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Friday, June 4, 2010

First the Subsidy, then the Take Over

Whether you approve of the news media exposing Richard Nixon for participating in the attempted cover up of the Watergate break in, Bill Clinton's preference for low rent floozies, or disapprove of both, be grateful--forget the biases for a moment--that media exists.  The alternative is TASS.  Remember the Tony Soprano Rule; they only offer the money to take over the operation.

Bear in mind that this is the theft-by-regulation crowd.  What a shock that they want to reinvent print media among some of the Loopy Left's most reliable supporters, US universities' journalism colleges.  Not only are universities factories of left wing propaganda and disinformation, they exist as secret societies.  The records of how and why they do things is protected by federal law that shields them from scrutiny. 

Under federally imposed secrecy, in back door meetings of legislators, and through the oversight of unelected regulators, this is the O-bumites' latest attack on the First Amendment in the guise of strengthening the Fourth Estate. Together with the FCC's proposed takeover of the Web, sentient beings who value liberty should be concerned.

Another act of chicanery and sleight of hand political maneuvering is the Congressional Theftocrats' nationalizing (confiscating) 17% of the US economy through WelfareHealthCare.  This article should be read and its links followed by all who want the freedom to spend their own money and to choose for themselves how to prepare for the future.

This is an example of a federal program.  It provides welfare daycare; its clientèle are mostly unemployed welfare recipients.  It is a holdover from Lyndon Johnson's Great Welfare Society that has proved to be ineffective, fraudulent, and wasteful; however, it continues to receive tax dollars because it helps to maintain the size of the federal bureaucracy.  Understand that if a federal program continues to get funding, it is because government officials are benefiting from it.  Are you happy about the way that they spend your money?

May your gods be with you.    

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