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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Federal Fecklessness

George Will likes to refer to the Congressional Theftocrats as the "party of government."  His analysis of the Obumites' tactics, antics, and rhetorical and legislative endeavors is insightfully accurate.  The recent health care fiasco will soon become another bloated leviathan.  If it stands, in ten years Obumacare will no more resemble today's legislation than today's Social Security Administration does the original 1935 Act.

California, Texas, and now Arizona have created policies or laws to protect their citizens and to prevent them from having to bear the costs of illegal immivasion.  Unfortunately, these laws have or are about to be undone by can't-be-fired bureaucrats in black robes.  These appointed-for-life subversives are busy creating by judicial fiat the legislation that their cowardly cousins in Congress lack the spine to enact.

This is how the Loopy Left operates.  They want to increase the size of their permanent welfare constituency by making our borders porous.  They intentionally underfund ICE so that the agency is overwhelmed by the rush of bodies.  Then when the individual states take action, the feds' black robed villains strike down the effective countermeasures.

The costs of illegal immigration in California, Texas, and Arizona are staggering, not to mention Illinois and Florida.  A few billion dollars here and a few billion dollars there and before you know it, we're into some real money.  As Georgie Ann Geyer recognized , the prime directive of ICE is to secure our borders to protect Americans.  With O-buma, the agency's role has become facilitating Congressional Theftocrats' schemes to import welfare recipients.

If this seems like satire or parody, have a look at your tax dollars at work.

Finally, this is from just a few years ago.  It is amazing what a Theftocrat organized economic meltdown can accomplish.

May your gods be with you.

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