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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boehner, don’t Buckle!

Big brave Barack O-buma and the other poverty pimps in the Theftocrat organization are threatening to withhold Social Security checks from elderly widows who can scarcely make ends meet.  They are doing this in order to gain traction for their arguments in favor of ripping off not-yet-born children in order to expand the theft-welfare state.  The issue is not whether it can be done.  The point is that frightening a bunch of old ladies for political payoff is reprehensible, but then sentient beings already recognize that there is nothing so shameful that Corruptocrats will not stoop to it.

The White House hustlers must believe that the nation suffers from collective amnesia.  When they promised Ronald Reagan three dollars in tax cuts for every dollar in new spending that he approved, they lied, and there were no cuts.  This is one of their favorite forms of lying; it is perfidy, or encouraging trust for the purpose of betraying that trust.  They told the same sort of lies to Bush I in order to get him to renege on his read my lips promise.

He allowed the new taxes, and the party of welfare weaseled away from the table when it came to ponying up for the agreement.  Now the prevaricator-in-chief is telling the same lies.  Barack Wimpy O-Buma wants a welfare hamburger today on the promise that he and his merry band of thieves will pay for it on Tuesday.

Everyone who cares about the future of this nation—this does not include progressive Theftocrats—should stand together against those who want to shove us further down the slippery slope toward bankruptcy.  The people need to rise up and issue a clarion Call.  Boehner, don’t Buckle!  Flood the phone lines and bury their Inboxes; Boehner, don’t Buckle!

May your gods be with you.

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