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Friday, April 30, 2010

Benefits of Adding a Fifty-first State

The electorate in Arizona seems to have wearied of the official misuse of their tax dollars.  Rewarding with public revenues someone who stumbles across their border two days from childbirth in order to deliver in a homeless shelter seems not to represent the American way.

Anchor babies--they are the children born here to illegal aliens--provide the legal pretext for importing their mother's entire extended family to settle in comfortably on the taxpayers' dime.  They enjoy the benefits of TANF, Social Security Supplemental Income and disability payments, WIC checks, food stamps, cost free health care, subsidized or free housing and utilities, and educational benefits that include free lunches.

As though the US did not already have more than enough lifetime welfare recipients, they are pouring unchecked across our borders.  Golly gee, who oh who, could possibly benefit from this permanent welfare constituency?  Surely, it could not be Barack, throws-like-a-girl O-buma!

Has anyone else noticed that hearing the O-bumites' denials that they are continuing to expand their theft-welfare empire is mindful of Thomas Beecham's simile?  The grating sound is like that of "two skeletons copulating on a corrugated tin roof."

While on the topic of importing welfare recipients, the Congressional Theftocrats are using the same sort of procedural flimflammery used to create socialized medicine to add to their numbers two senators, 6-8 house members, a pile of electoral votes, and a couple of million voters.  Not only should Puerto Rico be denied statehood, we should unilaterally re-establish their independence as a sovereign nation.

This study from the University of Massachusetts indicates that the source of 33.8% of Puerto Ricans' per capita income is federal tax dollars.  This amount in relation to the 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico is 158% of the average amount, ranking fourth overall.

With a national median income of about $17,000, or about 60% lower than that of the US and lower than any of the 50 states, there seems to be little benefit to statehood other than more unskilled labor.  Since only two-thirds of the island's population are high school graduates, compared to the US rate of over 80%, we would be getting the short end of the stick.  On the whole, it seems more harmful than helpful to acquire additional people whose job skills make them best suited for work as Walmart greeters or salting fries at McDonald's.

Some people are just lucky; read about this immaculate deception.

May your gods be with you.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Federal Fecklessness

George Will likes to refer to the Congressional Theftocrats as the "party of government."  His analysis of the Obumites' tactics, antics, and rhetorical and legislative endeavors is insightfully accurate.  The recent health care fiasco will soon become another bloated leviathan.  If it stands, in ten years Obumacare will no more resemble today's legislation than today's Social Security Administration does the original 1935 Act.

California, Texas, and now Arizona have created policies or laws to protect their citizens and to prevent them from having to bear the costs of illegal immivasion.  Unfortunately, these laws have or are about to be undone by can't-be-fired bureaucrats in black robes.  These appointed-for-life subversives are busy creating by judicial fiat the legislation that their cowardly cousins in Congress lack the spine to enact.

This is how the Loopy Left operates.  They want to increase the size of their permanent welfare constituency by making our borders porous.  They intentionally underfund ICE so that the agency is overwhelmed by the rush of bodies.  Then when the individual states take action, the feds' black robed villains strike down the effective countermeasures.

The costs of illegal immigration in California, Texas, and Arizona are staggering, not to mention Illinois and Florida.  A few billion dollars here and a few billion dollars there and before you know it, we're into some real money.  As Georgie Ann Geyer recognized , the prime directive of ICE is to secure our borders to protect Americans.  With O-buma, the agency's role has become facilitating Congressional Theftocrats' schemes to import welfare recipients.

If this seems like satire or parody, have a look at your tax dollars at work.

Finally, this is from just a few years ago.  It is amazing what a Theftocrat organized economic meltdown can accomplish.

May your gods be with you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Education in America

It has not been just the laziness and ineptitude of far too many teachers that has caused education to fail in this country.  Greedy trial lawyers' use of frivolous lawsuits to establish demographic quotas for school suspensions has left educators with virtually no means to discipline unruly students. 

This is but one reason that we should support education vouchers for private schools.  It might be justified to respect, or at least take seriously, someone who shoves a gun into your face and robs you.  A person who pencil whips you deserves absolutely no respect.

On the topic of furtive and devious behavior, American universities are factories of progressive propaganda that champion the socialist, totalitarian, and fascist form of government that they have put into place.  These institutions foster the education colleges that produce classroom teachers who inculcate into unsuspecting children values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are consistent with progressives' ideals.  They are responsible for giving students diplomas that they cannot read.

These videos are two good examples of the products of American education.

It is a dreadful mistake to allow these people to bargain collectively.  Government unions are antithetical to public interest.  The reason for collective bargaining is to gain leverage against employers.  First, they are not employees; they are overhead.  Second, the leverage is against us, the taxpayers.  Now in Florida, we have the recently outed Communist Charlie Christ who, in an act of political groveling, vetoed proposed legislation that would have eliminated tenure and established merit pay for teachers.

This article and its video version offer 10 suggestions that will greatly improve academic achievement in the US.  These recommendations, along with removing political indoctrination from the curriculum, would go a long way toward improving education.  By the way, we should also end the practice of paying tenured professors to conduct ersatz research in Provence for three months each summer while graduate teaching assistants substitute for them in their classrooms.

May your gods be with you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Freedom is Slavery

The stories that pop up in the media late Friday and early Saturday from sources in government have consistent characteristics.  Many are trial balloons, and most are of such a nature that they represent transparency lite.  The government agents who release these stories want to claim plausibly that they dutifully informed the public of their actions or intentions, but they fail to acknowledge that the convenient timing of their information's release greatly diminishes public exposure and media coverage.

Print and electronic media businesses are primarily Monday through Friday operations.  Many fewer people avail themselves of media information on the weekend, and given the 24 hour news cycle, by Monday, weekend press releases are old hat.  Viola!  They have public disclosure and obfuscation simultaneously.

One of these limited exposure scams involves Government Motors.  The White House claimed that GM repaid taxpayers part of the money owed to the public.  However, they did not want us to know that they repaid the taxpayers with the taxpayers' own money.  Little wonder that Alexis de Tocqueville observed of us that the republic will endure until the government realizes that the people can be bribed with their own money.

In another similar travesty, O-buma claimed that nationalizing or stealing the US financial sector of our economy would end taxpayer funded bailouts of businesses that are economically non-viable.  If you believe that one, invest now in some earthquake proof real estate in Haiti.  As an aside, he urged lawmakers to pass his legislation quickly before it can be scrutinized.  Additionally, he mentioned in passing the likelihood that he and the Congressional Theftocrats will be wanting to send some more taxpayer funded welfare to the United Auto Workers.

This is just some of what the O-bumites are hiding.  In order to test public support the socialists' plans, we should allow two sets of parallel economic operations in this country, one with the all encompassing, smothering, safety net of government regulation, taxation, and strangulation and another with virtually no interference from agents of the state.  If the public flocked to the unregulated operations by voting with their dollars and feet, the mommy staters would have little basis for their claims and actions.

The parallel economic universes of the progressives' totalitarian regime and an almost unregulated economy with all of its potential perils would offer clear choices.  It would also unmask the mommy staters' basic philosophy.  They feel that with their omniscient wisdom and benevolent caring, they know best how everyone should live, oh and by the way, they want your money to fund their little schemes. 

Contrast this with a laissez faire approach that allows people to determine for themselves what to eat, wear, think, and feel, one in which we are individually and totally responsible for ourselves and our actions, able to choose our investments, and to decide how to plan for the future.  If the majority of citizens prefer a let-the-players-play approach, what does it say about those whose desperate needs to control others drives them to deny opportunities to those of us who wish to cast off the burdensome yoke of the progressives' government?

If we opt out of participating in welfare health care, social safety net programs, and the rest of their revenue enhancement schemes and abrogate any and all claims, rights, and privileges to their benefits, what motivations other than selfishness and greed can the progressives use to justify their confiscatory and oppressive style of government?  Thomas Paine had it right when he observed "that government is best which governs least."

In closing, this is about the racism-means-insufficient-pandering crowd.  Perhaps it will uncover the terrible and hopeless plight that US border control agents are having trying to thwart the hordes of Canadians who are bringing illegal drugs and lawless violence into the US.

May your gods be with you.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Subsidized Child Abuse

The cartoon to the left is from the 1934 Chicago Tribune.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Are you pleased with the manner in which the O-bumites are spending your tax dollars to maintain the theft welfare state?  Here is one example.  There are only so many welfare dollars available.  Thanks to her and others whose primary activities are breeding TANF recipients, tax money is being diverted away from those who suffer from catastrophic medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or cancer.  Consider also that she could have had free birth control.

The Theftocrats are purchasing votes from their permanent welfare constituency with your hard earned money at the expense of those who actually deserve help.

Neglect is an insidious form of child abuse.  People reflect their environments.  Children model themselves after the adults who are in their lives.  Children of single parent families are most likely to drop out of high school without acquiring marketable job skills, leaving them with the bleak future of lifetime welfare dependence.  They are most likely to go to prison, abuse substances, and abuse their own children.  It is the children who suffer most.

Since things are this way, it is a near certainty that the people in charge of government want it that way.  Someone must be benefiting from this massive expenditure of tax money.  Who could possibly stoop so low as to profit from the misery of others?  

Perhaps among their numbers could be the bureaucrats whose only job skills are giving away other people's money.  Possibly it could also be the members of the nation's education collective who substitute indoctrination for education and provide resources that facilitate production of unwed teenage mothers.  They and the corrupt politicians who fund these schemes do so in order to maintain a permanent underclass of people who trade their votes for lifetime membership at the federal welfare estate.

Hopefully, there is a particularly hot place in Hades for those who facilitate, enforce, and participate in this taxpayer funded child abuse.

May your gods be with you. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Untruth, Injustice, and the anti-American Way

First, there is a bit of good news.  Hoist a glass and give tribute when the inconvenient truth prevails over faddish progressive sensibilities.  In vino veritas.

There seems to be a glaring dearth of veritas, or truth, in the White House these days.  Dissembling and specious reasoning are standard issue press release material for the Loopy Left.  These are the same witheringly insightful geniuses who claim that because people continue to be murdered despite the death penalty proves that it is ineffective.

First, no person who was executed has ever committed murder posthumously.  Second, and most blatantly illogical, is the death penalty's opponents' implied claim that they have been able to quantify, or measure, how many murders, if any, were prevented by the death penalty.  Proving the negative is impossible.  Trying to quantify the extent to which an event did not take place is a fools errand.  Perhaps this is why the Loopy Left embraces this fallacious argument.  

On one hand, it is difficult to take President Bubba Clinton seriously after his obsessive pursuit of low rent females of the Tropic of Cancer variety; however, that a public podium is maintained for this smirking liar by the Congressional Theftocrats' lapdog media may justify taking note of his antics. 

Bubba's attempt to portray Tea Party members as the moral equivalents of the bombers of the Murrah Building is not just despicable duplicity, it is ethically reprehensible.  Clinton's claims are at least consistent with his character.  After all, he was impeached for lying under oath and obstruction of justice.  Bubba's most worthy achievement was that his unwillingness to keep his member in his trousers prevented his vice president and the author of An Inconvenient Truth from becoming president.

While on the topic of propaganda, lies, and disinformation, the former Soviet Union's official communication agency Tass appears to have been the paradigm for mommy staters' rhetorical strategies.  The USSR's news agency had a penchant for spinning the truth.  The Soviets tried to compete with the US at virtually all levels, from military and propaganda ventures to automobile and clothing production.  They even tried their hand at breeding racehorses.

While a Kentucky thoroughbred was visiting potential breeders and buyers in Europe, a race was arranged in Russia between the American horse and the premier Soviet stallion.  The following is a paraphrase of the Tass agency's report of the race.

The horses were off at the shot, running neck and neck.  At the halfway point, the US horse held a slight lead.  The race concluded with the Soviet horse finishing a close second.  The rest of the field was nowhere in sight.

In truth, the American horse won by twelve lengths, and that the rest of the field was nowhere to be seen was due to the fact that there were only two horses in the race.  The mommy staters learned their sleight of hand communication schemes from the Soviets.

May your gods be with you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking Ownership from Pirvate Hands is Nonconsensual

The O-bumites and their moral, intellectual, and ideological soul mates the Congressional Theftocrats are continuing their efforts to nationalize (steal) the financial sector of the US economy.  One of the surest ways to accelerate the dismantling of America is to keep businesses from making profits.  To insure this, they are putting in charge of the private business sector the same people who gave us snail mail, Thalidomide, and duck-and-cover protection from thermonuclear holocaust.

Once again, listen!  Taking money from the federal government is the equivalent of taking a loan from Tony Soprano: the reason for the loan is to steal the collateral for that loan.

Federal hooligans propped up Government Motors and Chrysler and then immediately stole ownership of the companies and gave it to their lapdog constituents at the UAW.  This may bring unintended consequences as the very people who are paid much more than the prevailing wage are charged with lowering labor costs.  The Porkulius scam created no new jobs; instead, it merely subsidized entrenched government bureaucrats who, rather than holding jobs, are overhead borne on the backs of taxpayers.

The same hoods who subsidized health care through Medicare and Medicaid used that as their launching pad to steal the entire health care industry.  Whether it is communication, transportation, education, or any other enterprise, when the fed-hoods get involved, they take over the show.  They use can't-be-fired bureaucrats, government unions, nationalization, or oppressive regulation and confiscatory taxation to steal what they want, namely, other people's resources.

Now is the time; come to the aid of your country.  Put and end to the mommy staters' plans for cradle-to-grave socialism.  As Barry Goldwater observed, "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice...moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."  Liberty is the absence of government interference in the lives of individuals.

May your gods be with you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The hoods are at it again.  O-buma and the Congressional Theftocrats are continuing to rape, pillage, and plunder the nation.  First, they stole one sixth of the nation's GDP by nationalizing the health care industry because those businesses committed the egregious crime of making a 3.4% profit.  Now they are using the contrived excuse that the financial mess they caused with the Communist Redistribution Act--this is a primary cause of the recent economic meltdown--justifies stealing the nation's financial sector of the US economy.

Speaking of stealing, if the Theftocrats want to institute a national sales tax (VAT) why not repeal the sixteenth amendment to the Constitution and eliminate federal income taxes?  Opponents of the VAT claim that it places a greater burden on people who have lower incomes.  Does the formula that justifies that argument take into account these forms of revenue and tax benefits?
  • cost free housing and utilities
  • cost free food
  • welfare healthcare
  • no federal income tax
  • (un)earned income tax credit federal welfare check
A cost free four bedroom apartment including utilities can be worth thirty to forty thousand dollars a year.  Free food benefits from SNAP for a single parent and four TANF recipients is about $9500 per year.  The costs to taxpayers for welfare healthcare are virtually unlimited.  Federal income tax rates for the highest levels are about 40%; add another 15% combined taxes for social security and the benefits of riding in the federal wagon are clear.  With an additional $5500 from the unearned income tax credit program, a single parent with four TANF recipients can receive over $50,000 of unearned and untaxed revenue, goods and services, and in kind contributions that someone else produced.

To make the claim that sales taxes are regressive is to ignore significant amounts of untaxed revenue.  The argument is dissembling based upon specious reasoning.

May your gods be with you.

Friday, April 16, 2010

All for Naught

Much ado has been made of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's decision to resume the tradition of recognizing April as Confederate History Month.  Most of the uproar has come from the racism-means-insufficient-pandering crowd.  This group prefers a Soviet style retelling of history in which events are fabricated or erased, relatively insignificant people are accorded disproportionately inappropriate significance, and current sensibilities are applied to events that took place 150 years ago.

Today's children are taught that the War Between the States was fought to end slavery.  This claim is nonfactual historical revisionism.  That war, like virtually all other wars, was fought for economic reasons.  Northern legislators were keen to confiscate money that was earned from slave labor in order to build roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals and leave southern states without the means to create similar infrastructure.

At that time the majority of the electorate was in favor of maintaining slavery, in part because people were reluctant to compete for scarce jobs with recently freed slaves who would work for less than the prevailing wage rates.  Abolitionists were relatively few in number.

If Lincoln and his cronies had but followed the British example, they would have purchased freedom for the slaves.  The tragic loss of life and property resulting from that war was unnecessary.  It occurred because Congress and the president took lawfully owned property away from its rightful owners against their wishes.  Congress continues this practice today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

His Lips are Moving

Above is Barack the Buffoon kow towing to the Chinese president.  This typifies the O-bumites vision for America. 

For anyone who is sufficiently naive and gullible to believe that the O-bumites are not dismantling America, try this.

The Prevaricator-in-Chief's lips are moving.  The Theftocrats in Congress are infamous for lying and stealing.  One of their favorite schemes is to steal from the dead through the inheritance or death tax.  Now, they are going to steal from the dying as well.  Anyone remember that lie about no new taxes?  Raising taxes on people who are dying is low, even for the Party of Government.

Speaking of lies, Attorney General Eric Holder's sanctimony is appalling.  His decision has been to welfare away commensurate consequences for the Black Panther thugs armed with clubs who were intimidating voters at a polling station in Philadelphia during the 2008 election.  Now, he is slithering about ducking requests from the US Civil Rights Commission whose members want him to testify as to his reasons for not pursuing the matter.

Selective enforcement of laws is clearly prohibited by the federal Constitution.  Since the self-proclaimed O-bumamessiah does not have the necessary votes to dismantle the entire Constitution at once, it is taking this back door approach to eliminate its second amendment.

Napoleon Bonaparte advised that one should not ascribe to treachery that which may be adequately explained as incompetence.  Here are two examples of O-bumites' incompetence.  Bear in mind that this buffoon is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee.   

May your gods be with you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Theft-By-Proxy is a Human Right

Even by socialists' estimates, entitlement spending will consume all federal revenues by 2025.  Now that O-buma and his merry band of thieves have scammed into effect the welfare healthcare part of the theft-welfare state, they are working on an amnesty program to import welfare recipients to add to their permanent welfare constituency.

Half of the people in the US pay no federal income taxes; of the federal budget, $1.75 trillion is consumed by entitlement spending.

Hypocrisy is a particularly despicable form of lying.  It is reprehensible because it is driven by neurotically bloated egotism and self-absorption.  Hypocrites lie in order to enjoy the egotistical gratification of being admired and esteemed for feigning that they are people whom they are not.  They preen under undeserved praise that they hustle from sniveling the talk while being too spineless to deliver the freight.

Some of the most despicable hypocrisy to come from O-bamessiah and company is their claim that sales taxes are regressive and burden lower income people most; however, the same crowd is now sending up trial balloons to test the public reaction to a value added tax, or national sales tax.

Hypocrisy is the bedrock of left wing rhetoric.  It is used to obfuscate mommy-staters' selfishness, greed, and delusional self-importance that moves them to jail citizens who refuse to purchase health insurance.

May your gods be with you.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Assassins for Allah

The Islamafascists have an interesting brand of rhetoric.  It effectively persuades their followers to commit suicide in order to spend eternity with a bunch of virgins.  This sort of hustle is fairly common: it requires sacrifice today and offers rewards after death.  Hmmm...let me see now, buy some hurricane proof real estate and the purchase price will be refunded if you die in a hurricane.

Take a good look at the photo above.  The girl was the female subway bomber in Russia.  Notice the resemblance to drug gang members.  The Islamafascists are also gangs.  They are killing people for turf.  Hoodlums in Texas and California kill to control small geographic areas to use for drug sales.  Like carnivores in the wild, for them the territory is the food supply.  Jihadists are no different.

They covet two types of turf.  First, they want the US out of the Mideast; they want to take the oil producing regions for themselves.  The second is religious turf.  They use it for proselytizing in order to acquire new members to send on suicide missions.  They convince their followers, as do the members of drug gangs, that it is glorious to die in their tribe's turf wars.    

Now, Mexican drug gangs have largely taken over from their Columbian counterparts in exporting violence to the US.  The similarities between them and the religious gangs who exported violence to this country on September 11, 2001, are shocking.  We are still fighting a war against those cowards in Afghanistan.

Our efforts against the Columbian drug thugs were effective.  Hopefully, we can be equally successful with the other gangs in Mexico, Afghanistan, and Islam.

May your gods be with you.