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Monday, July 26, 2010

Obomunism, a Failed Experiment

Last Friday was another example of the Most Transparent Administration in History's furtive practices.  The Mid-Session Review of the federal budget was released three hours late to limit media coverage.  The document, according to this article, is "nothing short of a complete admission of failure of the White House's economic policies."

There are some worrisome details that this administration is desperate to keep under wraps.  Its forecasters optimistically predict that unemployment for 2011 will average 9%.  Their prediction that the US economy will expand in 2011-12 at a rate of 4% is delusionally unrealistic.  However, one thing that is almost certain is that the feds will borrow 41 cents of every dollar that they spend.

The article raises other interesting points.  If the federal government were "to return to the per-household spending level of the Reagan Administration, the budget would be balanced by 2012, without any tax hikes."  Simply returning to spending levels that "existed before the current recession would balance the budget by 2019."

Unfortunately, Team O-buma's approach to matching the nation's expenditures to its receipts is merely the same failed experiment; they plan to increase taxes by three trillion dollars.  This time, despite having failed each time this experiment has been conducted in the past, the mommy staters claim that it will produce different results.  Treasury Secretary Little Timmy Geithner, the administration's shill, says it will.

Gang O-buma is not comprised of stupid people.  Fearless Leader is far from dim witted; however, he is sneaky, underhanded, devious, and cunning.  The Obomunists plan to have taxpayers on the hook for nearly $20 trillion by 2020. In less than ten years, US debt will be roughly 139% of 2009's GDP.  They do this knowing full well that runaway federal spending and nationalizing the private sector will throttle the very engine that is vital to economic recovery.  Totalitarians are intentionally running the ship of state aground.

Corruptocrats have moved to control Internet content through the Orwellian decree that ISPs are actually utilities.  Now, they are trying to control search engine results so that only information that is politically expedient (note the satire here) for them can be found.  They want to take over the major newspapers with federal subsidies; this is an old socialist trick.

They have given their socialist soul mates in the nation's unions political power exponentially greater than the 7% of the workforce that they represent.  They plan to force acceptance of union members on the boards of directors of all corporations without the approval of their companies' shareholders.  Eliminating the secret ballot with the Card Check hustle will facilitate union goons forcing otherwise unwilling workers to join unions.

Here is a bit of union history; the video shows members of the Teamsters union opposing striking members of the United Farm Workers.  Growers and Teamsters signed agreements trying to freeze out the UFW.  Sentient beings should recognize that two primary union goals are to extort economically  unjustifiable compensation packages from employers (including taxpayers) and to eliminate competition that would otherwise determine labor rates through the interaction of supply and demand.  Other unions exert influence as well. 

Grades K-12 are controlled by the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association.  Their union's leaders have bragged openly that they no longer teach facts.  If they are not teaching factual information, of what possible use are they?  What they teach is the indoctrination of attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs.  Also, university professors are almost universally progressivist Social Marxists who hate America.  They overwhelmingly support O-buma's nationalization schemes.

Dodd-Frank finished nationalizing the economic sector.  It gave the feds the authority to confiscate any business in the nation for arbitrary reasons.  This legal club allows the feds to micromanage all businesses in much the same way that WelfareHealthCare facilitated but from a different angle.  D-F also created another huge welfare bureaucracy of quotas, set-asides, and demographic driven hiring policies that further hampers businesses.

The federal government invents crises by contrivance and maintains them to perpetrate their fraud.  Think CRA, Fannie, and Freddie.  Subversive government practices collapse or cripple economically vital sectors.  Think auto manufacturing, housing, Wall Street, and banking.  Then, having made the mess intentionally, in swoops the federal perpetrator with loans and subsidies, some of them unwanted, and viola!  All they need to do is add some oppressive regulation by unelected bureaucrats and the takeovers are complete.

Banking, communication, education, health care, housing, manufacturing, media,  transportation, and utilities have been taken over through sleight of hand legislation and regulation.  We are likely too far along the slippery slope toward communism to recover.  

Remember the Tony Soprano Rule.  First it's the money; then, it's the takeover.  Expect more O-bumunista sneakiness during the lame duck session, especially if the Theftocrats lose control of one or more Houses of Congress .  Then, they will have much to gain and few, if any, commensurate consequences to bear.

May your gods be with you.

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