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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lest We Forget

This is just a thought to open the blog.  If the Constitution requires that the US president must be natural born, meaning that both parents must be US citizens at the time the child is born on American soil, does O-buma meet this criterion?

The Most Transparent Administration in History is consistent in its opacity.  Kow towing to ecofascists' demands, the Theftocrats have been pushing wind generated energy as a means to supplement conventional power plants' output and to reduce carbon dioxide production.  However, this article that was based on this study indicates that the uneven flow of wind actually increases carbon dioxide emissions due to the ramping up and down of fossil fuel driven plants.  Mandated use of wind energy increases emissions and greatly increases energy costs.

Not only do the wind farms increase emissions that the econuts find offensive, a study found that "6500 birds and 3000 bats are killed annually in" Oregon and Washington by the turbines.  The study's authors speculated that the "number of deaths in the two states may be much higher [because] an untold number of birds are devoured by vultures and coyotes before they are included in the count."  Odd, is it not, that the ecokooks' ideological soul mates at PETA are noticeably silent on the matter.

Because of other back door secrecy-shrouded dealings by the Obamunistas, the organization Freedom Watch USA has been "in US District Court in Washington, DC seeking information from Obama under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which requires disclosure of meetings between the executive branch and outside industry lobbyists.  The law also requires access to meetings."

The suit seeks to find out why O-buma "has become the lackey of...the AMA, Pharma, Planned Parenthood, AARP, and other lobbyists seeking to feed at the trough of government."  However, "Marcia Berman, a senior counsel at the US Department of Justice," writing on behalf of "President Barack Obama, in his official capacity, and the putative 'Obama Health Reform De Facto Advisory Committee,'" reveals that he refuses to comply with the subpoena for the information because "it is protected by various recognized privileges."

So, O-buma is hiding information about the shady deals that he and his lackeys cut with special interest groups because it is "privileged."  Gee whiz, wasn't it Richard Nixon who claimed that his interpretation of executive privilege entitled him to hide information that was later revealed to be, not only embarrassing, but criminal?  It comes as little surprise that the ONE has shown himself to be the moral equivalent of Richard Nixon.

It also comes as little surprise that the mainstream media have given this story so little national exposure.  Why no hue and cry for Congressional investigation or consideration of impeachment hearings from the Presstitutes?  For more on why, read this.

The Arizona State Legislature has had some great ideas, not just identifying illegals.  Quantifying their costs is but another one.

Finally, O-buma and the Theftocrats are not just stealing taxpayers' hard earned money; they are stealing Americans' liberty.  Remember this in November.  Listen to what Todd Gaziano, a Congressional appointee to the US Commission on Civil Rights says starting about the 40 second mark.

May your gods be with you.

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