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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The O-buma Plan: Slouching Toward Mediocrity

O-buma and his ethical, intellectual, and ideological soul mates enjoy the benefits of affirmative welfare.  Specifically, they operate under a segregated and inferior collection of expectations and requirements as to their conduct and performance.  Because of the resultant entitlement mentality, they come to expect that they should have a permanent seat in the public wagon that is pulled by other members of society.

This article was written by an insider who is one of several attorneys who brought charges of voter intimidation against some New Black Panther thugs who were harassing voters in Philadelphia.  Just when it seemed that the Bum and his minions could not stoop any lower, Half-bright Holder, the titular head of the federal league of injustice, illegally (according to the article) ordered his own attorneys to dismiss the case against the Panther Punks.

This story should be held up to scrutiny and kept in the public view until Holder is forced from office.  His actions are not those of omission; they are intentional acts of commission.  Legal action should be taken against O-buma for his tacit approval of these outrages.  For far too long, the O-bumites have been able to act outside of the law with impunity.  The federal Constitution still contains the Supremacy Clause that establishes that document as the supreme law of the land.

What it does not say is that we were all created equal under the law, but some of us are more equal than others.  This is especially significant since laws and policies are applied unequally for arbitrary, capricious, and insignificant reasons such as melanin-positive skin or double x chromosomes.  This sordid affair is but another instance of the Corruptocrats purchasing votes from their permanent welfare constituency with the legal, social, economic, and political resources of others.

Once again, is there no act so low that they would be too embarrassed to be seen stooping to it?

Apparently, there is not.  The sham financial reform bill that the Theftocrats passed ignores the root cause of the recent economic meltdown, the welfare housing hustle perpetrated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The article points out that the bill allows the "government to seize and dismantle the assets of almost any company--and force others to pay for it."  This bill is standard procedure for the party-of-theft.

While on the topic of appalling duplicity, it is particularly distressing that members of the Supreme Court hold forth opinions rife with Orwellian deception.  Is this what is meant by the importance of being earnest?  The principle of stare decisis is only valid when it is politically expedient.

It is trying to suffer fools gladly.  It is particularly stressful when children suffer at the hands of selfish, greedy, and irresponsible adults.  Then, perhaps not all members of the national education collective's government unions can rightly be considered adults.  In New York, this is what a group of largely overpaid, under worked, and unaccountable guild members are actively trying to suppress. 

They are desperate to hide how poorly their union efforts compare to the private enterprise education offered by their competitors in charter schools.  It is not that the children of minority parents cannot achieve.  The case is simply that in public schools, those students are pandered to and used as pawns to facilitate bloating the collective's bureaucracy while their academic lives are mostly ignored.

Speaking about unions and prevarication, this is an interesting exchange in which a self-proclaimed economist is arguing the official O-buma party line that less is more, that fewer jobs is really more jobs, and the porkulous taxpayer rape actually bettered the lives of taxpayers.      

What the porkulous has actually done is to put more people onto the public payroll.  This article describes the preferred arrangements of Barack the Bureaucrat and his party-of-government cronies.

May your gods be with you.

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