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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Federal Communication Commission: Doublespeak, Doublethink

Instead of leading, we are on the outside looking inside at the world's conventional wisdom.  Ostensibly, we are part of the G20, but in reality the organization is the G19 and the O-buffoon.

The MTAH (muh-thuh) is a secret society.  One such group is the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility; liberals have re-named it the Catfood Commission.  They operate in secrecy to such an extent that members of both political parties, John Boehner (R-OH) and John Conyers (D-MI) have begun to complain about it.  The the slightly left-of-center Firedoglake organization claims that there will be reductions in Social Security benefits and new payroll taxes to reduce the federal deficit. 

So, where is the AARP on this matter?  It seems that they are reaping federal largess.  The Obumunistas have sullied so much of this nation; it is as though there is a moral oil spill blanketing the country.

Muhthuh's weaseling antics continue to hide the truth from Americans.  The budget substitute Deemed Duplicity continues to receive only a modicum of national attention.  Paul Ryan of the federal debt commission explains that "this is not a budget."  He continues, "it does not meet the most basic, commonly understood objectives of any budget."  Fellow commission member Judd Gregg describes it as a "hope-and-prayer exercise."  He further asserts that the Democrats "do not want to let the American people see how bad the five-year numbers are."  Way to go Muhthuh.

For the same reason that the Congress refused to pass a budget for fiscal year 2011, the feds have refused to publish the Annual Report of the Social Security Board of Trustees.  If it were published, the public would learn of the horrific effects on Social Security and Medicare that the O-bomination's WelfareHealthCare will produce.

For the O-bumites to scheme in secrecy, it is necessary to censor free speech.  The NASA/Bolden debacle reveals the extent to which the mainstream lapdog media has already become a bunch of self-censoring eunuchs who avoid reporting White House buffoonery.  The Disclose Act was conceived to pander to the Corruptocrats' government subsidized union supporters and silence those who resent having their resources confiscated to support the O-bomunist regime's agenda.

Perhaps the most insidious of the members of the coalition assembled under The One is the ecofascist element.  Along with the EPA, they are truly the thugs on the streets and in the schools and universities.  They prevent reasoned discourse, shout down accurate dissent, and indoctrinate children.  They are O-buma's brownshirts.  Green has become brown.

May your gods be with you.

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