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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Videotape, Lies, and the Public gets Shafted

The Loony Left embraced Lyndon Johnson's fascist executive order establishing affirmative action as national policy.  This allowed Corruptocrats to circumvent the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments with impunity.  That fascism continues today as the O-bumites bestow resources to the governed based upon demographic considerations.

Noticeably silent on this campaign of duplicity and theft has been the fourth estate, or media, both print and electronic.  Without the presstitutes' yellow journalism, Obama might not be in the White House.  These people conspired to conceal news about Goddamn-America Reverend Wright when the story was fresh and most damaging to the totalitarians' cause.  On the very day that Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's running mate they launched a smear campaign against her.

In the above referenced article, journalist John R. Guardiano reports, "I always knew most Washington journalists were leftists.  But what I didn't know were the depths of intellectual dishonesty and dishonor to which many Washington journalists would descend in order to protect leftist pols and smear conservatives."  No lie is so low that they will not stoop to it in order to pursue their cause.

Richard Nixon was impeached for misleading the public, or lying.  Now, testimony given under oath by more than one source indicates that the Prevaricator-in-Chief lied when he denied that he had any knowledge of the back-room dealings in the Rod Blagojevich case.  Although it is a drop dead certainty that the Pinhead Pelosi House would not hold impeachment hearings for O-buma if the ABCNBCBS media prostitutes released film of him dismembering Michelle on the White House lawn, perhaps something could be done post election.

Hmmm...what could possibly explain the dearth of coverage on this story?  The Nixon story garnered front page coverage for weeks.

Another matter that merited more national attention than it received was the Republican filibuster against extending unemployment benefits.  The lapdog media portrayed this as hard hearted.  What they did not reveal was that the blockage was an attempt to force the Theftocrats to offset their spending with cuts in other areas pursuant to the Senate PAYGO rule.

Also underreported is this article on the Congressional Oversight Committee monitoring the $182 billion giveaway for the too-big-to-fail AIG.  There were better ways to handle the situation, and they were suggested at the time.  Taxpayers may well never be repaid, and worse yet, some $40 billion went to foreign banks.  This was done by the pass-it-before-we-read-it clowns.

Another story that received amazingly little coverage is the fact that the Groveler-in-Chief acquiesced to Chinese threats and moved our joint exercises with South Korea out of the South China Sea and to the other side of the Korean peninsula.  A weak appearing Jack Kennedy emboldened Nikita Khrushchev to expand into Cuba; this brought us to within an eyelash of nuclear war with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  A kow towing, appeasing Obomunist could do even worse.

May your gods be with you.       

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