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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brave New Nation

One hallmark of totalitarian government is that its proponents prefer totems—enforced demands that we engage in and perpetrate certain practices—to control populations while they relegate taboos to the role of mere boundary markers that define acceptable behavior.  Representatives from education and media, including the Internet, condition the governed to embrace Doublethink and to conform to Newspeak requirements until they are unable to object to government oppression, or even to recognize it.

Media esteem thoroughly indoctrinated people in high profile industries such as sports, government, movies, and television to help accomplish this sort of brainwashing, or social engineering.  Sociologists and psychologists recognize that, consciously or not, when searching for their mates, most women seek some sort of alpha male who will insure that future generations carry their genes.  This means that the people who control media and education get to choose and promote current and future leaders whose very lives further progressive propaganda.   

Mainstream media primarily cover events and release information that benefits themselves and the state, promotes the elite, and rewards them all financially.  This is how progressive supremacists use media and education to practice eugenics, or selective breeding.  Forced birth control is the ultimate way to eliminate competitors.  Adversaries whose equally viable philosophies and practices threaten the status quo are simply bred out of existence.

Progressive academics--the only sort allowed on campus--deny tenure to professors who have the temerity to oppose totalitarianism’s official party line.  High schools and colleges—player development facilities for the NBA and NFL—graduate semi-literate, overly exercised behemoths whose primary job skills are meeting goals through violence and intimidation.  Movies glorify the seamiest members of society and marginalize self-reliance, fairness, and accountability.  All of this contributes to totalitarians' affective education efforts.

To control education and media is to control and determine thought and speech.  Complicit sports and entertainment industries complement the totalitarian package and insure its future.  For years, progressives’ plans for education included compulsory yearlong school beginning at age three for all children.  The plan was to reduce parents to breeders and feeders and to let the state raise children.  They have moved on to controlling breeding as well.

May your gods be with you.

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