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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Affirmative Welfare: The Serpent Lives

War is peace.  Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength.  These three sentences from George Orwell’s book 1984 exemplify progressives’ methods of adopting beliefs.  They have internalized this method of non-thinking to facilitate suspending disbelief of the unbelievable and to cope with the stress of cognitive dissonance

Their belief that official government policies of race and gender discrimination are not discriminatory illustrates the workings of this mindset.  Perhaps their belief that affirmative action is not welfare is a better example.  To them, the practice of having government agents take resources from some people to give those resources to others is not welfare.  They believe that welfare is only welfare when it is convenient.

Nowhere is evidence of progressives uncritically adopting pre-packaged collections of someone else’s beliefs more apparent than in the national education collective.  Armed with the recognition that learning is a cumulative process, they advance students from one grade level to another without requiring that they first demonstrate mastery of the curriculum at the lower level.  This makes those students completely inept at succeeding grade levels.

Social engineers masquerading as academics invented the jigsaw classroom to force motivated students to complete the assignments of those who are lazy and irresponsible.  Instructors divide the jigsaw classroom into demographically diverse cells, and everyone in the cell receives the same grade regardless of input or performance.  This practice produces students who cannot read, are unable to solve word problems, and cannot understand written instructions.  It also allows instructors to force students to perform their teaching duties for them.

After creating significant quantities of high school graduates holding diplomas that they cannot read, educrats usher them off to the next level of non-achievement, public universities.  However, there is a problem.  Universities have too few seats available to accommodate the flood of applicants, and level-playing-field competition weeds out the very people who best justify featherbedding the bureaucracy with assistants, advisors, tutors, counselors, sociologists, psychologists, and other collectivists. 

Lyndon Johnson’s bane, affirmative welfare, has been the most effective tool ever employed to bloat the national education bureaucracy.  Its goal is the Holy Grail of government unions everywhere, diversity.  No one has yet justified this goal through rational argument; its supporters offer illogical emotional appeals in concert with collective up-and-down head nodding by sycophants to sell their lies and distract objectors from scrutinizing their claims.

Michigan voters approved, by nearly a 60% margin, a law that abolished affirmative welfare in school admission.  However, unlawful activity comes naturally to progressives, but remanding the Constitution takes a bit longer.  In stepped two progressive traitors—to engage in redundancy—they are self-appointed legislators in black robes who exposed how desperate they are to continue robbing America.

They ruled that the ban against official government policies of race and gender discrimination violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s guaranty of equal protection under law.  Once again, the thieves, liars, race hustlers, and charlatans who comprise the Corruptocrat Order have proved that there is nothing is too good for them as long as someone else is paying for it.  We were all created equal, but their permanent welfare constituencies are more equal than the rest of us.

May your gods be with you.      

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