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Friday, June 25, 2010

Land of the Free No Longer

If you believe that the hand wringing Theftocrats are not pandering to smugglers on our borders, this article is mandatory reading.  What a shock that O-buma would appoint this party hack to ICE just after inventing the position that he will hold.

Consistent with his sleight-of-hand rhetorical deception, the prevaricator-in-chief alleges that stationing one guardsman every seven miles along the border will stop the smugglers and terrorists.  This is while Mexico is in a US court trying to prevent us from protecting our border with them.

The demagogue in the White House is heading for a fall, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving person; this clown has been reading his own press clippings for too long.

Despite holding sizable majorities in both houses of Congress, the Corruptocrats have not passed a federal budget.  They may not pass one until after the November elections.  This is even slimier than the way that they weaseled through their WelfareHealthCare scam with the resolution process.  They hope to obscure the extent to which they are squandering your great grand children's money until after the mid-terms.  This is why so many progressives deny that to take from others without their consent is theft.

The resolution scheme was invented to allow federal budgets to be passed.  An interesting point to consider is why did no Senator raise a point of order pursuant to the Byrd Rule and require a separate vote requiring a 60% majority to pass the legislation? 

For anyone who is concerned, even threatened, that the O-bumessiah is frittering away our national prestige and sovereignty, the document referenced in this article reveals the future.  

Be prepared, the value added tax is coming soon to pay for the party-of-theft's mommy state.  Contrary to their belief, raising the top two marginal tax rates will not increase federal revenues and likely will decrease them.  Tax rates are already at confiscatory levels, and this will only hurt the national economy.  Does anyone remember Brick-a-Brack O-buma's promise not to raise taxes?  Read my lips; he lied.  What is it about the term veto that the presstitutes cannot comprehend?  

Oh, and by the way, the sky is falling.

May your gods be with you.

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