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Thursday, July 7, 2011

O-buma's Jihad Against Free Speech

The O-bumites’ arrogance stems from being closed-minded.  A Chinese proverb states that a closed mind is like a closed book; it is merely a block of wood.  Their minds are closed to alternative views because their arguments will not bear scrutiny.  When examined rationally, the hypocrisy inherent in those arguments makes them fall apart like all other contradictions because they are oxymoronic

They are desperate to silence rational dissent that inconveniently exposes their lack of scruples.  Since they already own the lapdog media, they have moved on to assault free political speech on the Internet.  They want to refashion the Web into their own Ministry of Truth.  Although a federal appeals court in Washington, DC, has already ruled that the Federal Communication Commission lacks the legal authority to regulate the Internet, the agency is trying to censor its content through the Net Neutrality doctrine. 

Some informative articles exposing the FCC’s underhanded tactics are at the Website Digital Liberty.  One article reveals that the proposed rules would empower the federal government to control all aspects of the Internet, including content.  They want to stifle grassroots opposition to the progressives’ planned takeover of the country.  Once in place, no one will know what has been censored because it is impossible to know what never took place, and the censors will not reveal it. 

As usual, their lies are Orwellian.  FCC lawyers cite section 706 of the Telecommunications Act as their excuse for the takeover.  What 706 actually says and tries to create is regulatory forbearance and [to institute] measures to remove barriers to infrastructure investment.  Essentially, it calls for an expansion of broadband by deregulating the industry, rather than the FCC’s plan of onerous regulation.

Think for a moment about Internet photos depicting Islamic fascists in Dearborn, Michigan, waving signs advocating murder for anyone who notices that fundamentalist Islamic beliefs are racist, misogynistic, and genocidal.  There is a parallel here.  O-buma and his ideological and moral soul mates want to kill the Web, and with it, the voices of those who are objecting to progressives’ totalitarian attempts to deny them participation in the political process.

This is the progressives’ equivalent of a Muslim forced marriage, only this one is between an abusive government and an unwilling public.  Although both the legislative and judicial branches of government have forbidden it, the O-bumites are proceeding under their own legal code, one that is eerily similar--do as we say, not as we do--to Sharia law.  They have created their own legal system, one that is expedient to their own cause and that allows them to censor dissent on the Internet.   

Rest assured that people who feel threatened by free political speech have something sinister to hide.  An unfettered marketplace of ideas and arguments competing for viability as to the most prudent direction that we should steer this nation should threaten no one except the most devious.  American progressives and Islamic jihadists are ideological and moral peas from the same pod; both have a great deal to hide.

May your gods be with you.

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