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Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's the Voters, Stupid

The Washington Times has some sage advice for the turncoat Communist Charlie Crist.  The Florida electorate's response to the governor's Republican Lite philosophies has been tepid at best.  In an article titled Crist's Concession, Ralph Reed observed that "Crist still does not grasp that the country wants a check on Obama, not an enabler in Republican or independent skin."  Former governor Claude Kirk must be spinning in his grave.  Shame on you Charlie.

Crist's buddy and apparent ideological soul mate O-buma the Buffoon has continued to vacillate between actively trying to dismantle America and pursuing a simplistic, naive, and pitifully feckless brand of foreign policy that is eerily reminiscent of Jimmy-lust in his heart for the Polish people-Carter.

While the O-bumites' myopia may be readily apparent, that it is born of inexperience is possibly less clear.  Merely pontificating "let there be universal coverage" and leaving others to the unenviable task of creating and paying for a workable and publicly acceptable program is merely the braying of an ass.

This braying is consistent with the O-bumessiah's melodrama.  Here is just one more example of his Orwellian prating.  You see, decreasing is actually increasing.  Is is not amazing that there is so little mainstream media coverage of this buffoonery from the lapdog presstitutes?

Speaking of the hypocrisy of the servile media, finally someone has begun to treat O-buma they way that Bush was treated over Katrina.  Yes, hypocrisy is a particularly low form of lying, and sanctimony is a particularly reprehensible form of hypocrisy.

May your gods be with you.

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