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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feckless Leadership, Pointless Pontificating

The latest from the Jokester is that we should go $50 billion further into debt for some shovel ready jobs.  The problem is that what we will be shoveling is mostly more of his bull.  Prospects for his party in November have them desperate. 

O-buma's Recovery Summer has been an unmitigated disaster.  The US lost 310,000 jobs this summer, 125,000 in June, 131,000 in July, and 54,000 in August.  The head Job Killer was asked whether he regretted labeling his failure a recovery; here is what he said.  With any good fortune, we will begin to recover from the O-boob in November.  I've got yer recovery!

The golden parachute has been disparaged as a business perquisite that corporate shareholders are unfairly burdened with when executives leave their employers.  Now we have the lapdog compliant and complicit media offering their own version to O-bomunista lackeys who have been disgorged from the present administration, at least 18 of them.  Once mouthpieces for the failed policies of O-buma, they are now talking heads (or keyboards) for the Theftocrats' state run media.

For anyone who is still naive and gullible enough to believe that the Theftocrats' motivation for giving amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens who are in this country is altruistic, listen to this statement by the executive vice president of the government union SEIU--recall their dark blue tee shirted hoods silencing inconvenient dissent at the Town Hall meetings--as he reveals what sentient beings already knew.  They plan to welfare into this country some 8 million illegals to add to their permanent entitlement constituency.  When the Corruptocrats say "comprehensive immigration reform," they mean amnesty to facilitate wholesale importation of foreign welfare recipients.

Once again, O-buma's buffoons reveal their true intentions.  Robert Reich is the former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton and current economic advisor to the White House.  He recommends a 90% tax on top wage earners; that's right he wants 90%--is it now clear why they are known as Theftocrats?  He also wants to expand the Unearned "income tax credit all the way through the middle class, and pay for it with a tax on carbon."  He seems to have missed one or two salient points.

Reich fails to explain how putting everyone "up through the middle class" on welfare will create jobs and stimulate the economy.  Worse yet, he does not even address how quadrupling the costs of gasoline, diesel, natural gas, electricity, propane, and coal will help unemployed Americans.  Skyrocketing energy costs will produce the same results for the costs of food, medicine, clothing, transportation to and from work, and all other essential goods and services.

Anyone who cannot recognize this thinly veiled proposal is intended to double or triple the size of the theft welfare state, please take a class in Economics 101.  It takes numerous workers in the private sector to support each welfare recipient, and we are rapidly running out of those workers.  Reich is just another socialist/labor/demagogue spouting agitprop for the hate America crowd that is working to bankrupt the nation.  There is nothing so low that they will not stoop to it.

In an event that typifies politics in O-buma's home turf, members of Chicago's criminal gangs organized a press conference--it is truly sad that local media actually attended--to complain "that police and city officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide jobs and improve their community."  The thugs "blamed drugs, poverty, and a lack of jobs for the problems in the streets," not, of course, their own unscrupulous and violent actions.

Perhaps the O-bomunists could "provide something in the recession-proof community organizing field for these" hoodlums.  "These guys are perfect community organizing material."  After all, they were created in the very image of The One himself.  Perhaps nothing other than a Robert Reich type mentality could be sufficiently simple minded to believe that these street trash would give up lucrative drug, prostitution, gambling, and extortion rackets in favor of entry level jobs at McDonald's, WalMart, or Pizza Hut.

Finally, SecDef Robert Gates reveals that fearless leader is willing to meet directly with Iranian dictator-for-life Ahama Nutjob for some more kow towing, groveling, and apologies on behalf of the US for championing democracy, prosperity, and liberty.

May your gods be with you.   

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