic to the notion of disclosure by government and politicians."  Bauer is described as a partisan advocate who defended Rham "Emmanuel's offer of a job to Joe Sestak" to get him to drop out of a Senate race in favor of turncoat and party hack Arlen Specter.

It is revealing that O-buma's point man on transparency and ethics asserts derisively that "disclosure is a mostly unquestioned virtue deserving to be questioned."  The ethics czar questions the ethics of disclosure, presumably in favor of shady back door deals with corrupt lobby group representatives.  Yuck!  Bauer crows that government regulations concerning political contributions and lobbying can be circumvented, that "it will be done in other ways [by those] who are professionally creative, the money will find an outlet."  Yes, it will as long as the fox continues to guard the hen house.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Democratic Slogan for Election 2010: We May be Incompetent, but They're Crazy

The time has come to disenfranchise public unions; they are merely special interest groups, all of them.  From the federal level to local school boards, union leaders are working against the very people who pay their salaries.  This article reveals that $100 billion dollars of the Theftocrats' porkulous hustle was appropriated for the federal Education Department.  This "effectively doubled the agency's budget from 2008 to 2009." 

No other federal department's budget was doubled, so why education?  It is all about the money.  The "National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers(AFT)--contributed more than $70 million to campaigns during the 2007-2009 season, with 95 percent going to Democrats and left leaning causes."  First, the Theftocrats steal the money from taxpayers and give it to the government education unions who give it back to the Theftocrats to get them re-elected.  This smells quite a lot like extortion and bribery.

Recently, the Obomunista Congress donated another $10 billion to the the educrats under the guise of saving 100,000 teaching jobs.  This amounts to $100,000 per job in comparison to the $54,000 average teacher's salary.  From this welfare, "NEA and AFT have $24 million in dues" that they will realize from this con job.  It is hardly a coincidence that Pelosi the Pink called the House into a special session to approve this handout just prior to the November elections.

Michelle Malkin writes that according "to the Washington, DC-based Labor Union Report, the National Education Association in 2009 'raked in $355,334,165 in dues and agency fees' from...teachers around the country."  The Edujobs welfare scam "will essentially redistribute tax dollars to the teachers' unions to the tune of $36 million for the [NEA] and $14 million to the [AFT] according to the Grand Rapids (Mich) Press."

House Speaker Nitwit Nancy referred to the Edutheft bill as an emergency provision.  However, as "Republican critics point out, states and the feds still have $30 billion in unspent stimulus funds sitting in government coffers."  This in spite of the fact that "school districts are already in the midst of rehiring school workers laid off earlier this year," before the latest $10 billion taxpayer rip off.

The NEA's top lawyer Bob Chanin has "made the union's true interests apparent."  He brags that there "are 3.2 million people who are willing to pay us hundreds of millions of dollars each year [to] advance their interests as education employees."  That's right, their interests are "not serving children's needs, but serving the ability to build a power base," a power base that is used to leverage Congress into shafting taxpayers.

In New York, the city's education union is preventing the Bloomberg administration from closing ineffective schools.  This is featherbedding at its worst.  Considering recent test results, the only valid question to be asked is why have they not been closed already?  At the "Choir Academy of Harlem, the percentage of students passing the English test dropped to 6 percent, from 42 percent.  At the Academy of Collaborative Education...eighth grade passing rates dropped to 2 percent, from 49 percent," after more challenging standards were instituted.  The "exams, state education officials said, had become too easy to pass, their definition of proficiency [was] no longer meaningful."

Fear not, the bureaucrats have a plan.  When the numbers reveal failure, it is time to revalue the numbers to avoid a "rise in negative teacher performance reviews, which are based party on state tests; and substandard principal performance reviews."  Due to wide spread failures, the system will grade schools arbitrarily this year.  A quarter of them will be assigned "A's, 35 percent B's, 25 percent C's, ten percent D's, and five percent F's."  City spokesman Matthew Mittenthal explained that everything "is being rejiggered to take into account this fluctuation."  Don't listen to Mark Twain; statistics do not lie.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been dealing with government education unions and the damage that they have done to his state's taxpayers.  He asserts that teachers "complain when they're getting '4%-5% salary increases a year in a 0% inflation world.  They get free health care benefits from the day they are hired for their entire family until the day they die.  They believe they are entitled to this shelter from the recession when the people who are paying for that shelter are the people who have been laid off, who've lost their homes, had their hours cut back.  And all we ask them to do is to freeze their salary for one year and pay 1.5% of their salary for their health benefits...everyone's got to be part of the sacrifice.'

However, the Corruptocrats will continue to plunder the taxpayers' wallets until they lose control of both houses of Congress.  That should begin early this November.

May your gods be with you.    

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lest We Forget

This is just a thought to open the blog.  If the Constitution requires that the US president must be natural born, meaning that both parents must be US citizens at the time the child is born on American soil, does O-buma meet this criterion?

The Most Transparent Administration in History is consistent in its opacity.  Kow towing to ecofascists' demands, the Theftocrats have been pushing wind generated energy as a means to supplement conventional power plants' output and to reduce carbon dioxide production.  However, this article that was based on this study indicates that the uneven flow of wind actually increases carbon dioxide emissions due to the ramping up and down of fossil fuel driven plants.  Mandated use of wind energy increases emissions and greatly increases energy costs.

Not only do the wind farms increase emissions that the econuts find offensive, a study found that "6500 birds and 3000 bats are killed annually in" Oregon and Washington by the turbines.  The study's authors speculated that the "number of deaths in the two states may be much higher [because] an untold number of birds are devoured by vultures and coyotes before they are included in the count."  Odd, is it not, that the ecokooks' ideological soul mates at PETA are noticeably silent on the matter.

Because of other back door secrecy-shrouded dealings by the Obamunistas, the organization Freedom Watch USA has been "in US District Court in Washington, DC seeking information from Obama under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which requires disclosure of meetings between the executive branch and outside industry lobbyists.  The law also requires access to meetings."

The suit seeks to find out why O-buma "has become the lackey of...the AMA, Pharma, Planned Parenthood, AARP, and other lobbyists seeking to feed at the trough of government."  However, "Marcia Berman, a senior counsel at the US Department of Justice," writing on behalf of "President Barack Obama, in his official capacity, and the putative 'Obama Health Reform De Facto Advisory Committee,'" reveals that he refuses to comply with the subpoena for the information because "it is protected by various recognized privileges."

So, O-buma is hiding information about the shady deals that he and his lackeys cut with special interest groups because it is "privileged."  Gee whiz, wasn't it Richard Nixon who claimed that his interpretation of executive privilege entitled him to hide information that was later revealed to be, not only embarrassing, but criminal?  It comes as little surprise that the ONE has shown himself to be the moral equivalent of Richard Nixon.

It also comes as little surprise that the mainstream media have given this story so little national exposure.  Why no hue and cry for Congressional investigation or consideration of impeachment hearings from the Presstitutes?  For more on why, read this.

The Arizona State Legislature has had some great ideas, not just identifying illegals.  Quantifying their costs is but another one.

Finally, O-buma and the Theftocrats are not just stealing taxpayers' hard earned money; they are stealing Americans' liberty.  Remember this in November.  Listen to what Todd Gaziano, a Congressional appointee to the US Commission on Civil Rights says starting about the 40 second mark.

May your gods be with you.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Effete Elite

Victor Davis Hanson's appraisal of the nation's cultural elites is both accurate and comprehensive.  The author starts by describing the elite rather than defining them, a prudent choice given progressives' penchant for quibbling.  He points out that they "include the academic class in the university that educates our children...[t]he upper echelons that run government entertainment cadre that oversees television and Hollywood...[and] corporate managers."

Hanson identifies elites' essential characteristics.  One "is a certain allegiance to untruth, to saying one thing and doing another."  Their rhetoric is rife with hypocrisy.  They "clamor for a green cap-and-trade revolution" rejecting compromise "with a fossil fuel near future that would transition us in a half-century or so to renewable energy."  Still, there are few elites "who live green lives."  As is the case with John Edwards and Al Gore, "the bigger and more impressive the home, the better to contemplate how lesser others use too much carbon-based power."  The green sacrifice is left to "coal miners, oil drillers, timber men...classes brings [elites] instant gratification."

The author adds pointedly that on "matters racial, it gets complicated since advocacy is one thing, living another."  Cultural elites use their 'pull' "to get their kids into college, money to live in a 'good' neighborhood, and 'networking' to marry and 'place' like others from a good background."  Elitists rarely discuss this because to live by their stated beliefs would require them to live in "the San Jose or Fresno mixed suburbs, to have their children school with the 'other'...and to marry their children to Rick Lopez or Tyrone Hiller," in the name of multiculturalism.

Cultural elites' fear of losing their money, privilege, and status by living by their stated beliefs "only heightens [their] shrill and sanctimonious demands on less blessed others to prove their morality."  Elites hide their wrong doing by accusing others of crimes that they themselves have committed.

Hanson ends with the recognition that "there is little logic among the cultural elite...the idea that taxes cause scarcity and subsidy abundance... that entitlements create dependence" is not part of the "worldview of the sheltered elite who navigate in rather protected channels and not in the open seas of the real world."  Logic, or rationally deliberating factually accurate and empirically valid information to establish the relationships between causes and effects makes elitists uncomfortable, as does exposure of the wide divergence between their alleged beliefs and actions. 

For anyone who has not yet recognized that the O-bomunist administration is dedicated to eliminating the First Amendment guarantees and prohibitions for anyone who has the effrontery to disagree with their power grabbing, nationalizing, underhanded dealings, and confiscatory taxation, read this article and follow its links.

A former head of the Federal Elections Commission points out that their proposed legislation reveals about the Corruptocrat members of Congress that they believe "they have the power to violate the First Amendment with impunity and censor the political speech of those who they believe should not be able to speak."  Free speech for the totalitarians but not for the rest of the country is a philosophy that reveals that they are simply too pusillanimous to bear being treated as they treat others.  It is sad that they do so with neither remorse nor shame.

The First Amendment is foundational to the liberty and freedom bequeathed by the Constitution.  To steal liberty is so despicable that one has to wonder as to what sort of benefits they expect to gain by willingly choosing to join the company of Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and Joseph Stalin.

Now that they were only able to weasel through part of their agenda of selfishness and greed, Senate Majority Leader Red Harry Reid wants to change the Senate rules to aid his cause.  In but one more act of the sort of reprehensible timidity that typifies their Congressional dealings, Reid wants to eliminate the filibuster.  Since they could not win by playing according to the rules to which they had agreed, they want to change them.  There is no act so low that they will not stoop to it.  Fortunately for now, changing those rules requires 67 votes, and after the mid-term elections they will not even have 60.

In an almost universally under covered news story, it seems as though the O-bomatrons were contacted by the WikiLeaks people before the information was made public.  No one representing the White House was interested, at least according to this report from Politisite.  If true, this is either pitifully inept of this administration or another example of what many believe to be a deep and abiding disregard for our military men and women.

Finally, it seems self-defeating to allow virulently anti-American dictator-for-life Hugo Chavez to contribute openly to an organization that promotes illegal immigration.

May your gods be with you.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Charlie's Not Smiling Now

Long time Corruptocrat Congressman Charles Rangel has been hit with 13 charges of ethics violations, including that he failed to file taxes when he was "Congress chief tax writer."  When the party of government controls Congress, justice is neither swift nor certain for the in crowd.

It is reprehensibly hypocritical that the entire Mexican media apparatus is being censored by criminal cartels, and there is no national outcry by the US mainstream media.  With this much violence just over our border and the Mexican government fecklessly unable to control it, the fears of it crossing into the US are realistic.  O-buffona's contrived ignorance of smugglers bringing terrorists into the country flies in the face of this Government Accounting Office report.

How much incompetence, misfeasance, and malfeasance must we endure before Congressional leaders call for impeachment hearings?  Still, it could be unwise if he were to be removed from office; then, Biden would be president.

News flash--Syrian government: ban the burqa, support from American pseudo-feminists: not so much.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, from unreasonable search"...except when HolderBuma and the FBI want to access private email or Google searches.

Apparently, it is not bad enough that the Corruptocrat Cowards in Congress are too spineless to pass a budget that allows taxpayers to see exactly how we are being robbed.  Now, they are using federal bureaucracies to avoid prosecuting illegal aliens and to legalize their illegal activities.  Senator Charles Grassley complains that the O-bumites are "trying an end run around Congress," and that they "will go to great lengths to circumvent Congress and unilaterally execute a back door amnesty plan."  Their actions give the term underhanded new meaning.

All Senator O-buma's hooting, gibbering, and chest thumping about George W. Bush's policies was merely high volume sanctimony.  Now, the ACLU is kicking his keister with their collective jackboot because he has kept those policies in effect.  He's going to get us out of Iraq, well after a bit. He's going to close Gitmo, pretty soon.  We're abandoning Afghanistan; no, wait, we'll send in an additional 30 thousand troops.  We won't raise taxes on the middle class.  WelfareHealthCare is not a tax, unless we have to defend it in court.  Right Brick-a-Brack, your veracity is awe inspiring.  It is revealing that a Loopy Left president cannot keep even the ACLU in his corner.

Speaking of loopy, there may be hope for Peabrain Pelosi after all. 

The compliant and complicit mainstream media colluded to mislead the public about the now failed DISCLOSE Act.  This was a blatant attempt to overthrow the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of free speech and against censorship in the Citizens United case.  The plan was to have the law in effect before the November elections.  The Most Transparent Administration in History, my foot.

May your gods be with you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Unserious Presidency

President Gadfly golfs and vacations while hundreds of thousands are out of work due to his massive failures in the Gulf of Mexico.  Now, he's hitting the talk show circuit.  It is certainly beneficial for him that he has his plethora of media apologists to flutter about him making excuses for being a vacant suit.  All he really needs is an Obama ShamHow.

The Federal Reserve has evaluated the effectiveness of the Keynesian economic program that O-buma, Reid, Frank, Pelosi, Dodd, and company have put into effect to save the nation.  We are hip deep in grits.  The fed's analysis indicates that we are not coming out of the current recession until 2015-16.  Why oh why, one wonders, is Bobblehead Barney Frank singlehandedly blocking the House from voting on a bill, HR 1207, to authorize auditing the Fed.  Yes, we can; that is, we can vote O-buma's thugs out of office in November.

Another thing that we can and should do to stop the Theftocrats' schemes of wholesale importation of illegal alien welfare recipients is to change the 14th Amendment to require legal citizenship of parents before their offspring are granted citizenship.  Encouraging illegal alien women to stagger across the border and give birth in a taxpayer funded emergency room is just one aspect of the Obomunists' scheme to expand the theft welfare state.

In Utah, state officials estimate that some 20 thousand children's social security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal aliens.  They use the information to get driver's licenses and to obtain government services for which they are not entitled. They use children's identities because they are easier to acquire and are available to be misused for longer periods before anyone notices.  Requiring job applicants and anyone interacting with government agencies to prove citizenship could minimize these abuses.

The Service Employees International Union, a government union, wants illegal aliens to be granted legal status so that they can recruit them to become members of their already unjustifiably bloated and taxpayer subsidized guild of bureaucrats.  Remember in November the videos of SEIU hooligans harassing elderly people at the town hall meetings over WelfareHealthCare.

In other government union sleaziness, the National Education Association has chosen to celebrate Mao Zedong's murder of millions of Chinese as he created his version a workers' utopia.  This is being done in the name of diversity despite the fact that Mao's Murderers killed more people than Nazi Germany.  This article describes NEA's sanctimony as the arrogant hubris of "holier-than-thou" pseudo-intellectuals who are "not dedicated to the principle of diversity."  Instead, they are dedicated to "cultural Marxism."

However, when a member of the national education guild breaks ranks to expose wrong doing, cover ups, and theft, well, there is heck to be paid.  As a matter of fact, doing so is one of a very few acts for which a union teacher can be fired.  In Washington, DC, that bastion of responsible and effective education, Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee has fired 241 teachers for incompetence, and in a surprise event, government teachers' union lawyers plan to game the system to get them reinstated.  What a shock. 

When student achievement tests require demonstrated cognitive learning, test takers fail in wholesale fashion. Still, there are no penalties for education union members who give unearned high school diplomas to students who simply do not attend classes.  EducRats' welfare scams harm those whom they claim to serve. 

In an event that is certain to secure Americans more liberty, Google and the CIA are combining resources to create a means of surveilling "tens of thousands of websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents--both present and still to come."  Named Recorded Future, this Web scouring program gives its users the ability to "assemble real time dossiers on people."  Left wing totalitarianism is in full bloom.

May your gods be with you.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Control the Vote, Steal the Election

More antics are afoot with the HolderBuma department of selective enforcement, injustice, and prosecution by demographics.  Now they are trying so forestall implementation and enforcement of the Move Act for voters in the military.  Doing so can make their absentee ballots arrive too late to be counted.  How very convenient for them.  Considering that most military voters support Republican candidates, is this not merely another slant at stealing elections?

On the other hand, when it comes to enforcing parts of the Motor Voter law that requires purging the dead and ineligible off of voter lists HolderBuma political appointee Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes refuses to enforce the law. Her claim, on behalf of the Obomunistas, is we "have no interest in enforcing this provision of the law.  [Because it] has nothing to do with increasing turnout," and by extension illegal voter turnout.  According to the article there are many places in Missouri where "there are more registered voters than there are people with a heartbeat old enough to vote."  However, Eric the Red dismissed the pending lawsuit.

Comedian Al Franken was declared the winner in the 2008 Minnesota Senate race by 312 votes.  However, almost 400 convicted felons in just two counties voted for Franken.  Those who claim that elections cannot be stolen by illegal voting practices seem disingenuous at best.  Franken has no right to hold the seat that he currently occupies in the Senate.

To understand better how the Theftocrats engineer election results to their own liking and against voters' wishes, peruse this article about ACORN, the taxpayer funded front organization for the Corruptocrats.  Fourteen states are investigating charges of voter fraud concerning this group.  Members of Congress have unsuccessfully petitioned Holder's voting fraud facilitation team to prosecute.

Apparently, electronic voter fraud is easy to perpetrate.

Much in the same way that NASA has been converted into a Islamist outreach center, the EPA is now under MaoBuma edict to take regulatory actions that cater to minority, low income, indigenous peoples or tribes as regards "development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies."  What a relief that the EPA can use environmental laws to purchase votes from O-bum's permanent welfare constituents and race hustlers.

The Most Transparent Administration in History is at it again.  Brick-a-Brack O-buma promised that the taxpayers would not have to foot the bill for BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  What a load.  Red Harry Reid and Bubblehead Barbra Boxer have created a Senate bill that, if passed, will greatly increase the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel.  Moreover, the party of government's drilling moratorium is also a jobs moratorium for hundreds of thousands of Gulf states' workers who badly need employment.  Good job there, O-buffoona.

Still, the Yes, we can't crowd relies on its plethora of academic and intellectual elitists to run things for the people whom they have designated as too ignorant to think and act for themselves.

How many people are aware that Taliban terrorists have killed ten times more Afghan civilians than NATO coalition troops' collateral damage?  The Presstitute Propagandists and O-buma apologists would like to keep it that way.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Obomunism, a Failed Experiment

Last Friday was another example of the Most Transparent Administration in History's furtive practices.  The Mid-Session Review of the federal budget was released three hours late to limit media coverage.  The document, according to this article, is "nothing short of a complete admission of failure of the White House's economic policies."

There are some worrisome details that this administration is desperate to keep under wraps.  Its forecasters optimistically predict that unemployment for 2011 will average 9%.  Their prediction that the US economy will expand in 2011-12 at a rate of 4% is delusionally unrealistic.  However, one thing that is almost certain is that the feds will borrow 41 cents of every dollar that they spend.

The article raises other interesting points.  If the federal government were "to return to the per-household spending level of the Reagan Administration, the budget would be balanced by 2012, without any tax hikes."  Simply returning to spending levels that "existed before the current recession would balance the budget by 2019."

Unfortunately, Team O-buma's approach to matching the nation's expenditures to its receipts is merely the same failed experiment; they plan to increase taxes by three trillion dollars.  This time, despite having failed each time this experiment has been conducted in the past, the mommy staters claim that it will produce different results.  Treasury Secretary Little Timmy Geithner, the administration's shill, says it will.

Gang O-buma is not comprised of stupid people.  Fearless Leader is far from dim witted; however, he is sneaky, underhanded, devious, and cunning.  The Obomunists plan to have taxpayers on the hook for nearly $20 trillion by 2020. In less than ten years, US debt will be roughly 139% of 2009's GDP.  They do this knowing full well that runaway federal spending and nationalizing the private sector will throttle the very engine that is vital to economic recovery.  Totalitarians are intentionally running the ship of state aground.

Corruptocrats have moved to control Internet content through the Orwellian decree that ISPs are actually utilities.  Now, they are trying to control search engine results so that only information that is politically expedient (note the satire here) for them can be found.  They want to take over the major newspapers with federal subsidies; this is an old socialist trick.

They have given their socialist soul mates in the nation's unions political power exponentially greater than the 7% of the workforce that they represent.  They plan to force acceptance of union members on the boards of directors of all corporations without the approval of their companies' shareholders.  Eliminating the secret ballot with the Card Check hustle will facilitate union goons forcing otherwise unwilling workers to join unions.

Here is a bit of union history; the video shows members of the Teamsters union opposing striking members of the United Farm Workers.  Growers and Teamsters signed agreements trying to freeze out the UFW.  Sentient beings should recognize that two primary union goals are to extort economically  unjustifiable compensation packages from employers (including taxpayers) and to eliminate competition that would otherwise determine labor rates through the interaction of supply and demand.  Other unions exert influence as well. 

Grades K-12 are controlled by the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association.  Their union's leaders have bragged openly that they no longer teach facts.  If they are not teaching factual information, of what possible use are they?  What they teach is the indoctrination of attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs.  Also, university professors are almost universally progressivist Social Marxists who hate America.  They overwhelmingly support O-buma's nationalization schemes.

Dodd-Frank finished nationalizing the economic sector.  It gave the feds the authority to confiscate any business in the nation for arbitrary reasons.  This legal club allows the feds to micromanage all businesses in much the same way that WelfareHealthCare facilitated but from a different angle.  D-F also created another huge welfare bureaucracy of quotas, set-asides, and demographic driven hiring policies that further hampers businesses.

The federal government invents crises by contrivance and maintains them to perpetrate their fraud.  Think CRA, Fannie, and Freddie.  Subversive government practices collapse or cripple economically vital sectors.  Think auto manufacturing, housing, Wall Street, and banking.  Then, having made the mess intentionally, in swoops the federal perpetrator with loans and subsidies, some of them unwanted, and viola!  All they need to do is add some oppressive regulation by unelected bureaucrats and the takeovers are complete.

Banking, communication, education, health care, housing, manufacturing, media,  transportation, and utilities have been taken over through sleight of hand legislation and regulation.  We are likely too far along the slippery slope toward communism to recover.  

Remember the Tony Soprano Rule.  First it's the money; then, it's the takeover.  Expect more O-bumunista sneakiness during the lame duck session, especially if the Theftocrats lose control of one or more Houses of Congress .  Then, they will have much to gain and few, if any, commensurate consequences to bear.

May your gods be with you.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Forced to Subsidize Our Own Demise

One form of hiding our sins is to accuse our adversaries of our own wrongdoing.  The National Association for the Advancement of Crass Propaganda, a race based group, alleges that the Tea Party's members are racist in their support of political liberty and equality of opportunity and responsibility under law for all persons.  The federal injustice department has clandestinely adopted a no-prosecution-on-behalf-of-white-victims policy.  The Theftocrats want to add 10-20 million foreign welfare recipients to their already bloated welfare constituency.  Life is just peachy in post-racial America.

Hypocrisy and sanctimony are endemic in this society; still, it is in academia that the most egregious forms of racial bias and bigotry occur.  Education is increasingly vital in the quest for employment.  However, despite academic achievement, the task of being accepted to the nation's most prestigious universities is almost impossible to achieve for some.  The SAT Reasoning Test is used nationwide to evaluate students' readiness for college.  This article reveals that, compared to whites, Hispanics receive a 130 point entitlement bonus to their test scores, and blacks are given 310 unearned points.  Asians bear a 140 point penalty for being excessively intelligent.

Princeton Professor Russell K. Nieli summarized the findings of The National Study of College Experience that examined eighty of the nation's premier colleges and universities.  He concluded, in the above referenced article, that there is "an unwritten admissions rule at America's elite schools [that despite excellent SAT scores] Poor Whites Need Not Apply."  Members of these taxpayer funded institutions overwhelmingly supported O-buma in the last election.

This situation exists nationwide, and it is because government agents take money from taxpayers to fund it and to perpetuate it.  How thoroughly post-racial it is to discriminate against kids from Poland and Vietnam in order to provide entitlements to kids from Nigeria and Venezuela.

Virginia Senator James Webb (D) wrote in the Wall Street Journal that affirmative welfare "has within one generation brought about a permeating, state-sponsored racism that is as odious as the Jim Crow laws it sought to countermand."  He continued by asserting that "present day diversity favor anyone who does not happen to be white."  Webb cited the case of recent immigrants who benefit from "special government programs [while]  The same cannot be said of many hard-working white Americans, including those whose roots in America go back more than 200 years."

It is revealing to see how greedily and selfishly government union academics and those clients who most effectively bloat their bureaucracies defend their fiefdoms from any form of meritocracy.  Still, it does stand the test of reason that they would.  Bureaucracy is the antithesis of meritocracy.

The proponents of meritocracy believe that we should all earn our keep, pay full price for ourselves, and be individually and totally accountable for our actions.   Bureaucrats covet others' resources.  They believe that they deserve to be carried about by the working class as the nation's grand orchestra leaders who know best how everyone should live, think, act, and believe.  They are the self-appointed and self-anointed ruling class elite; all others are benighted heathens.

Brick-a-Brack O-buma leads the bureaucrats' theft-welfare state.  He is a career hustler whose knowledge of the private sector amounts to little more than how to steal from successful people.  He learned this as a community organizer.  He believes that he should be able to take whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and from anyone whom he chooses to rob.

O-buma sees it as his destiny to wage a class war against all those who want to determine for themselves how to live and reject his vision of a socialist utopia run by pin head academics and funded by thieves in Congress.  The first shots in this class war were fired long ago; however, the Theftocrats are increasingly using the welfare state to rent more and more mercenary rats to rally to the cause of the collectivist, America hating traitors who are working hard to bankrupt the US.

We have been lulled to sleep by the complicit mainstream media as government has become all powerful, ever encroaching, pervasive, intrusive, confiscatory, and totalitarian.  The people who made this nation great are yearning to breathe free from the bonds of government imposed servitude.  Children have no concept of political liberty.  Their grandchildren will be repaying loans for money squandered today.  Deception among government officials is rampant.  They lie to us, steal from us, indoctrinate our children, punish hard work, and reward sloth.

Yes indeed, change is coming, and it will move us toward a government of, for, and by the people. 

May your gods be with you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Videotape, Lies, and the Public gets Shafted

The Loony Left embraced Lyndon Johnson's fascist executive order establishing affirmative action as national policy.  This allowed Corruptocrats to circumvent the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments with impunity.  That fascism continues today as the O-bumites bestow resources to the governed based upon demographic considerations.

Noticeably silent on this campaign of duplicity and theft has been the fourth estate, or media, both print and electronic.  Without the presstitutes' yellow journalism, Obama might not be in the White House.  These people conspired to conceal news about Goddamn-America Reverend Wright when the story was fresh and most damaging to the totalitarians' cause.  On the very day that Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's running mate they launched a smear campaign against her.

In the above referenced article, journalist John R. Guardiano reports, "I always knew most Washington journalists were leftists.  But what I didn't know were the depths of intellectual dishonesty and dishonor to which many Washington journalists would descend in order to protect leftist pols and smear conservatives."  No lie is so low that they will not stoop to it in order to pursue their cause.

Richard Nixon was impeached for misleading the public, or lying.  Now, testimony given under oath by more than one source indicates that the Prevaricator-in-Chief lied when he denied that he had any knowledge of the back-room dealings in the Rod Blagojevich case.  Although it is a drop dead certainty that the Pinhead Pelosi House would not hold impeachment hearings for O-buma if the ABCNBCBS media prostitutes released film of him dismembering Michelle on the White House lawn, perhaps something could be done post election.

Hmmm...what could possibly explain the dearth of coverage on this story?  The Nixon story garnered front page coverage for weeks.

Another matter that merited more national attention than it received was the Republican filibuster against extending unemployment benefits.  The lapdog media portrayed this as hard hearted.  What they did not reveal was that the blockage was an attempt to force the Theftocrats to offset their spending with cuts in other areas pursuant to the Senate PAYGO rule.

Also underreported is this article on the Congressional Oversight Committee monitoring the $182 billion giveaway for the too-big-to-fail AIG.  There were better ways to handle the situation, and they were suggested at the time.  Taxpayers may well never be repaid, and worse yet, some $40 billion went to foreign banks.  This was done by the pass-it-before-we-read-it clowns.

Another story that received amazingly little coverage is the fact that the Groveler-in-Chief acquiesced to Chinese threats and moved our joint exercises with South Korea out of the South China Sea and to the other side of the Korean peninsula.  A weak appearing Jack Kennedy emboldened Nikita Khrushchev to expand into Cuba; this brought us to within an eyelash of nuclear war with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  A kow towing, appeasing Obomunist could do even worse.

May your gods be with you.       

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welfare by any Other Name

Once again, the O-bumites prove that they are too pusillanimous to bear being treated as they have treated others and that they offer a segregated and inferior collection of expectations and requirements as to the conduct and performance of people who qualify for affirmative welfare.

Maobuma's plan to save government union teachers' jobs will only cost taxpayers a mere $70,000 per job.  It seems as though the most effective way to combat this hustle is at the state level.  The theftocrats' generosity with other people's money is galling.  They are propping up these unions  with another $10 billion.

However, Democratic House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, to his credit, did cut out $800 million of a $4.3 semi-slush fund given to the educrats to "spend virtually any way" they want.  Obey was at odds with Department of Education Secretary Duncan that he was "offended that he only has $3.2 billion to pass around."  Life is tough for the SecEd.

One way to curtail out-of-control federal spending is to shift entitlements to the states so that the voters there can decide whether and to what extent they want to fund those programs.  This would offer an additional bonus. There would be fewer federal bureaucrats needed to track, account for, and spend the states' money.

The consequences of progressive/socialist/mommy state influences on federal policies and legislation are coming due.  Everyone in this country will bear the burden and some of us more than others.  

The Obomunists are planning to stick it to the middle class taxpayers once again.  They are going to allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire.  The article points out that "one lesson from Hoyer's tax assault on the middle class is that 'temporary' tax cuts face the chopping block, but 'temporary' tax increases live to be paid another day."

What a shock it is that Team O-buma is still at it lying, sneaking, and weaseling to increase the size of their welfare fiefdom.

The UN's Program of Action on Small Arms is embraced by the Obaaama sheeples.  It seems likely to conflict with both the First Amendment and Second Amendment.  In the first case, the program calls for a "reduction of violence in media and in video games" and sustained "efforts at re-education and reorientation of {member states'} citizens."  Chairman Mao's re-education camps are to be run by the UN.

Second, PoA parallels an Organization of American States agreement on illicit manufacturing of firearms that neologizes that term such that virtually every US gun owner would be required to acquire a manufacturing permit from the feds.  Good luck with that; ownership requires a manufacturing permit.  This typifies Backdoor O-buma's devious schemes.  He is planning to disarm Americans through compliance with a UN mandate and then blame it all on that pesky UN.

Evidence continues to accumulate that lowering tax rates increases revenue to government.  When rates are increased, revenues decrease.  The state of Oregon recently learned what history has already taught about Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

O-buma and company seem to have tossed a bone to NASA.  Perhaps it is a meaty bone at that; we'll see whether this is genuine or just PR.

Look who's having labor problems.

May your gods be with you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Has this gotten old yet?  There are no excuses, only rationalizations and outright lies; racism is racism.

MTAH is launching wave after wave of clandestine racist actions.

Holderbama is suing Arizona but allowing sanctuary cities to continue defying federal requirements to enforce immigration laws.  Nope, this is not one bit racist.

Is Maobuma garnering support from police unions by allowing them to run amok?  Exposing wrongful acts by government agents used to be protected and even encouraged.

O-buma and his lackeys want to eliminate the Commerce Department from involvement in US arms exports and give it to the White House friendly State Department.  Gee, what benefit could this give to the person who appoints our foreign ambassadors?

Observant individuals across the globe continue to recognize that the O-bomunistas are hell bend on bankrupting this country.

The evidence just keeps mounting.

Does the ONE have a plan?  Why, yes he does, and you are not going to approve.  It will cause electricity bills to increase by 36%, decrease family income by $2400 a year, and cost the US about one million jobs.  All this is to purchase continued support from the ecofascists.

"Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press."

Here is more from the party of it-depends-on-what-your-definition-of-is-is.  It seems as if the Corruptocrats have abandoned their weaseling semantics about the Commerce Clause in defense of the WelfareHealthCare and have finally admitted that is a tax.

Speaking of WelfareHealthCare, what did the genius policy planners in the White House think was going to happen?

Tocqueville was right.  We are being bribed with our own money.  This time it is to acquiesce to the federal push to finish nationalizing education with national non-standards.

The national education collective is continuing its Luddite ways.  The NEA and AFT are going to join their fellows at the UAW in a reality check.  The use of computers and automation will consign them to the same fate that the International Longshoreman's Association met at the hands of containerized shipping.  They will be consigned to history's trash heap along with other mid-twentieth century dinosaurs.  It is sad the they simply cannot remove their self-imposed blinders.

It could be prudent to respect someone who robs you at gunpoint; however, never respect a robber who pencil whips you.  Remember the intellectual giant Pinhead Pelosi's claim that it was necessary to pass the bill in order to learn what was in it?

People who have been getting the shaft from set asides, quotas, and affirmative welfare policies undoubtedly have fairness issues.  However, it seems arguable, even plausible, that free market economies can effect fairness better than the corporate-state oligarchies favored by the O-bumunistas.  Shocked, shocked.

Here we have just another isolated event that is completely unrelated to any administration plans to control unfriendly bloggers and talk radio.  You don't suppose that this was Hollywood inspired by any chance?

May your gods be with you.