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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's Follies

File this under the heading No Crisis Should go Unexploited.  The O-bumites continue to berate BP for its bumbling, but the Prince of Prevarication has turned down help from 13 countries that have people and equipment ready to assist.  There seems to be no depth to which O-bumessiah's hypocrisy will not stoop.  He now vilifies BP's management, but he has been most willing to accept their money.

Perhaps this report from the Bartaverse can offer some insight into the O-buma's character.  It is revealing that a member of the Loopy Left complains that he is not black enough.

Do you remember the KFC Hillary bucket?  It was two small breasts, one left wing, and two large thighs.  The O-buma Cabinet Bucket is all left wings and...well, for want of a better term...sphincters. 

Some truths are self-evident.  One of them is that when government agents conceal facts, there is usually something amiss.  O-bumessiah's administration has succeeded in being the most transparent in history to the extent that the Clinton administration was the most ethical.

Granted that the governed cannot know all the secrets of those who govern.  It is likely imprudent to allow media to report the route of an upcoming presidential motorcade, even for the present administration.  Nonetheless, the extent to which the public is kept in the dark is the approximate extent to which agents of the state can engage in monkey business.

Speaking of monkey business, some dutiful Obaaama Sheeples appear to have engaged in yet another act of blatant fraud.  I am shocked, shocked to realize that the very act of intentionally deceiving the people of the United States receives so little exposure by the lapdog presstitutes.  It is especially interesting in light of the fact that doing so was considered by a Theftocrat Congress to be an impeachable offense when committed by Richard Nixon.

It is sad that there is so much hypocrisy and so little time to expose it.

Finally, this blog has offered numerous views on the sorry state of education in this nation.  This article exposes some of the worst schemes and scams that the O-bumites have perpetuated, and so much of it has been done deviously and with the tacit approval of the corrupt media.  Please follow the links, and as they say, read 'em and weep.

May your gods be with you.

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