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Monday, July 4, 2011

Eternal Vigilance

Think of a nation as an aggregation of subcultures unified under law and custom residing in a particular geographic area.  Progressives want to eliminate nation-states with multicultural law and policy.  Multiculturalism Balkanizes a nation’s subcultures and is therefore antithetical to its existence.  Progressives want to dismantle the West nation by nation to create one world government, a government with them in charge.  They advocate terrorist-friendly open national borders for similar reasons.  

A borderless world facilitates taxing prudent and prosperous people in a geographic area with the burden of subsidizing imprudent and less productive immigrants and their extended families.  Western industrialized nations already have surplus numbers of poorly educated people with more children than they can support, who lack marketable job skills, and are unwilling to assimilate into the larger culture.  Assimilation is part of the skill-set that improves immigrants’ employment opportunities.

Assimilation thwarts another of the progressives’ schemes because it increases employment and productivity, and it decreases alienation brought on by chronic welfare dependence.  Progressives want to divide Western nations into mutually hostile subcultures to distract the public from noticing their harmful actions.  People unified into a pluralistic nation will resist progressive schemes to bankrupt their country by bloating the welfare rolls.

Progressives want government to be all things to all people, especially when other people are paying the price for it.  Multiculty propagandists claim that all cultures have contributed equally to global well-being and prosperity.  Asserting that a pre-literate culture with an economy dominated by subsistence farming has produced contributions equal to Western advances in medicine, science, architecture, education, literature, and agriculture is Orwellian deception.  The pandering does not end there.

Not only do progressives want their minions to have government-bestowed privileges and benefits that are not universally available, they want them to enjoy segregated and inferior requirements as to their conduct and performance.  They feel that their chosen ones should have their own legal systems, such as Sharia law, and their own economies financed by contraband drug sales or trafficking in humans.  To them, this is equal contribution.  However, some have noticed and objected to these lies.

In “The Dutch Government to Abandon Multiculturalism,” Soeren Kern writes that the Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands.  The Dutch are going to require an obligatory integration according to the values of the Dutch people.  This integration will not be tailored to different groups.

Additionally, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, forced marriages will be outlawed, government will impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress, and it will stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants.  This is a common sense approach taken by a practical people.

In December 2004, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior published a 60-page report titled From Dawa to Jihad.  Prepared by the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD, the report says that the Netherlands is home to up to 50,000 radical Muslims whose key ideological aim is to target the Western way of life and to confront Western political, economic, and cultural domination.  The report concludes that Dutch society is poorly equipped to resist the threat of radical Islam because of "a culture of permissiveness" that has become synonymous with "closing one's eyes" to multiple transgressions of the law.

Multiculturalism is a failed experiment worldwide, as is its parent philosophy, progressivism.  The French, Germans, English, and Scandinavians have learned the bitter truth that multiculturalist Balkanization destroys societies.  As we celebrate independence from tyranny, we should start devising strategies to remain independent of the jihadist tyranny that has spread from the Middle East to Europe and now onto America’s shores.  As Barry Goldwater observed, “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!”  He was right.

May your gods be with you.               

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