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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Constitution? What Constitution?

This is the most outrageous assault on the First Amendment in memory.  It makes the Patriot Act seem benign by comparison.  The scumbags in Dearborn did not invent totalitarian fascism, but they are undoubtedly the most prolific perpetrators in the nation.

That we are blind to the fact that we are shooting ourselves in our collective foot is worrisome; however, that the Europeans recognize that we are allowing the Theftocrats and O-buffoonery to eviscerate us is appalling.

It appears that general McChrystal has thrown himself onto his own sword in order to avoid continuing to conduct a failed experiment.  He is a victim of his can-do attitude.  Trying to fight a war without collateral damage, lacking diplomatic and political support, and with too little manpower typifies the O-buma regime.  We have handcuffed our troops with self-destructive rules of engagement.  They are getting picked off in small numbers that have steadily mounted.  Our federal government is helping the enemy win.

Billionaire investor George Soros has invested heavily in electing Corruptocrats.  His investment seems to be paying off handily these days.  Here is how.  This almost seems as though it is a quid pro quo arrangement.

Sometimes they get it right.  Whether you trust, appreciate, or despise Google, this ruling was proper.

Heck, even Hilarious Clinton gets it right occasionally.

Can rational beings doubt that one of the primary aims of the university education collective is to disseminate propaganda?

Sentient beings should have recognized by now that the theft-by-proxy crowd has engaged in a wholesale importation of welfare recipients by hamstringing ICE.

Behavior that cost Richard Nixon the White House warrants little national coverage among the reprehensibly hypocritical presstitutes.  Where, oh where are the indignant howls for Congressional investigation?

If this drone were armed and authorized to fire on terrorists as they crossed our border, this action might not seem like pointless grandstanding by the self-appointed ruling class elite.

Watching endangered animals at zoos can be fun and enlightening.  It China, the process can be tasty as well.  There is something perverse about this.

May your gods be with you.

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