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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Difficult to Ignore

Theftocrats have pulled off some of the sleaziest stunts in history, but few seem to notice.  Apparently, people just expect little from them.  They are like the distant cousin who came to town in a bus with all of his belongings in a brown-paper grocery bag.  Everyone knows that he will always be a con artist grubbing for chump change and drinking cheap wine behind the local flophouse.  Alternatively, since journalism colleges are progressive propaganda factories, maybe there are just too few media types with enough integrity to scrutinize, expose, and excoriate them to into changing their ways.  Possibly, it is a bit of both.

Despite controlling both the White House and Congress, Corruptocrats could not get their WelfareHealthCare swindle passed.  The House received an amended version from the Senate, and rather than having an open vote that would have revealed who supported it, the thieves-in-charge merely proclaimed it into law.  In another instance, Lyndon Johnson could not get Congress to legalize affirmative action, so he weaseled it into place as an executive order.

House Democrats promised three different presidents spending cuts in return for tax increases, and each time, they welshed.  After voters outlawed affirmative welfare in Michigan, two juristraitors ruled that legislation to prevent race and gender discrimination constitutes race and gender discrimination.  Obama fabricated a heartbreaking story about his mother’s health insurance that proved a blatant lie.  The mainstream media’s reaction was, ho hum; did anyone notice?  As soon as the 24-hour news cycle is past, events seem never to have happened.

Corruptocrat causes amount to no more than mooching and stealing to stay in power. There is no Jack Kennedy, no Daniel Patrick Moynihan, no plain-talking Harry Truman, just Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Banal Barack.  As their policies continue failing miserably, they are desperate to avoid losing both Congress and the White House in 2012.  The key to that is for media to keep hiding and minimizing their ineptitude to keep the public from noticing.

Back when boys had flattop haircuts and girls wore crinolines under their skirts, junior high followed elementary school.  The seventh grade was the first time that students had to move from one classroom to another during the school day.  Kids arrived that first day skittish, uncertain, and terribly self-conscious.  Most wanted no more than to pass through the day unnoticed.

Walking downstairs between classes, I noticed two seventh grade girls immediately in front of me.  As a ninth grader, I recalled those First Day insecurities.  Halfway down the last flight, one of the girls tripped and fell head-over-heels.  She exploded into a tangle of books and papers, crinolines and panties, pencils and bobby pins.  The poor girl landed flat on her back, mortified.

Her friend helped her up, and they frantically recovered her belongings amid passing students.  They carefully rearranged her books, smoothed her hair, and brushed as much dust as possible from her clothing.  Struggling to regain her composure, the girl who fell turned to her friend and asked, “Do you think anyone noticed?”

Thus, we have the Theftocrats publicly making complete asses of themselves in the debt negotiations but primarily concerned with whether people are noticing.  Their long-running raid on the public’s wallet is ending, and they are panicking.  Theftocrat supporters are the best friends that money can buy.

May your gods be with you.


  1. Economics professor Carmen Reinhart of U Maryland uses the term "kleptocrat." Yet one more way to describe the same thing!

  2. Yes. Isn't it great. We have influence peddlers and influence buyers. First we have politicians that love to be altruistic with your money. they trade their altruism of your money for votes. Second they sell their influence over taxes and laws to the rich and powerful in exchange for campaign contributions. Is America great or what!


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