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Friday, April 30, 2010

Benefits of Adding a Fifty-first State

The electorate in Arizona seems to have wearied of the official misuse of their tax dollars.  Rewarding with public revenues someone who stumbles across their border two days from childbirth in order to deliver in a homeless shelter seems not to represent the American way.

Anchor babies--they are the children born here to illegal aliens--provide the legal pretext for importing their mother's entire extended family to settle in comfortably on the taxpayers' dime.  They enjoy the benefits of TANF, Social Security Supplemental Income and disability payments, WIC checks, food stamps, cost free health care, subsidized or free housing and utilities, and educational benefits that include free lunches.

As though the US did not already have more than enough lifetime welfare recipients, they are pouring unchecked across our borders.  Golly gee, who oh who, could possibly benefit from this permanent welfare constituency?  Surely, it could not be Barack, throws-like-a-girl O-buma!

Has anyone else noticed that hearing the O-bumites' denials that they are continuing to expand their theft-welfare empire is mindful of Thomas Beecham's simile?  The grating sound is like that of "two skeletons copulating on a corrugated tin roof."

While on the topic of importing welfare recipients, the Congressional Theftocrats are using the same sort of procedural flimflammery used to create socialized medicine to add to their numbers two senators, 6-8 house members, a pile of electoral votes, and a couple of million voters.  Not only should Puerto Rico be denied statehood, we should unilaterally re-establish their independence as a sovereign nation.

This study from the University of Massachusetts indicates that the source of 33.8% of Puerto Ricans' per capita income is federal tax dollars.  This amount in relation to the 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico is 158% of the average amount, ranking fourth overall.

With a national median income of about $17,000, or about 60% lower than that of the US and lower than any of the 50 states, there seems to be little benefit to statehood other than more unskilled labor.  Since only two-thirds of the island's population are high school graduates, compared to the US rate of over 80%, we would be getting the short end of the stick.  On the whole, it seems more harmful than helpful to acquire additional people whose job skills make them best suited for work as Walmart greeters or salting fries at McDonald's.

Some people are just lucky; read about this immaculate deception.

May your gods be with you.


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