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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Assault on Free Speech and Thought

True to form, the O-bumites are skulking about behind closed doors and operating clandestinely to further their edu-mess and pander to the national education collective.  Under the guise of voluntary compliance, they are forcing the individual states to continue dumbing down their curricula and adopt federally imposed standards under the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Little of value can be created in a vacuum.  That is why educrats are vehemently opposed to competition and free enterprise.  Competition exposes incompetence.  Revealingly, their arguments against competition are based upon the belief that accurately differentiating between competent and incompetent teachers is impossible.

Imposing these so-called standards will allow the illegally invented and funded federal Department of Education and its ideological twin the National Education Association government union to impose a national curriculum.  Then, this group of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats will inject nationwide their agenda of progressivism and paganism to force unsuspecting children and parents to accept their selfish and greedy goals.

They are particularly keen to expand their control of the teaching of English.  Through this, they can eliminate words, phrases, ideas, and methods of thinking that accurately and inconveniently expose them as traitors to the nation that they are pledged to serve.  Another part of this strategy is their use of neologisms to twist existing word meanings to perpetuate their propaganda and disinformation programs.

At the forefront of the use of censorship to further the official party line is a group with the Orwellian name of Free Press

This totalitarian restriction of communication and free speech has been taken to the Internet.  Despite court rulings against the FCC, lawless bureaucrats continue pressing their agenda to stifle dissent. 

First, Net Neutrality is a misnomer; it is more accurately described as Not Neutral Net Policy.  It is not neutral in that it is biased toward the party-of-government Theftocrats whose aim it is to silence those online watchdogs who expose the nefarious and manipulative schemes of the Loony Left.  The arguments against the NN plan are difficult to refute logically. 

May your gods be with you.

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