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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Theft-By-Proxy is a Human Right

Even by socialists' estimates, entitlement spending will consume all federal revenues by 2025.  Now that O-buma and his merry band of thieves have scammed into effect the welfare healthcare part of the theft-welfare state, they are working on an amnesty program to import welfare recipients to add to their permanent welfare constituency.

Half of the people in the US pay no federal income taxes; of the federal budget, $1.75 trillion is consumed by entitlement spending.

Hypocrisy is a particularly despicable form of lying.  It is reprehensible because it is driven by neurotically bloated egotism and self-absorption.  Hypocrites lie in order to enjoy the egotistical gratification of being admired and esteemed for feigning that they are people whom they are not.  They preen under undeserved praise that they hustle from sniveling the talk while being too spineless to deliver the freight.

Some of the most despicable hypocrisy to come from O-bamessiah and company is their claim that sales taxes are regressive and burden lower income people most; however, the same crowd is now sending up trial balloons to test the public reaction to a value added tax, or national sales tax.

Hypocrisy is the bedrock of left wing rhetoric.  It is used to obfuscate mommy-staters' selfishness, greed, and delusional self-importance that moves them to jail citizens who refuse to purchase health insurance.

May your gods be with you.

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