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Monday, June 28, 2010

Local, National, and International News

The picture to the left is for geography whiz and public school teacher Peggy West.

This is one heck of a field sobriety test, rats! so close and yet so far.

Something else that is sobering is the loss of Turkey as an ally.  Still, if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, friction between that nation and Iran could prove useful.  If the two nations came to blows, Turkey is a NATO member, and we would be duty bound to help.  Darn the luck, we might have to help put a Saddam Hussein type keister-kicking on Ahamanutjob.

The Chinese reaction to such a scenario could prove interesting; however, China is having to deal with domestic unrest over maintaining its slave labor force.  Think about labor conditions there during the next Walmart shopping excursion.

It seems odd that we need to reaffirm that the Fourteenth Amendment applied the Fifth Amendment to the various states.  The Loony Left's Elena Kagan believes that it does so only if it is convenient to the cause of totalitarian mommy staters.  The Second Amendment is alive and well.

What happens if a worse case scenario becomes reality and we learn that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the result of a down hole failure deep underground?  Take time to read this article.  It is not just frightening; it is horrifying.

The fallout over the Rolling Stone article on General McChrystal is widening.  Defense Secretary Gates is said to have preferred keeping him, but now it is too late.  The chief of the Pakistani army believes that McChrystal's replacement Petraeus is more of a politician than a military strategist.  After all, McChrystal was the boots on the ground guy for Petraeus in Iraq.  Now, Pakistan seems to be moving unilaterally to solve problems in the region.

In this article, the author draws some comparisons between Abraham Lincoln and Brick-a-Brack O-buma.  While it is true that both sacked a general in time of war, there are other similarities.  Lincoln stole property from the people of the Confederacy; O-buma has stolen the auto, banking, and health care industries.  Lincoln created a totalitarian state by suspending habeas corpus; the One seeks to subvert the rule of law by appointing people to the Supreme Court who believe that the Constitution is only the nation's Supreme Law when it is politically expedient.

However, Lincoln was a terrorist-by-proxy who used General William T. Sherman to wage war on a civilian population comprised mainly of women, children, and elderly people.  Perhaps the O-bomunist's form of terror will be to finalize his totalitarian regime with the thirty plus unelected and non-vetted czars.  Maybe historians will be as kind to the O-bumessiah as they have been to Lincoln.

May your gods be with you.

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