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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mayo tu Madre

The photo to the left is of a pedestrian viewing some of the damage that was caused by pro-illegal alien supporters who decided to riot while attending an Uno de Mayo celebration in Santa Cruz, CA.

Cinco de Mayo and Uno de Mayo are holidays that have much in common.  Both are popular among those who believe expediently that the proper role of government is to save people from themselves by confiscating and redistributing their resources.  It is perhaps arguable that large numbers of both events' followers actually do need some self-proclaimed government genius or another to do their thinking for them.  However, 60% disagree with their views.

Both celebrations involve the French.  On Uno de Mayo, both France and Italy pay tribute to their government unions for leading the charge to bankrupt their respective countries.  On Cinco de Mayo, Mexicans celebrate their defeat of French military forces occupying Mexico.  Bragging about beating up the French military is the equivalent of bragging about beating up Woody Allen.  Sentient beings should find it prudent to obfuscate rather than to advertise such an occurrence.

A member of a US government union and member of the national education collective has banned the American Flag at a California school.  This is California, the state in which the City of Santa Cruz is located.  The only thing missing from these videos is white robes with hoods.  Yes, racism is racism even when it is practiced by affirmative welfare recipients.  No, the term racism does not mean insufficient pandering.

People from Albania, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Columbia, Korea, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Panama, Portugal, Russia, Estonia, Egypt, Chad, Vietnam, Yemen, Somalia, Ukraine, Venezuela, and even France have come here legally and obtained citizenship.  What is up with Mexican illegal aliens?  The world is not out of step with the illegals and their sympathizers, they are out of step with the world.

We should feel secure under the post-racial administration of Brick-a-Brack O-buma.

May your gods be with you.

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