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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sleazyness Continues

This is how to steal an election.  Stealing elections is a Theftocrat invention.

On the topic of stealing, this is how to steal from unborn children.

If theft is taking from others against their wishes, here is an article on why the theft-welfare state is unsustainable.

This was the story.  This is the rest of the story.

If you believe that health care in the US is a mess, then you should read about O-buma's moral and ideological twin whom he has appointed to preside over Medicare and Medicaid.  We are soon to mirror the British model of unavailable health care.  The time has come to start researching home remedies.

If you support liberty and oppose dictatorship, be certain to vote against everyone who voted nay on this issue.

The O-bumites are continuing to expand their largess with other people's resources to the unilateral benefit of their permanent entitlement constituencies.  Yes, federal bureaucrats comprise some of those constituents, and they will remain that way as long as their wages and benefits are higher than that of the worker bees who pay for them.

The Cato Institute reports that the costs of pre K-12 public education are understated 23 to 90 percent.  The bureaucrats are trying to hide the extent to which they are shafting us.  Go here for the full report.  Compare the alleged amount of $11,748 a year per pupil with the $7,848 for private school or $7,171 median cost for annual tuition at public colleges.  Yes, government education unions are sticking it to us, and it gets worse every year.

Thanks to O-buma's feckless foreign policy, we have lost Turkey as an ally.  That country may now be counted among the worlds radical Islamic republics.  They are openly trying to ship weapons to Hamas; however, Israel has been blocking those shipments, and international shipping experts agree that the blockade is legal.

When Israeli military personnel boarded the lead ship in the flotilla, they were shot and clubbed.  Some of the presstitutes howled, but even the Huffington Post agreed that Israel exercised the nation's right to self-protection.  Israel is our only reliable ally in the region.  Instead of supporting that ally, we have chosen, as former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan stated, to "join the jackals."  Way to go O-buma.

The O-bumites and the party-of-government-when-it-is-convenient scoundrels in Congress and the federal bureaucracy are intentionally allowing smugglers and terrorists to cross our borders.  The prevaricator-in-chief's Charlie McCarthy like bobble head defenders claim that he said it, but he didn't say it.  Hmmm...

May your gods be with you. 

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