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Friday, April 23, 2010

Subsidized Child Abuse

The cartoon to the left is from the 1934 Chicago Tribune.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Are you pleased with the manner in which the O-bumites are spending your tax dollars to maintain the theft welfare state?  Here is one example.  There are only so many welfare dollars available.  Thanks to her and others whose primary activities are breeding TANF recipients, tax money is being diverted away from those who suffer from catastrophic medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or cancer.  Consider also that she could have had free birth control.

The Theftocrats are purchasing votes from their permanent welfare constituency with your hard earned money at the expense of those who actually deserve help.

Neglect is an insidious form of child abuse.  People reflect their environments.  Children model themselves after the adults who are in their lives.  Children of single parent families are most likely to drop out of high school without acquiring marketable job skills, leaving them with the bleak future of lifetime welfare dependence.  They are most likely to go to prison, abuse substances, and abuse their own children.  It is the children who suffer most.

Since things are this way, it is a near certainty that the people in charge of government want it that way.  Someone must be benefiting from this massive expenditure of tax money.  Who could possibly stoop so low as to profit from the misery of others?  

Perhaps among their numbers could be the bureaucrats whose only job skills are giving away other people's money.  Possibly it could also be the members of the nation's education collective who substitute indoctrination for education and provide resources that facilitate production of unwed teenage mothers.  They and the corrupt politicians who fund these schemes do so in order to maintain a permanent underclass of people who trade their votes for lifetime membership at the federal welfare estate.

Hopefully, there is a particularly hot place in Hades for those who facilitate, enforce, and participate in this taxpayer funded child abuse.

May your gods be with you. 

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