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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Climate Change: The UN Hustle

Climate change—it used to be global warming until sunspot activity changed and Chinese smog shrouded much of Asia—is the United Nation’s Trojan horse from which progressives hope to launch their global wealth and resource redistribution schemes.  Despite international reports that Earth’s temperatures have stagnated and will likely decrease, they persist, hoping that those whom they hope to fleece will not notice the naked greed of their ambitions.

In Dan Gainor’s article, the author reveals the UN’s intentions from their latest report.  They want to swindle the world’s economically productive nations to the tune of $1.9 trillion a year in the name of climate change.  To do this, the UN wants to force on the US and the other intended cash cows a radically new economic strategy through global governance.  The official party line is that it is in Americans’ best interests to surrender our sovereignty, wealth, and resources.

The estimated cost of this proposed boondoggle is $76 trillion over 40 years.  Only the enormity of theft on such a scale exceeds the audacity of this plan.  The very thought of giving this amount of money to the UN clown collective is laughable, that is until one learns what they intend to do to meet their so-called climate goals.  They want to achieve a decent living standard for people in developing countries, especially the 1.4 billion still living in extreme poverty, and the additional 2 billion people expected worldwide by 2050.

People in Burundi will be saved from themselves.  They will have modern highways, efficient and pollution-free electrical grids, potable water and sewers turning waste into fertilizer, along with the latest in hospitals, educational facilities and transportation.  It requires no self-sacrifice to play the big shot with resources taken from others.  The problems surface when the bills come due.  Although the goal of ending poverty sounds wonderful, it cannot be done by throwing money at it, not in the US or anywhere else.

Progressives justify their demands to levy economically crushing taxes on Western countries by portraying them as reparations for global warming.  They ignore the fact that if those countries had been sufficiently gifted technologically, they would have produced the same industrial carbon footprint as the West.

When those whom they intend to saddle with paying the bills demand evidence from research that is factually accurate, empirically valid, and scientifically conducted which establishes and quantifies direct causal links between human activity and global warming, they sputter and squawk.  They offer anecdotal tales, question begging, ad hominem attacks, specious reasoning, and sloganeering.

An article in Science Daily attributes the greatest part of past climate changes to the Earth’s elliptical orbit; this is due to changes in the relative proximity of the Earth and its sun.  Scientific American offers similar evidence.  Yet another article from the Heartland Institute advises that it is safe to conclude that energy output from the sun is the major factor in changes in global temperature.  These cyclical phenomena began long before humans inhabited this planet.  There is even scientific disagreement as to whether the Earth is cooling or heating.

The UN is unmotivated by changes in weather or climate; this organization is driven by lust for power and greed.  They intend to establish themselves as permanent global dictators with the authority to give and take as they choose, literally able create and destroy.  This is because they suffer from the delusion that they know best how everyone should live, and they want the ability to enforce their wishes on the planet.

May your gods be with you.

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