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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Party of Benedict Arnold

If you believe that the O-bomunist and his ideological and ethical twins in the academic, media, and bureaucratic spheres of influence are not working, along with their co-conspirators in the various labor collectives, to bring America to her knees, there is much information available for enlightenment.  Remember the longstanding affair that Big Labor has had with socialism and communism.

Wayne Allyn Root exposes the schemes, scams, and hustles that the Corruptocrats are perpetrating to change us into a third world and second rate nation. 

Along with the treachery cited by Root, there are other items that, when taken in the aggregate, could lead a casual observer to suspect that O-buma is a sort of Manchurian Candidate, the product of influences by Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Abner Mikva, Frank Marshall Davis, and Jeremiah Wright.  He and his socialist-progressive associates reflect those influences as they tear away at the fabric of the nation.

Not only has the Bum destroyed the premier space exploration organization on the planet, he has unilaterally ceded the high ground in space under the guise of global equality and to atone for America's arrogance.  This makes us unable to defend effectively our communication and observation links in space; without them our military is blind, along with NOAA and NASA.  Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together yet?

From the same weasels who used the resolution process to slither the budget breaking WelfareHealthCare con into being, we have three attacks on free political speech.  They are the Interned Kill Switch, the Net Neutrality Act and the Disclosure Act.  Under Disclosure, the Federal Election Commission, the agency charged with enforcing it, would not be able to "promulgate (the) regulations related to the legislation before it goes into effect."  This is simply more of the underhanded manipulation from the "we have to pass this bill so we can know what's in it" crowd.

They cannot get what they want, so they are plotting to change the rules of the senate so that they can continue expanding their party-of-theft constituencies.  The idea is to make it impossible for responsible legislators to block destructive or fiscally imprudent legislation.  They are determined to do as much damage as possible between now and January, 2012.

Could it be considered treason if the Theftocrats in Congress refuse to pass a budget resolution?  They are required by law to do so, and the due date is past.  Now the House majority leader has stated that he and his fellow nation wreckers are so desperate to hide their scheme to bankrupt the country that they have lowered themselves further by obfuscating the particulars of their current spending spree.

May your gods be with you.

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