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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Contrast: Boots on the Ground vs. Feet in the Air

Rolling Stone is hardly a bastion of objectivity.  This article on Stanley McChrystal reeks of a setup.  Some news reports claim that the article's author Michael Hastings was cloistered with the general and his staff during the no-fly period in Europe after the Icelandic volcanic eruption.  It is an interesting coincidence.  Most often a coincidence is not merely coincidental.

According to the Washington Post, the rats whose absent leadership and turf war tactics caused the problems that are hindering the general are now blaming McChrystal for the results of their own ineptitude and overweening ambition.

It is not coincidence that The Aloof One's busy schedule kept him from meeting with BP's executives to find out for himself what was being done to stop the gulf oil leak.  Perhaps the squeaky clean and environmentally green leader of the Loony Left is actually relieved that he now has an excuse to stop offshore drilling.  His speech concerning the matter seemed singularly to lack passion.  "Yes we can" has become "yes, we can't."

For all of his glib rejoinders to critics and crass attempts to rally support to his various causes, O-buma has revealed himself as one who lacks any real emotional attachment to the nation that he should be leading.  The One is the very antithesis of a Harry Truman type leader who rolled up his sleeves and got to work governing during difficult times.  The O-bumessiah has proved that he is reluctant to soil himself with the messy job of representing the people.  He is simply too prissy to connect with the raucous mobs that populate this nation.

Perhaps the most glaring flaw in the O-bumite camp is that despite the preponderance of Ivy League, Nobel Prize winning, self-anointed geniuses, they are merely theoreticians who lack the hands-on skills to solve real world problems.  It is a Crisis of Competence.

May your gods be with you.

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