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Monday, May 31, 2010

Barack Balgojevich O-buma

The most transparent administration in history has been exposed; it is known as a quid pro quo arrangement.  This is also commonly known as bribery.  The bobble heads at the federal department of injustice are as likely to conclude that this event warrants prosecution as they are to come to the same finding against their moral, intellectual, and ideological twins in Philadelphia.

Here is another example of the Ninth Circus Court of Appalling Duplicity's support of the Theftocrat's permanent welfare constituency.

Despite the costs of lost jobs, federal and state permits to operate farms, and increased food prices, the Obumessiah and his ecofascist supporters are proceeding apace to eliminate family farms.  There is a bright side.  This tax will cost the Theftocrats too.  They are going to tax flatulence.   If only we could find a way to tax bulls**t, we could retire the national debt on contributions from the Loopy Left.

O-buma personifies the worst characteristics of some former presidents.  His foreign policy rivals that of Jimmy Carter for fecklessness; he shares Lyndon Johnson's love of the mommy state; he engages in the same sort of sleazy back room politics as Richard Nixon.  Come to think of it, O-buma could well be the most deserving thing to happen to the Theftocrats since Jimmy Carter.

However, it seems as though Bill Clinton created the paradigm that Hussein O-buma is following.

May your gods be with you.


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