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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Coming Storm

The cell-phone-orchestrated rioting last Memorial Day is likely just a small-scale harbinger of what is soon to come.  Those mobs were comprised almost exclusively of people blaming others for their own poor choices and believing that government should compensate for those choices by giving them other people’s resources.  The theft-welfare state is unsustainable.  The combined effects of inept fiscal policies, including direct payments, subsidies, redundant agencies and programs, illegal payouts, and pork barrel gifts to constituencies have crippled the US economy.

There are so many people riding in the government wagon that there are too few people left to pull it.

The Theftocrat-created welfare housing bubble benefited black people disproportionately.  The resulting crash is depleting their resources in the same proportion that they benefited.  This generosity is exacting a terrible cost.  It is readily apparent that Lyndon Johnson’s Great Welfare Society and similar programs have done little more than to create successive generations of lifelong welfare dependence. 

Events in England, Portugal, Italy, and Greece prove that slashing the public dole arouses the ire of members of the I’m Entitled communities.  Having never held gainful employment, they have plenty of time available for rioting.  The Memorial Day rioters had too much time on their hands, too few morals to constrain their predatory behavior, and far too little responsible adult supervision.  Poverty was not even a factor in those events since they could afford smart phones to organize their criminal activity.

This article reveals that the recent crash threatens not only freebie housing and food stamps but also employment in over-paid government union jobs.  It is perhaps revealing, this preference for, and over-representation in can’t-be-fired government jobs in agencies unconcerned with profit making. 

Because not only are African-Americans disproportionately the beneficiaries of federal programs, from the Earned Income Tax Credit to aid for education and student loans, they are even more over-represented in the federal workforce than they are on state payrolls. 

Though 10 percent of the U.S. civilian labor force, African-Americans are 18 percent of U.S. government workers.  They are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of the State Department, 37 percent of Department of Education employees and 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development.  They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the employees at the Government Printing Office and 82 percent at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency… 44 percent of Fannie [Mae] employees and 50 percent of Freddie[Mac]'s are persons of color.

The Corruptocrats’ scheme of buying their constituents’ votes with other people’s money is backfiring.  They created a theft-welfare state to keep large numbers of their voters trapped on the welfare plantation and coerced into voting Theftocrat in return for handouts.  The pie is now shrinking.  The gift of cushy and overly compensated lifetime government jobs is disappearing also. 

The porkulus money that invented and saved government jobs is running out, and the public sector is facing massive layoffs and firings that will further aggravate unemployment.  People who have no job skills and people whose job skills are irrelevant and unnecessary in the private sector face bleak realities in a future that is hurtling toward them. 

There will be armies of people in the inner cities with the opportunity, motivation, and ability to engage in large-scale riots.  This is coming soon to a neighborhood near yours.  Stay away from liquor stores and pawn shops because that is where riots usually start.

May your gods be with you.

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