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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Treachery, Subversion, and Destabilization: the Obama Legacy

We are at a precipice.  In order to understand what the O-bumites have done and plan to do to this nation, two articles deserve to be read because they expose those schemes.  The first explains why the O-bomunist is preventing an economic recovery.  The second describes how Chris Dodd is acting as a henchman for O-buma and his campaign contributor billionaire socialist George Soros and the other hedge fund short sellers who profit from causing US businesses to fail and to make Americans unemployed.

This crowd of traitors, parasites, scoundrels, and hustlers have set up policies, regulations, and laws such that they will gain financially and personally from destroying America economically, politically, and socially.  Power hungry and money grubbing, the socialist-progressive O-bumites have insatiable appetites for both.  George Will identifies their belief systems in this article.  Their promise is a "program for every problem and every unfulfilled desire is a problem."

When moderates such as Thomas Sowell and George Will are setting off warning klaxons that the federal government under the current regime has run amok and that we face a bleak future because of it, there is something seriously amiss.  Recall Rahm Emanuel's belief in the utility of crises.  The current group in DC profits from crisis induced instability.   

This ruling class elite manufactures it by prolonging the recession and its attendant unemployment that hovers around 10%.  They have used economic conditions to excuse creation of massively unneeded, ineffective, and harmful spending programs that have further burdened taxpayers and the economy.  They have tried to exploit the Gulf oil spill to justify banning Gulf oil exploration and to pass ecofascist cap-and-trade laws that will further cripple US businesses and add to unemployment.  In both cases, O-buma and his cohorts have revealed that they are reprehensibly mercenary.

They hope to destabilize the country by adding 10-20 million illegal aliens to the welfare rolls.  Another such scheme is to confer statehood to Puerto Rico.  If it were a state, its contribution to federal coffers would be lower than any of the other 50 states; the economy there is in shambles due to generous benefits conferred by its welfare programs.  What a shock it is to to learn that the thrice rejected drive for statehood began in 2008 concurrent with the rise of the One and his minions. 

The most transparent administration in history is revealing itself to be one of the most secretive, furtive, and devious in history.  When agents of the state hide things, there is usually something wrong.

May your gods be with you.   

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