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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Long Arm of Government

The tax man's presence will be much more intrusive beginning January of next year.  Not only are there increases scheduled, but the death tax has been resurrected by O-buma and his fellow advocates of the theft-welfare state; additionally, the VAT is coming soon.  The genius bobble heads in the Congressional Circus prove that the only thing that history has taught them is that it has taught them little.

Ronald Regan followed the example that was set by John Kennedy and convinced Congress to lower federal taxes significantly.  The result for Regan was the same as that enjoyed by Kennedy.  The lowered taxes produced higher federal revenues.  There is a direct and proportionate correlation between lowered taxes and higher revenues.  Higher revenues mean less federal borrowing and less national debt. 

It seems as through the people in charge of the Congressional Clown College want the US to follow the example set by Greece.  Our national debt will soon be greater than our GDP.  China will stop purchasing our securities because we are paying interest with worthless dollars that have been printed to monetize that debt.  This economic shell game is coming to an end.

O-buma and his theft-by-proxy cohorts are moving the US not just toward their standard socialist-totalitarian-fascism model but toward state capitalism of the sort that was pioneered by Nazi Germany and practiced currently by Hugo Chavez.  David Brooks discusses this and explains why it is important to retain free enterprise and to end American oil dependence.

This is but one more example of the party-of-government's scheme to keep its minority constituents trapped on the federal entitlement plantation.  The primary way that they do this is through the ineffective education farce that is perpetrated by the education collective's government union hustle.  Poorly educated people tend to remain as underemployed as they are undereducated.  This situation exists because government agents want it this way and benefit from it.

Voters appear to have wearied of the party-of-theft's shenanigans.  In South Carolina, they rejected the candidate who offered the same-old-new-day official party line in favor of an unknown who is said to lack the intellectual acuity needed for the Senate job.  Perhaps the electorate gambled that he is not clever enough to steal from them with impunity.  Revealingly and most typically, the losers are blaming Republicans for their plight.

The porkulous failed, the costs of health care are starting to skyrocket under Welfarehealthcare, our sovereignty is slipping away due to loose fiscal policy, and the dollar is the world's currency of choice only through default.  All the while, the Obumites are delightedly rubbing together their forelegs, fluttering their wings, and scurrying gleefully into the cover of bureaucratic darkness as they facilitate the nation's metamorphosis into a third world country.

May your gods be with you.

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